Go, Palestine!

Linh Dinh

[Image: Palestinian fans ecstatic over their lone goal against Iran on 1/14/24]

Outside this biggest of continents, no one gives a flying matzo, but the Asian Cup is on. It’s heartening to see Palestine competing. Though barely existing, it’s not bad on the pitch. Last year, it beat Bahrain, tied Indonesia and lost to Australia by just one goal. Though it succumbed to Iran 4-1 three days ago, it should best Hong Kong on 1/23/24. Go Palestine!

Though it had no real chance against Iran, Palestine won everyone’s heart. Al Jazeera:

   💬 Fans from dozens of different nationalities who call Qatar home came dressed in Palestine shirts or draped in its flag and keffiyehs.

They danced to “Dammi Falastini” as the popular unofficial Palestinian anthem was played outside the stadium and watched in awe as a Palestinian dabke group performed on a stage outside the turnstiles.

Symbolic support can only go so far, so kudos to the Lebanese and Yemeni for risking much to engage genocidal Jews. Rather surprisingly, South Africa, too, has stepped up. At the International Court of Justice, this country with almost no Muslims or Arabs has the pariah state cornered. Sensing defeat, Netanyahu has already declared his nation would ignore any judgement against it. What else is new? Israel has always scoffed laws.

Not only that, it’s eternally motivated by revenge. Getting even against trumped up wrongs feeds its sick soul. Even when orchestrating or executing genocides, Jews still claim victimhood. Indignant sadism has become their trademark. Another is their targeting of entire groups, be it Slavs, Arabs, kulaks, “reactionaries” or simply whites, though the last have proven to be their most abject slaves.

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