Understanding America's irrational [fatal] love affair with Israel

America-China Watcher

Israel now is more of a burden than an asset to the US. But the US can't get rid of it.

A most peculiar scenario has unfolded in geopolitics. The ongoing conflict in the Middle East, involving Israel and the US, has diverted the US from its strategic focus on China and Russia. A ceasefire would be to the utmost advantage of the US, but the US remains steadfastly opposed to it.

A prolonged war in the Middle East involving the US would greatly benefit Russia and China, yet these two nations are adamantly advocating for a ceasefire.

The US has lost control over Israel. Israel just does what it likes, no longer adhering to US directives.

The question arises: why does Israel continue to display such aggressive behavior when the whole world has stood up against it? From Israel's perspective, their actions can be understood. Israel seeks to exploit Hamas attacks as a justification to permanently eliminate the threat (resistance) in Gaza and annex Gaza to gain control over its valuable territory, as well as its oil and gas resources.

If Netanyahu succeeds in achieving these goals, he will be hailed as a national hero in Israel, rather than someone who botched up the security promise to the Jewish people on October 7th. Throughout history, Israeli prime ministers who are renowned terrorists have been revered as national heroes by the Israeli population.

It is worth noting that the founding fathers of America were also involved in the massacre of Native Americans and slavery. Nevertheless, these figures go down history as national heroes.

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