Nothing less than our way of life is now under threat

Neil Oliver

Worse than our way of life being under threat, life itself is being sacrificed to ensure the future of planet Earth. The message fed to our children is Satanically dark.

Nothing less than our way of life is under threat now. A population distracted by propaganda about one existential threat after another – pandemics, nuclear war, climate crisis – is being herded into an unrecognisable future.

What was done in the name of Covid was grotesque - a violation of the rights of billions of people. Having seen what they can get away with, our so-called leaders have moved on, broadening their scope, as greedy for more as kids left unsupervised in a sweetie shop.

What is happening now, all around us, is the relentless erosion not just of our rights and liberties, but of our lives. It is so blatant - what’s happening - it’s hard to see it for what it is, which is bare-faced daylight robbery.

After Covid, the C-word that’s supposed to be on everyone’s lips … drummed into us night and day by the same complicit media that drives everything else … is climate – Climate crisis, in fact. Two c-words for the price of one. From all sides, we are bombarded with predictions of the end of the world. Predictions, remember? Computer modelling … the crystal-ball-gazing of the scientific world.

The Worm Turning; The Worms Squirming

John Waters

‘The most damaged survive today as limbless trunks, others whose legs and arms were reduced to digital “flipper” extrusions from the shoulder...’ – Harold Evans on Thalidomide's casualties

Diary of a Dissenter: A Week From My Window.

SUNDAY. We head into the cithole centre to have lunch with some visiting friends — all women, as it happens — from Italy, Hungary, England and Brazil, whom we had not seen for several years. These are sharp and highly successful people, mostly members of a particular Catholic lay-movement. But the lunch would have been an eye-opener had we been buying in with anything more than mild optimism to talk of A Great Awakening.

Everyone is warm and friendly, but there is a slight edge to things, which sharpens perceptibly when the conversation touches on certain topics. The recent funeral of Pope Benedict XVI is one example: They love, or used to love, him very much, but now this love has a jagged edge because of the brooding presence of Bergoglio in the chair of Peter. Their movement is pro-papacy, regardless of incumbent, so they fall silent at any broaching of topics like Benedict’s dramatic abdication, the strange shifts and lurches things have taken in the past decade, the bizarre statements of the man claiming to be pope, and so forth.

But we keep things non-committal on those topics, and so it is de Covid that eventually threatens to end the lunch prematurely. We had marked them in advance as likely deplorables, but alas!, these good people have not the faintest notion what’s been happening in the world. I have a policy of not broaching the topic, but also, when the fictional drift of the conversation reaches a certain indeterminate pitch of delusion, of implementing my iron rule: If they don’t know, you have to tell them.

So I do. This part of the conversation kicks off with Rita contributing to a discussion about air travel and the information that we are currently prohibited from entering the US, on account of being unjabbed, triggering some eggshell-walking. I stay out of it as long as I can, until it becomes clear that our guests are all either totally on board with the vax mandates or are keeping schtum.

Murdered For Her Bed

Dr Vernon Coleman

Hospitals have become death camps and many doctors and nurses have abandoned their healing roles and have become murderers.

No apologies for what sounds like hyperbole because I’ll show you that it isn’t. This video [see below] is all about how and why so many hospitals have become modern killing fields: 21st century death camps.

I’m going to start by telling you about a woman in her early 70s whose story is significant, to say the least. She had been in good health when suddenly, unexpectedly, she collapsed and, after the now customary eight hour wait for an ambulance, eventually found herself in hospital. She was unconscious, and a junior doctor eventually diagnosed that she’d had a stroke. It wasn’t a difficult diagnosis. It was what her husband, her son and the paramedics had diagnosed.

Eventually, they found a bed for her and the doctors confessed that there wasn’t much they could do.

Is the demand that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz green-light the export of Leopard 2 tanks more about hurting Germany than helping Ukraine?

eugyppius: a plague chronicle

While tanks will make little practical difference for the war, Germany lacks the manufacturing capacity to make good the losses, so European countries will be forced to buy American tanks instead.

In 1952, Hastings Ismay famously remarked that the purpose of NATO is “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down,” and the war in Ukraine has made it very hard to doubt that he was wrong. From the Neue Zürcher Zeitung:

💬 The Ukraine needs battle tanks to defend itself against the Russian onslaught. But Chancellor Olaf Scholz has hesitated to provide them. For this reason, he’s come under massive pressure from many allies. [German Defence Minister Boris] Pistorius explained why Germany is still hesitating with two sentences: There are good reasons for delivering the tanks, and good reasons against doing so. All arguments have to be weighed carefully...

When American Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin appeared before the press in Ramstein shortly after Pistorius, he was asked whether Germany was doing its part as a leading European power. Austin couldn’t help smiling, but then he replied that Germany was doing enough and that it was a “reliable ally”. He ought to know exactly what Pistorius meant, in speaking of good reasons for and good reasons against providing tanks to Ukraine.

The reasons in favour are military in nature: Without tanks, the Ukraine cannot defend itself. The German government has been rather more evasive about the reasons against.

Scary Truths about Doctors

Dr Vernon Coleman

For adults living in developed countries, life expectation has certainly not risen in the way that both doctors and drug companies usually suggest. – People in the West are being doctored and drugged to death.

Doctors are threatening to go on strike. Before you start to worry please read the following paragraphs taken from my book Betrayal of Trust – first published in 1994 and just republished in paperback. Everything in the book is still valid – and scary. ‘Even more startling, perhaps, is the evidence of what happens when doctors go on strike and leave patients to cope without professional medical help.

You might imagine that without doctors people would be dying like flies in autumn. Not a bit of it. When doctors in Israel went on strike for a month, admissions to hospital dropped by 85% with only the most urgent cases being admitted, but despite this the death rate in Israel dropped by 50% – the largest drop since the previous doctors’ strike twenty years earlier – to its lowest ever recorded level. Much the same thing has happened wherever doctors have gone on strike. In Bogota, Colombia doctors went on strike for 52 days and there was a 35% fall in the mortality rate. In Los Angeles a doctors’ strike resulted in an 18% reduction in the death rate. During the strike there were 60% fewer operations in 17 major hospitals. At the end of the strike the death rate went back up to normal. In Britain, the death rate of working men over 50 was higher in the 1970s than it was in the 1930s. The British were never healthier than they were during the Second World War. Whatever statistics are consulted, whatever evidence is examined, the conclusion has to be the same. Doctors are a hazard rather than an asset to any community.

YOUR Government Hates YOU . . .

John Waters

The world’s governments have waged a two-year war on behalf of rich, powerful interests seeking to destroy the sovereignty and futures of their own peoples. This war now enters its most lethal phase.

A crime is being committed on an ongoing basis, all across the world, free and unfree. It is a crime of commission and omission, and arguably the most serious in either category that has ever been perpetrated. We are facing multiple crises but our governments tell us only about crises that are not crises, or at least not crises that involve us, as opposed to affecting us. Effusing moral blackmail in all directions, they shruggingly point towards the war that they started with the precise intention of creating an alibi for themselves, so as to avoid the wrath of their peoples and the punishment that ought properly to await them.

In Ireland, three months ago, the ‘crisis’ that had allegedly assailed us for two years — the ‘crisis’ of a ‘deadly’ disease — evaporated overnight to be replaced by the ‘crisis’ of a war in a country nearly 2,500 miles away. At first sight, it seemed unlikely that such a conflict might affect us in any substantial way, but immediately our Government announced that it would be taking an unlimited number of refugees from the affected country, guesstimated at 200,000 — into a country whose government has for the past decade declared itself perplexed and powerless in the face of a housing shortage affecting 10,000 of its own citizens. Instantly, those who thought that a war in Ukraine was none of our business were ‘proved wrong.’

We who have been seeking to confront the attempted destruction of our lives and societies occurring over the past two years have many times speculated as to whether the dominant note of the political responses might more correctly be ascribed to stupidity or to wickedness. The jury remains out. Stupidity, as we have noted, is no excuse, especially considering that these politicians have been proactive in pushing potential lethal poison serums and preventing people exercising fundamental freedoms on foot of a refusal to accept them. These are not victimless inanities. There must, we have ruminated, be some legal limit on the stupidity of people who exercise public power, especially when that stupidity leads to loss of life or serious injury, which in this case is most certainly the case: a dramatic uptick in working-age mortality in multiple countries of 40 per cent and more.

Inevitability of Russia’s Triumph

Stephen Lendman

Some inconvenient facts suppressed in the West by their ruling regimes and MSM press agents include what’s indisputable.

Hegemon USA and its NATO vassals bear full responsibility for war in Ukraine, not Russia. Its SMO is defensive in response to years of US orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev on Donbass, what was prelude to the collective West’s war on Russia.

For days last February, ahead of Russia’s legitimate intervention, Ukrainian Nazis intensively shelled Donetsk and Lugansk in preparation for large-scale cross-border aggression. The launch of Russia’s SMO prevented a bloodbath.

From day-one of its campaign, there was never a doubt about its outcome — none about its ability to triumph over the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster. President Vladimir Putin explained what’s indisputable, a reality Russia should have been guided by long ago, saying:

💬 Russia’s “biggest mistake is that we trusted (the US/West) too much.” Separately, he said the following: “We cannot change past events, but we must at least admit them openly and honestly, without any reservations or politicking.”

Glug Glug, Gurgle Gurgle...

James Howard Kunstler

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” ~ Edmund Burke

You thought the Titanic sinking was an astounding spectacle? Looks like the ship of the Deep State got some holes ripped in its hull and may be fixing to go down sometime in 2023. The fun-and-games about voting for Speaker of the House are over. Time to get down to bidness and compel some folks to do some ‘splainin’ under oath. You don’t know for sure who will be chair of exactly which congressional committee, but there will be several of them running investigations at the same time, looking to shake out some verifiable truth from the dumpster of misrule, sedition, and perfidy that America fell into the past decade. Here are a bunch of my top outlines for inquiries.

Covid-19. Forget about Fauci for the moment. First, subpoena the various deputies working under him going back as far as the twentieth century and see what they know about the twisted path that gain-of-function research on coronaviruses traveled from the DOD’s DARPA to the labs of Dr. Ralph Baric at the U of North Carolina, to labs in Canada, Ukraine, and finally to Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Then put Dr. Fauci’s ass in the witness chair and wring out the ‘splainin.’

Ready for your mandated brain implant yet?

Peter Imanuelsen

2023 may be worse than 1984.

The future is already here. Forget about microchips implanted in your hand. Now they are coming up with chips implanted into your brains! You heard that right, it is already here.

A company called ”Inner Cosmos” has revealed a new brain implant designed to treat depression. They have already implanted it in a human patient and are planning to start a second human trial next month. The implant sends electrical pulses to your brain to allegedly ”treat” depression.

It comes with an app that measures your mood and has depression graphs to be shared with your physician.

According to Forbes, depression has more than doubled during the pandemic lockdowns. So this seem to come at a very convenient time…

The unique thing with this brain implant is that it sits under the skin, and not inside the skull, which sadly could make it much easier to push onto people. A psychiatrist will program the device and tune it for what they say is the patient needs.

Of course they say it will be used for all kinds of good things, treat depression and so on (without telling you that one of the best ways to treat depression is to go for a hike in nature!). What they are not telling you is how this could be used in very nefarious ways.

But you might have heard the World Economic Forum talk about brain implants before. In fact, in an article on their website they said there were ”rational reasons” to put tracking chips in children.

Diary of a Dissenter: A Week From My Window

John Waters

"The only good news I have today is that they – I mean those criminals we are supposed to recognise as ‘our side’ – are going to lose. A ‘higher power’ will deal with the perpetrators of this, The Vilest Crime in History." – John Waters

FRIDAY – This year, New Year has been for me a moment of reevaluation not just of the past year, but the past three, which merge into one in my head. I saw a cartoon somewhere recently that made this point rather well: a guy complaining that ‘2020 has been the longest year’ he’s ever experienced, and another guy telling him: ‘Dude, it’s almost 2023!’

I need to pinch my arm hard when I remind myself that its nearly 24 months since we first started talking and writing about the ‘vaccine’ die-offs — and still the media are implacably ignoring it (For the most part anyway: Jimmy Rhatigan of the Kilkenny Press stands alone in the mainstream for his reporting on the issue. His reports focus on Patrick Walsh’s continued delving into the local mortality stats, and as such manage to tell a much bigger story, which of course Walsh is prosecuting on multiple levels, as I reported last week and hope to do again next week.)

The mainstream avoidance of the issue cannot continue, but my advice to people is to beware of cornered rat syndrome as the truth continues to bleed out in spite of the best efforts of the journaliars. We know enough to understand that the people behind this have no consciences and no scruples, and will therefore pull any stunt they think might work by way of distraction or misdirection.

The Decline and Fall of Nazi-Infested Ukraine

Stephen Lendman

What hegemon USA created, Russia is systematically annihilating. And there’s nothing that the empire of lies and its Western vassals can do to change the course of history.

In challenging Russia militarily, they bit off more than they can chew and swallow. Russia is a preeminent military power, China heading in the same direction — while the US-dominated West is in decline.

The battle to demilitarize and NeNazify Ukraine is proceeding as planned. Russia’s liberation of Soledar assures deNazification of Artyomovsk to follow. These triumphs hasten the end of Nazi occupation throughout Donbass, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Kharkov and demise of the US-created Ukraine monster overall.

Yet the collective West and its MSM co-conspirators can’t bear to admit what’s indisputable. According to New York Times fake news,

💬 “Ukraine denied the claim that Soledar” was liberated from Nazified occupation.

And this from the UK’s owned and controlled disseminator of state-approved propaganda, the BBC; defying reality on the ground, its so-called “reality check team (sic)” falsely claimed the following, saying:

💬 “Russia has not taken a key town or city in Ukraine for months (sic), despite intense efforts to achieve military gains (sic).” “Ukraine’s (US-installed puppet) is adamant (in falsely claiming that Russia is) not succeeding in (its) push to capture” Soledar.

Like other Western instruments of state-approved propaganda, the "Beeb" can’t bring itself to admit that Russia liberated Soledar from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates Demand USG Military Involvement in Ukraine

Kurt Nimmo

The latest demand by neocons that Russia must be wiped off the map is locked up behind a paywall at the CIA’s favorite newspaper, The Washington Post. In order to read what former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote, I used a browser text reader to bypass the paywall. Rice and Gates argue:

💬 The way to avoid confrontation with Russia in the future is to help Ukraine push back the invader now. That is the lesson of history that should guide us, and it lends urgency to the actions that must be taken—before it is too late.

In other words, this must happen prior to Russia concluding its SMO and its eradication of neo-Nazis elevated and empowered after the USG staged a 2014 coup in Kyiv.

💬 For Putin, defeat is not an option… He cannot cede to Ukraine the four eastern provinces he has declared part of Russia. If he cannot be militarily successful this year, he must retain control of positions in eastern and southern Ukraine that provide future jumping-off points for renewed offensives to take the rest of Ukraine's Black Sea coast, control the entire Donbas region and then move west. Eight years separated Russia’s seizure of Crimea and its invasion nearly a year ago.

The complexities of solidarity

Elena Panina (Елена Панина)
Director of the RUSSTRAT Institute

Why the unity of the collective West against Russia is gradually crumbling

Stiff reaction of the collective West, which swiftly undertook the maximum possible sanctions against Russia, continues to have a negative impact on the economies of the EU countries above all. At the same time, the leverage of the West is weakening considerably in a confrontation that the parties involved perceive not as just another regional conflict, but as an existential confrontation in fact.

Europe, which has entered the sanctions arena as a fearless gladiator with NATO as its shield, is gradually having to admit that, despite all its desire to punish Moscow for its political independence, the West is running out of trumps. At the same time, the reverse effect of the sanctions on the EU economy cannot be concealed, nor can Russia be stopped. "Nine sanctions packages and less than zero impact!" lamented, for example, former Belgian Prime Minister and MEP Guy Verhofstadt recently.

This is one of the worst days in Irish history!

John Waters

I remember the first day of January, 1973 as though it were last Monday. I was 17, studying (or, mostly, not) for my Leaving Cert, which I was to sit the following June. Over the Christmas holidays, as was my practice, I travelled with my father on his ‘stagecoach’ runs, helping with the mailbags and newspapers, emptying the pillar boxes, acting as door-opener for passengers, and generally riding shotgun. Normally, the mailcar was a clamour of argument, disagreement, insults, laughter and the occasional shouted ‘Yahoo!’ This day it was different — funereal, mainly in deference to my father’s mood, which was uncharacteristically morose. ‘This’, I heard him say to passenger after passenger, ‘is one of the worst days in Irish history!’ The decision to join the ‘European Common Market’, voted on by the Irish people the previous May, and carried by a landslide of 83 per cent to 17, with a turnout of 70 per cent, came into effect that day. My father, who had been one of 211,891 Irish people to vote against joining, believed membership would lead to the destruction of the Irish farming and fishing industries, and make us the paupers of Europe. He insisted that the required trade-offs — especially the exchange of sovereignty and natural resources for infrastructure and subsidies — would erode our longterm capacity for self-sufficiency, bringing with it renewed dependency, deceptively easy money, increasing debt and a degeneration of our political class. He was right on every score. If he were alive today, he would take no pleasure in his ‘vindication’, even though the evidence is to be seen all around.

This perspective was as though in my blood, and I articulated it for many years, encountering a high degree of abuse and ridicule along the way. The argument against Ireland’s membership was especially unpopular during the 1980s and early 1990s, when large amounts of structural and cohesion funding became available and Ireland was a net beneficiary of community largesse.

The British "master race"

Andrey Fursov (Андрей Фурсов)

In February 1891, a society was established in London, the existence of which one of the greatest American historians C. Quigley considers one of the most important historical facts of the twentieth century. The society was created in secret, but there is nothing secret, and therefore today we can talk about it as closed. The founding fathers of this structure were three influential figures of British sociopolitical life: Cecil Rhodes, the founder and co-owner of the De Beers diamond mining corporation and other mining and industrial monopolies in South Africa, closely associated with the Rothschilds; William S. Stead was a scout and at the same time, the most famous and sensational journalist of that time (in 1912 he died during the wreck of the Titanic) and Reginald Balliol Brett (later Lord Esher), a friend and confidant of Queen Victoria, and later the closest adviser to Edward VII and George V.

At various times, the group was called differently – "The Secret Society of Cecil Rhodes", "Milner's Kindergarten", "The Round Table Group", "The Times Group", "The Chatham House Group", "The All-Souls Group." The main goal, however, remained unchanged: the strengthening of the British Empire in the face of the impending threat of Britain's loss of world hegemony.

It is necessary to emphasize one more thing: for Rhodes, the impetus for the construction of the British world empire was not political-imperial, but class and racial. Such an empire was supposed to avoid a class civil war at the core, in Britain. Anyone who does not want a civil war, Rhodes repeatedly stressed, must become an imperialist. As a result, in the world empire, ordinary Englishmen from the lower classes could feel like aristocrats in relation to lesser breeds – the "lower breeds" (in racial terms).

Medicine – the third-biggest killer in the world

Serena Wylde
The Conservative Woman

Disease caused by prescribed drugs and medical errors, known as iatrogenesis, has been well documented as the third leading cause of death in the developed world, after cardio-vascular disease and cancer. How many people think about the broader implications of that information and apply it as a filter through which to scrutinise medical advice and recommendations? 

Some time back, before the plandemic, I heard a radio advertisement for prescription services which stated that 52 per cent of people in this country were on permanent medication. I do not know if this astounding statistic is accurate, but if it is anywhere near that figure, it is deeply disturbing. It indicates that illness is considered the norm, and good health the out-of-the-ordinary, particularly in the over-65 age group. What must now be the percentage of people on permanent medication following the multi-billion-pound campaign to render populations drug-dependent?

A great part of that campaign, as we know, has been psychological and mental manipulation, and one of the tools in the arsenal is the distortion of language, designed to remove rational thought.

Guantanamo: Past the Point of All Shame

David Swanson
World BEYOND War

U.S. high schools should teach courses on Guantanamo: what not to do in the world, how not to make it even worse, and how not to compound that catastrophe beyond all shame and recovery.

As we tear down Confederate statues and continue brutalizing victims in Guantanamo, I wonder if in 2181, had Hollywood still been around, it would have made movies from the perspective of Guantanamo’s prisoners while the U.S. government commited new and different atrocities to be bravely confronted in 2341.

That is to say, when will people learn that the problem is cruelty, not the particular flavor of cruelty?

The purpose of the Guantanamo prisons was and is cruelty and sadism. Names like Geoffrey Miller and Michael Bumgarner should become permanent synonyms for the twisted dehumanizing of victims in cages. The war is supposedly over, making it difficult for aging men who were innocent boys to “return” to the “battlefield” if freed from the Hell on Earth stolen from Cuba, but nothing ever made sense. We’re on President #3 since promises were first made to shut Guantanamo down, yet it moans and rattles on, brutalizing its victims and their captors.

“Don’t Forget Us Here” is the title of Mansoor Adayfi’s book about his life from age 19 to age 33, which he spent in Guantanamo. He could not be seen as the youngster he was when first kidnapped and tortured, and was seen instead — or at least the pretense was made — that he was an important top anti-U.S. terrorist. That didn’t require seeing him as a human being, quite the opposite. Nor did it have to make any sense. There was never any evidence that Adayfi was the person he was accused of being. Some of his imprisoners told him they knew it was false. He was never charged with any crime. But at some point the U.S. government decided to pretend he was a different top terrorism commander, despite the lack of any evidence for that one either, or any explanation of how they could have captured such a person accidentally while imagining that he was someone else.

A Very Dangerous Form of Tolerance

Rob Slane

When the announcement was made that vaccines would be available for Covid-19 by the end of 2020, even as someone with no training in immunology, virology or vaccinology, three basic questions raised the alarm for me:

   1. Since the Infection Fatality Rate for Covid-19 was so small (0.096% according to the British Government), and skewed towards a demographic above the average age of mortality, why on earth would we need to inject whole populations?
   2. Since vaccines normally take years before they come on the market, how did the manufacturers of these products come up with them in so short a timescale, with one particular manufacturer, which had never brought a single medical product to market before, designing its product within 48 hours?
   3. Since normal vaccines take 10-15 years of safety data before they are allowed to be given to people, how did the manufacturers manage to circumvent time itself to understand the safety of these products in the mid to long-term?

Since those initial alarm bells started ringing, all my worst fears about where this shocking display of hubris might lead have slowly but surely been coming to pass. However, even taking into account all the jaw dropping data on adverse events and deaths from these products (see here for instance), nothing has made me more concerned than a recent study showing a shift towards IgG4 antibody production in those who have had repeated mRNA injections. As I say, I have no background or training in interpreting this kind of thing, so I am entirely dependent on those who do have such expertise to help me understand its implications. And since this study appeared, a number of excellent analysts, whose work has been extraordinarily helpful for anyone wanting to understand the truth about these products, have all been sounding the trumpet that its findings are extremely alarming and potentially very dire.

Yet Another Head Girl: Nobody Should Be Held Personally Responsible for Catastrophic Covid Policies

eugyppius: a plague chronicle

Alena Buyx works really hard, and believes extremely pas-
sionately in all the things that all the other people around
her believe.
(eugyppius: a plague chronicle)

Alena Buyx, chair of the German Ethics Council, insists that nobody should be held personally responsible for catastrophic policies that ruined millions of lives and unleashed unprecedented economic chaos.

The German Ethics Council is an independent advisory body which has existed in some form since 2001, and which has a mandate to advise the government especially on matters of bioethics. It met its first serious test during the Corona era, when the entire political and bureaucratic leadership decided that the best way to respond to SARS-2 would be to commit massive human rights violations. Naturally, the Ethics Council not only failed to oppose these extraordinary policies, but supported them wherever possible.

Among the failures serving on the Ethics Council is its chairwoman, a medical ethicist and professor named Alena Buyx. Like Emily Oster, Buyx is an archetypal Head Girl – highly conscientious, deeply conformist, mildly intelligent, and totally bereft of all originality and independence of thought.

Gas thaw. Why blue fuel is getting cheaper in Europe

Vladislav Shablovsky (Владислав Шабловский)

As of the second day of the new year, the cost of a thousand cubic meters of gas for European consumers has dropped to $777. Moreover, on Monday, the price drop exceeded four percent at once, and the decrease of quotations below $800 showed up just before the New Year. As TASS notes, for Europe such a "sale" of the key energy resource was a record almost for the whole year: the last time such a forgiving price was recorded in the middle of last February.

The reason for such a gas price hike is apparent - it is now abnormally warm in Europe, which significantly reduces the need for the blue fuel. Thus, in the first days of the year, the temperature in Rome fluctuates around +15 degrees, in Amsterdam it is around +10, and in Madrid it is between those two figures. But that's not the only New Year's present from the weather: winds are blowing in abundance in the Old World, making it possible to generate as much electricity as possible from wind turbines. The maximum is up to a third of all European electricity.

As a consequence, Europeans have temporarily forgotten about warm jumpers and stockpiles of firewood. Finally, "Ode to Joy" is also resounding in the EU, with the EU members having their natural-gas storage facilities filled to overflowing: the level of their storage capacity is now almost 85 percent.

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