Inevitability of Russia’s Triumph

Stephen Lendman

Some inconvenient facts suppressed in the West by their ruling regimes and MSM press agents include what’s indisputable.

Hegemon USA and its NATO vassals bear full responsibility for war in Ukraine, not Russia. Its SMO is defensive in response to years of US orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev on Donbass, what was prelude to the collective West’s war on Russia.

For days last February, ahead of Russia’s legitimate intervention, Ukrainian Nazis intensively shelled Donetsk and Lugansk in preparation for large-scale cross-border aggression. The launch of Russia’s SMO prevented a bloodbath.

From day-one of its campaign, there was never a doubt about its outcome — none about its ability to triumph over the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster. President Vladimir Putin explained what’s indisputable, a reality Russia should have been guided by long ago, saying:

💬 Russia’s “biggest mistake is that we trusted (the US/West) too much.” Separately, he said the following: “We cannot change past events, but we must at least admit them openly and honestly, without any reservations or politicking.”

After the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup, dominant Ukrainian Nazis unleashed a reign of terror against anyone opposed to their tyrannical rule. Millions of Ukrainians fled cross-border to escape what became intolerable at home, including tens of thousands of vitally needed healthcare and other professionals.

Before Russia’s SMO began, Ukraine was unsafe and unfit to live in, most of its people impoverished. Its machine building, instrument engineering, electronics, ship and aircraft building were undermined or destroyed. In 2021, its Black Sea shipyard, what dated from the Catherine the Great era, shut down. Its Antonov commercial aircraft firm produced none since 2016. Its missile and space equipment Yuzmash production facility approached bankruptcy. The same reality affected the Kremenchug steel works and other regime enterprises. Built during the Soviet era, its deteriorated gas transportation system is an environmental hazard.

All of the above and more of the same reflect the legacy of the post-Maidan coup period under US-controlled Nazified rule.

At the same time, dominant Ukrainian kleptocrats stole and stashed countless millions and billions of dollars abroad in tax havens. They plundered the former nation-state, exploited their people, ruthlessly persecuted its Russian nationals, wrecked the economy and waged years of war on Donbass before Russia intervened defensively. Ukraine is a deeply corrupted, tyrannically run US colony under one-party puppet rule, naked aggression its main enterprise. Speech, press and academic freedoms are banned.

The US-installed regime even declared war on Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. So freedom of religion is banned.

Long before Russia launched its liberating SMO, the regime’s made-in-the-USA military strategy was a virtual declaration of war against the Russian Federation “with (US/NATO) military support.”

The regime admitted its intention to develop and produce nukes for preemptive use against Russia — with support and encouragement by the debauched West. At the same time since the Maidan coup, US-dominated Western regimes poured billions of dollars worth of arms and equipment into Ukraine in preparation for perpetual war on Russia.

Its territory is infested with US/Western military and intelligence personnel for this purpose — elements involved in training and directing regime troops. A virtual NATO member, the empire of lies orchestrates and directs its perpetual war on Russia, including selection of targets to strike. The territory of Ukraine is a virtual US/NATO military base for preemptive war-making. Yet Article 17 of the regime’s constitution forbids foreign nations from using its territory for military purposes.

Russia cannot and will not accept the threat to its security by US-controlled Ukraine and its use for perpetual war on the Motherland. Its liberating SMO will continue until the regime is demilitarized and deNazified. Yet on Friday, US-installed and directed NATO puppet Secretary General Stoltenberg recited the following pre-scripted lines, saying:

💬 “(M)ilitary support for Ukrain(ian) (Nazis) is the fastest way to peace (sic)” — a notion the empire of lies rejects in favor of forever wars on invented enemies.

Separately according to astute observations by retired US Army Col. Douglas Macgregor:

💬 Hegemon USA’s “proxy war with Russia is the result of a carefully constructed plan to embroil (the nation) in conflict with its Ukrainian neighbor.” Yet the empire of lies and its Western vassals “badly miscalculated.” They misjudged Russia’s military and economic capabilities. “(W)ar will only end on terms that Moscow creates.”

Vladimir Putin stressed this reality, saying:

💬 “Only Moscow is the guarantor of Ukrainian territory.”

And this Macgregor reality check:

💬 “When imposing sanctions, it is always important to avoid sanctioning yourself.” “Russia is not isolated.” “In fact, Russia enjoys an unassailable geographical position with access to markets, goods and services that the US cannot obstruct.” “Thus, (the empire of lies and its vassals) are now victims of (their) thoughtless and arrogant financial…economic (and belligerent) policies.” “Russia was not a (Western) threat when war in Ukraine began.”

Hostile actions by the US/West forced Moscow to respond defensively, the UN Charter right of all nations under attack. And this reality check from Center for the Digital Future in New York chairman Thomas H. Lipscomb, saying:

💬 “There is no doubt that Russia will defeat Ukraine and impose its terms.”

The most intense state-sponsored, MSM proliferated, propaganda in modern memory brainwashed the vast majority throughout the US/West to believe what’s worlds apart from reality on all things Russia and Ukraine. The Nazi-infested regime is a made-in-the-USA monster — a house of cards heading toward collapse militarily, economically and politically.

Russia is militarily superior to US/NATO regimes, especially united with China against a common foe. Both countries have strong leadership — compared to US “idiots, blinded by ideology, arrogance and illusions of pursuing (an unattainable) ‘rule-based’ global hegemony,” Lipscomb stressed.

Today’s reality is worlds removed from the nation that emerged triumphant in WW II. Along with its Western partners, today it’s decadent and depraved, its imperial agenda heading toward history’s dustbin where it belongs.


Source: IMG: Mikhail Klimentyev/AFP/Getty Images


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