YOUR Government Hates YOU . . .

John Waters

The world’s governments have waged a two-year war on behalf of rich, powerful interests seeking to destroy the sovereignty and futures of their own peoples. This war now enters its most lethal phase.

A crime is being committed on an ongoing basis, all across the world, free and unfree. It is a crime of commission and omission, and arguably the most serious in either category that has ever been perpetrated. We are facing multiple crises but our governments tell us only about crises that are not crises, or at least not crises that involve us, as opposed to affecting us. Effusing moral blackmail in all directions, they shruggingly point towards the war that they started with the precise intention of creating an alibi for themselves, so as to avoid the wrath of their peoples and the punishment that ought properly to await them.

In Ireland, three months ago, the ‘crisis’ that had allegedly assailed us for two years — the ‘crisis’ of a ‘deadly’ disease — evaporated overnight to be replaced by the ‘crisis’ of a war in a country nearly 2,500 miles away. At first sight, it seemed unlikely that such a conflict might affect us in any substantial way, but immediately our Government announced that it would be taking an unlimited number of refugees from the affected country, guesstimated at 200,000 — into a country whose government has for the past decade declared itself perplexed and powerless in the face of a housing shortage affecting 10,000 of its own citizens. Instantly, those who thought that a war in Ukraine was none of our business were ‘proved wrong.’

We who have been seeking to confront the attempted destruction of our lives and societies occurring over the past two years have many times speculated as to whether the dominant note of the political responses might more correctly be ascribed to stupidity or to wickedness. The jury remains out. Stupidity, as we have noted, is no excuse, especially considering that these politicians have been proactive in pushing potential lethal poison serums and preventing people exercising fundamental freedoms on foot of a refusal to accept them. These are not victimless inanities. There must, we have ruminated, be some legal limit on the stupidity of people who exercise public power, especially when that stupidity leads to loss of life or serious injury, which in this case is most certainly the case: a dramatic uptick in working-age mortality in multiple countries of 40 per cent and more.

Many times we have noted prosecutions and convictions — sometimes followed by lengthy prison sentences — of such as train drivers and ships captains who have been in charge of vehicles which became involved in accidents that resulted in death or injury; generally they are charged with something like negligence or reckless injury. Regardless of the intelligence of those implicated, or their provable scale of knowledge of what they have been involved in, analogous charges are surely relevant to the actions of multiple politicians, scientists, doctors, judges, journalists and police officers, whose actions have prolonged and exacerbated the criminality, cruelty and misery of the past two years.

Whether people are aware of this or not — and many, due to the criminality of the legacy media, are not so aware — we now face perhaps the greatest calamity faced by the world for three-quarters of a century, at least. Within a year — probably much sooner — our economies, monetary systems and currencies will experience outright collapse; hyperinflation (already in train) will reach Zimbabwean levels throughout the formerly civilised world, which will be followed by unprecedented levels of stagflation (a combination of inflation and recession, soon sliding into outright depression), which will be accompanied by shortages of the most essential provisions for human survival, i.e. food and fuel, resulting in famine and other extreme hardships, which in turn will lead to chaos and societal breakdown, which we can expect to be met by a ramping up of the totalitarian responses the morally bankrupt ‘authorities’ of our countries have been road-testing for precisely this purpose over the past 25 months.

It is exceedingly likely that, in addition to the risks of hyperinflation, within a few months, the chief currencies of the free world will, without exception, become subject to outright collapse, which means that the savings of citizens will become worthless. This will affect virtually all existing currencies, including the dollar, the pound sterling and the euro. In the unlikely event that anything remains in the wake of this meltdown, this is likely to be subject to governmental ‘bail-ins,’ which is to say that any remaining financial assets will be liable to partial or total confiscation. A global digital currency is planned but, leaving aside the myriad other problems and dangers arising from this, the chances of any future compensation of citizens under such a system are unpromising.

Right now, it is as though nothing like this could possibly be imminent, since it is receiving either negligible or extremely opaque or misleading coverage in the legacy media. Throughout our lives, we have become accustomed to a more or less honest press, which we have felt able to rely upon to alert us in times of danger. This press was by no means perfect — it was afflicted by manifold financial compromises and ideological corruptions. But never in the history of Western civilisation have we before been threatened by anything remotely like what is coming without as much as a murmur from the Fourth Estates of our nations and societies, to prepare us to defend our own and our families’ lives.

The absence of a warning, as we must surely know by now, offers no reassurance whatsoever. The dog-not-barking has been sedated and muzzled. Though expected to continue paying for these corrupted platforms, we must look elsewhere to discover and confirm the truth. Moreover, we need to be watchful for the new role of the old ‘Fourth Estate,’ which resides in deflecting us from any kind of certainty or even awareness of what is really happening. We most certainly need to take notive of and override the insinuated scorn that is one of the modern media’s core products: the rejection as ‘conspiracy theory’ of everything and anything that does not fit the prescribed Narrative. For the past two years, these tendencies have destroyed innumerable businesses and cost millions of lives. To be waylaid by the same voices now will almost certainly prove fatal to the very civilisation we have hitherto felt able to take for granted.

The world, including the former ‘free world,’ faces a calamity of existential proportions, and it will accelerate rapidly from the very near future. To describe this in factual terms is to invite the incredulity of most of those who may hear or read it described. It does not seem possible that those upon whom we have depended to protect our societies, our economic welfare, our lives and our well-being, could possibly not be warning us in the event that some such catastrophe is now imminent. That, after all, is the very definition of their function, and arguably the whole of their necessary purpose. But that is precisely what is occurring.

Let us state things straightforwardly: The world, including the former ‘civilised’ world, now faces shortages of essential products that are likely to lead to widespread hunger, hardship, and very possibly starvation, and death. The flashpoints are the most critical conceivable: food and fuel. Moreover, there is every reason to believe that these shortages are being deliberately engineered to achieve something akin to that outcome.

A number of inter-related phenomena are feeding into the escalating difficulties: hyperinflation; commodity shortages arising from organic and imposed (orchestrated) factors; supply chain issues; an orchestrated fake war; globalism-inflicted problems such as container shortages and shipping hold-ups; weather wars that target farmers in their capacity to sow their crops. As things currently appear, the crop yields this year will, if they are harvestable at all, be among the lowest ever, in part due to a bizarre run of cold and rainy spring weather in both the US and Europe. Even those farmers who have managed to plant their usual quotas expect lower yields.

All this was entirely predictable. More than two years ago — as early as late April 2020 — economist friends of mine were telling me that enormous, perhaps irreparable, damage had already been done to the economies of the West. One such close observer told me of his contacts with the advisors to various governments — including the government in Dublin — which had revealed a total ignorance on the part of such actors of the consequences of what they were imposing on their societies.

By the coming autumn, it will become clear that, as a result of a worldwide dearth of fertilizer (the consequence of hyperinflation, factory closures and resulting supply chain issues arising from the Time of Covid), as well as a rash of ‘unexplained’ fires and ‘explosions, escalating from mid-2020, at food processing plants and warehouses across America and Europe; and in addition a host of alleged disease outbreaks among farm animals worldwide: bird flu in chickens worldwide, Japanese encephalitis in Australian pigs; wasting disease in deer herds in Texas; and sheep culling in Northern Ireland due to CO2 emissions — all of which have resulted in massive destruction of livestock on the basis on a tiny number of infections mostly ‘detected’ by the infamous PCR test.

The astonishing thing about the emerging food crisis, which can be acutely observed in a country like Ireland — a heartbeat ago a predominantly agricultural economy — is that the mainstream of our societies are, or appear to be, utterly oblivious of the disaster that is unfolding, never mind understanding its actual nature. The steep uptick in mysterious fires and explosions at food factories since the turn of the year — and a couple of planes crashing into other plants for good measure — were at first met with indifference and avoidance from so-called journalists. More recently, this indifference morphed into scorn, as media that could no longer continue ignoring these incidents began reporting. various instances of this unprecedented contagion of destruction as, yes, ‘conspiracy theory.’ A couple of weeks ago, within hours of one another, hundreds of virtually identical media reports emerged dismissing the idea that the fires might have been started deliberately, all using the same boilerplate text. Typical was the headline on the Daily Beast’s ‘report’ of April 29th: ‘The Right’s New Conspiracy Theory: Kamikaze planes and Food fires.’

Now, however, possibly as the slow-burn result of an April 22nd report on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, the media have more or less universally condescended to drop the ‘conspiracy theory’ trope. As Tucker put it to a guest who reported on the phenomenon: ‘An hour ago, a plane crashes into a General Mills [US-based food company] facility. We had already planned this segment. I mean, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, the onus is on people who think that’s a “conspiracy theory’ to explain what is going on. What are the odds of that? I have no idea.’

The kind of journalistic stupidity and corruption that Carlson was alluding to might be greeted with the usual ‘What’s new?’ if the world was not, after all, on the cusp of a worldwide food famine. But the facts have become too overwhelming of late for the familiar nonsense to pass muster any longer, as it becomes more and more clear that the world now faces what may be the gravest crisis of human survival in many centuries. How the criminal failure of reporting will be explained away when the worst happens remains to be seen.

The sole issue being conceded by the political class is that the Ukraine conflict has created some ‘supply chain issues.’ Political ‘leaders,’ such as US president Biden, Canadian premier Trudeau and German chancellor Scholtz, have recently been warning about an imminent global ‘hunger crisis’ — arising (of course) from the Ukraine war, the alibi which was skilfully engineered from the start of 2022, as the ‘pandemic’ narrative was scaled back. That everything that is now happening is the doing of Putin is what most of those who even appreciate that there is a looming problem have now come to believe. The shocking thing is that the war has so far had a minimal effect on most Western economies, and where it has, it is because of the ludicrous ‘circular firing-squad’ sanctions which have done infinitely more damage to the sanctioning countries than to Russia, the alleged target. To the extent that the European Union is at present being hit by shortages of oil and gas, this, too, is because of the effects of the sanctions boomeranging back to strike at the duped and deluded peoples of Europe. Where the war will certainly have an effect, within a few months, is when the shutdown of huge swathes of the Ukrainian agricultural economy adds its quota to the shrivelling of wheat and vegetable supplies throughout Europe and America.

A ‘shortage of food’ is not the same thing as ‘food shortages.’ We are not talking about a shortage of items in the shops — perhaps of cornflakes or lentils, or flour. We are talking — in the first instance — of shortages of just about everything that human beings eat to stay alive: bread, meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, rice, pasta . . . And within a short time of these shortages becoming manifest, they will amount to a total absence of fresh foods, to be followed in short order by an escalating scarcity of pre-packed foods — in tins, cartons, bottles — as the effects of panic-buying and rationing kick in. This means that many people will have little or no food, which implies that, within a couple of weeks, people, including children, will begin starving to death — and not just in the ‘developing world’: this will occur also in the parts of the world that, up until 25 months ago, constituted part of the ‘modern,’ industrial,‘ ‘civilised’ West.

In addition, the already food-deprived countries of Europe will come under pressure from mass evacuations of refugees from Africa and the Middle East, arriving in the ‘democratic capitalist West’ with high hopes of what they will presume to be the continuing supply chains of the European Union. Little will they know that the EU is now run by individuals whose deficiencies included psychopathy and incompetence in equal measures.

As Christian Westbrook — otherwise ‘The Ice Age Farmer’ — said recently:

‘If we pretend that we’re some alien species, in a faraway space, watching humanity, we would be scratching our heads right now, and asking ourselves, and rightly so, understandably so, “What the hell is going on down there right now? It seems that they’ve given up all hope of continuing as a species! They’re just stopping their food production! They’re not planting their crops in many cases, or they’re changing to different things at the last second! They’re not fertilizing the crops they do have! The greenhouses that they spent tons of money and years building are empty now!”’

Were this all simply due to bad luck or even gross incompetence, it would be terrifying enough. Far more shocking it that it is clearly all part of a carefully prepared programme — the 2030 agenda, or Fourth Industrial Revolution — planned to ensure that control of all food supplies becomes centralised and subject to hyper-regulation and conformity, including the elimination of livestock products from the human. This is likely to be accompanied by a licensing system for food production that will in all likelihood put an end to home producers growing vegetables in back gardens and allotments. Self-sufficiency will be declared a reactionary activity as the powers-that-shouldn’t –be ramp up their attacks on food sovereignty of all kinds. The bogus alibi for this is ‘climate change’, but the real purpose is the securing of total control over the food chain, so that the Combine of ‘secret unknowns’ can retain life-or-death leverage over every citizen: Do what you’re told if you want to go on eating.

The Covid Project, then, had three triggers: the plateaued peak of the world’s oil resources; the related collapse of the world’s money systems; and the advent of artificial intelligence, the Technological Singularity and the transhumanist/posthumanist revolution. The first provided the Combine with motivation, the second with urgency, and the third with opportunity. Everything converges on the transhumanist agenda, the ultimate objective being the total subjugation of the human person, so we cease all nonsense about being autonomous beings. And all this in turn confides that, just as the leaders of the former Free World have for the past three months been in bed with actual literal Nazis in Ukraine — while seeking to smear anyone who calls them out as ‘far right’ — they are soon to emerge as having been in league not merely with psychotic murderers, but actual genocidists, over the span of the ‘Covid Project.’

In truth, the portents of our current undoing have been visible for years in the objectively bizarre phenomenon of so-called public representatives from multiple supposed democracies heading off to the annual WEF shindigs in Davos to hobnob with other wannabe tyrants seeking to sell out their own peoples. The idea of a ‘club’ of international political leaders ought to be regarded as unthinkable in any democratic country, where politicians represent their electorates/citizens, and no one else. It is clear from the images that emanate from these occasions — the strutting and preening of these toxic traitors — that they see themselves as existing somehow separately from those who elected them. We have fallen a long way from the democratic and republican ideals when Klaus Schwab, the nominal head of the WEF, is able to boast that he has ‘penetrated’ cabinets around the world to force his economic philosophies upon multiple former nations, thereby circumventing the inconvenience of the ballot box and in effect abducting the duly elected representatives of sundry peoples, who bask in his approval and pseudo-affection.

It has been reported in Ireland in recent days that the leader of our Government, the Taoiseach, Micheál Martin, is shortly to travel to Davos, Switzerland, for the postponed annual conference of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the group which has been orchestrating this catastrophe over the past several years. Under the theme/title, Working Together, Restoring Trust, the Annual Meeting 2022, running from from Sunday 22nd to Thursday 26th May, will be the first global in-person leadership event since the start of the pandemic. It is appropriate that Martin will attend this historic meeting of murderous psychopaths, since he, like other Western political leaders, has for the past two years been centrally involved in contriving the conditions for the coming cull and planned final subjugation of the global population.

Over the course of the ‘Covid Project,’ the political actors responsible for the constrictions, cruelties and unasked-for changes inflicted on our lives and societies have presided over the transfer of something in excess of $3 trillion from small and medium-sized businesses to the richest oligarchs in the world. This, when it is mentioned at all in public discussion, is treated as some odd collateral element of the ‘battle’ against the ‘pandemic.’ Of course it is nothing of the kind. It is germane to the central meaning and end-purpose of the lockdowns, and the reason, for example, why the World Bank has, since the outset, referred on its website to the ‘Covid Project.’

This represents more than a straightforward upward transfer of wealth, which would be momentous enough in its own right, since it is something that has allegedly preoccupied the left-liberals of the world for generations, all of whom have now lapsed into a surreal silence. It also implies a shift in the nature of the meaning of words like ‘capitalism’ and ‘democracy’ — from terms denoting systems broadly designed to mechanistically deliver benefits to whole populations, to words that have miraculously been renovated to describe an entirely new kind of world.

The key to understanding what has happened is to perceive that the electorates of the world have been deprived of their sovereignty, which has been snatched from them under cover of a pseudo-emergency, and handed — along with the $3 trillion dollars — to the richest men (they are all male, and almost entirely Caucasian} in the world.

In this new world, ‘democracy’ will be driven not by the will of electorates/citizens, but by the requirements of the oligarchs who, as a consequence of the past two years, have successfully demanded the disabling and removal of the leverage previously exercised by voters, and its replacement with the leverage of pure capital. The oligarchs are now, in a very real sense, the only ‘voters,’ at least the only ones that matter — voting in the secret ‘election’ to which the masses of the world’s former democracies are not even alerted. The oligarchs agree to fund the political systems, and the political systems agree to continue providing the oligarchs with whatever they need in order to continue growing richer and richer so they can abundantly cater for all the financial needs of the political system while incrementally gaining control over the whole world and everyone in it. It is said that this project of transformation operates on a need-to-know basis, that each operative in the chain of command knows only as much as his or her role requires, implying that politicians in general are far denser that we ever imagined. There is another school of thought in which the politicians of the world have been signed up to Faustian pacts by which they have agreed to become the deliverers of their fellow humans to slavery and perdition in return for favourable treatment in the coming dispensation.

Of course, what the politicians fail to grasp is that their own usefulness provides them with merely a shade more longevity than the rest of humanity. They are, in this equation, the equivalents of the Judenräte, the councils set up within Jewish ghettos in 1933 by the Nazies to enforce their desires and demands. The functions of these bodies included weakening resistance, ensuring that orders and regulations were implemented, and spying on and identifying Jews for eventual ‘deportation.’

Where the Combine of 2022 plans to take us has the appearance, superficially at least, of something like a neo-feudal world, but is more complex than that. The lockdowns were in a sense predictive of the future in the context of the enforced idleness they imposed upon the human race by virtue of the insinuated fear of death arising from a deadly virus. This was, in part, a rehearsal for a world without conventional work. In the early stages of the post-‘pandemic’ world, this model will become part of a trial in which the world’s populations will be invited to consume without producing, to see if it is possible, in practice, to create an economy that operates on a more or less totally mechanised process of production, with a consumer base comprising idle, unproductive consumers who simply spend the money which is skimmed off the top of the transactional wealth accumulation process so that it may serve this manufactured economic model while ensuring that the totality of the world’s wealth and tokens gravitates to and remains within the control of the oligarchs. The objective is not power for the purposes of enrichment, but the other way around: money as the instrument of total power.

Their plan is that the many must submit themselves as instruments of the few — the ‘elite’ which has finally stepped up to sit on the throne recently presumed to have been vacated by the deity. Physically indistinguishable from the rest of mankind, the ‘few’ plan to maintain their dominion by the usurpation of earthbound power, having accumulated most of the earth’s resources so as to leave the majority of men disempowered and bereft, while bribing a sufficiency of willing collaborators and traitors to defend themselves from any possible rebellion.

The super-rich have never wanted to share the planet with those who merely struggled to get by and wished for nothing other than the means to do so and be let alone to do it. They most certainly do not want to share the planet with those they have made poor, and might — some of them anyway — be inclined to seek revenge.

We had displeased our ‘betters,’ who now become our new ‘creators’ — both by our unclean natures and our desire selfishly to exploit the resources of the earth, as we claimed God had permitted us to do. The escalating numbers of the human race as a whole had, in the estimation of the elites, threatened to leave an insufficiency for themselves. The self-proclaimed gods had become alien and hostile to man, desiring all things to be theirs. More precisely, we had outlived our usefulness, for very soon technology would deliver the few of the need to have the many around them. The harmony between the people and the hidden elites had suddenly revealed itself as fictional. Man, as he stands, even at his best, is of limited use to the ‘few’. When it comes to doing what is to be done, technology is more malleable, cheaper, more efficient, adaptable. And technology shows no inclination to rebel. In these circumstances, there has arisen a clear and urgent need to absorb the bulk of the human population into the mechanistic realm, to make them, in effect — and in no sense metaphorically — parts of the machine.

In this emerging world, the delusions and pretences of politics and ideology have all been exposed. Money talks; nothing else does — and no one but the monied may. It emerges that the only reason we were permitted for so long to indulge our fantasies about rights and freedoms was because the means did not exist to corral us in ways that were not too messy for people with delicate stomachs. Now that the means are available, it is a different matter.

Hitler’s Third Reich, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s Cultural Revolution were all ideological projects devoted to abolishing contradiction from the human subject and reconstituting him as the less problematic posthuman. But the means in those times were inadequate to the ambition. Fundamentally, the elaborate ideologies of the last century sought to abolish the human soul, to eliminate the individual will, and to switch off the subjective consciousness of men. That was a beginning, a practice run. Now it is possible to intervene in the biological and cognitive levels of the human construction, changing these fundamentally. The remarkable finding of the present age, satisfactorily confirmed in the Covid Project, has been that man is programmable by the technologies already to hand. Moreover, by a certain enforceable logic, human beings and technology had already begun to converge, becoming so close that they already formed a unit in virtually every sense except the physical. The smartphone, for example, had become as much a body-part as the hearing-aid, and without a smartphone/computer the human person would be helpless in the modern street or building. It was surely time to move on to the next phase: the abolition of the human soul.

The few, who have no souls, seek to abolish the souls of the many out of jealousy, being unable to live with the idea that something so beautiful and so uncontainable could at the same time remain to them both vital and obscure. They insist on total control, to which the human soul represents the chief impediment. A world without soul would be a world of lies, a world which denies that which is hidden and mysterious, a world that insists on filling the vacant spaces with made-up stuff that has no life and therefore rings persistently false. The world of the lie is a world strung upon a false framework, a pseudo-reality that passes for the real thing. This is the world we were introduced to during the ‘Covid Project.’

The tech savants inform us that a total fusion of man and tech is now on the cards and that this will be an unremittingly good thing. The young in particular, being trained to love their smartphones more than themselves, are disposed to believe this. Technological enhancement will remove pain and grief, inferior thinking and fear, and render each of us smarter than the whole human race of 2022 put together. Every day, in every way, man becomes not merely more capable but more ethically perfect, because ‘progress’ itself implies a process of moral refinement. So the theory goes.

This is, in a sense then, the ‘final’ part of the Plan — although in reality there will be no ‘final’ part that is not the ‘final solution,’ and we are, more or less, arriving there now. It does not take a genius to work out what will happen, sooner or later — and probably sooner. The oligarchs who constitute the Combine will grow tired of the contrived game and lose interest in providing and subsidising the diversion of the vast majority of useless eaters, previously known to themselves — laughably now — as citizens, and sovereign peoples. The model and method are already tried and tested. There are all kinds of ways of getting rid of people who have become superfluous to requirements: bloat them with poisoned foods; drive them to opioids, suck the meaning from their existences, drop by drop; euthanise them with fear and, failing that, with sedatives purporting to be for calming the fears. Trialling these methods was, again, a central function of the ‘Covid Project.’ Now that all the boxes have been tried and ticked, it is purely a matter of re-mobilising the machine that worked so well before.

So, the ‘posthumanist’ phase is planned — in as far as it affects the generality of the present human populations — as a mere staging post, a little temporary diversion on the way to the condition of literal post-humanity. The secret unknowns will operate the available technologies to upgrade themselves, to create the means for transcendence here on earth, but that is not their plan for the generality of the species. In the short term, they will need other humans as guinea pigs in the occasionally risky experiments that may be involved. After that? ‘God’ knows. All we can say for certain is that nothing will remain of the world we know.

‘Too bad,’ as Baudrillard declared: ‘It’s Utopia.’ If human ingenuity alone were the measure of progress, then we might well, at this moment of possibility, be moving towards some kind of fantasmagorical paradise. But such an aspiration now reveals itself as excluding consideration of the fallen nature of man, overlooking the fact that, through history, man’s ingenuity has outpaced his moral growth, a banana skin that lies there waiting to trip the Law of Unintended Consequences. This, perhaps, is humanity’s best hope in the coming phase.

To believe that this wicked madness can work at any level in practice is to misunderstand humanity, as well as of money, production and consumption. For reasons that are self-evidently intrinsic to the nature of the human edifice and the structure of reality, this plan is destined to fail spectacularly. The Combine of secret unknowns, possessing fabulous but mainly inherited wealth, has not the faintest idea how a world actually works. But the last two years have surely taught us that the incoherence at the heart of their plans will not protect us from the stupidity of those who have become drunk on the challenge of pushing their programme of demands, willy nilly. In a short while, it will become obvious that the project is doomed to failure, and by then they will have completely dismantled the world as it was.

I have for some time been continuously wondering — perhaps naively in view of the possibility of Faustian pacts — if there would come a time when the political and journalying small-fry would begin to wake up to what they have been involved in. How much longer could they continue to yell 'far right’ and ‘conspiracy theory' at every attempt to articulate what was actually occurring? Did they really not know? Is that even possible? Tragically, broadly speaking, it is: Looking back, I would have to say that most of the journalists I met over the years were as thick as pig dung, but there used to be the odd intelligent one, so where they got to during the ‘pandemic’ is a mystery that leads to all kinds of unproductive speculation.

For the past two years, the media faithfully reported the ‘analyses’ of central banks predicting that the reopening of society, when it occurred, would be followed by an unprecedented boom. They did not say which kind of boom, but now it emerges that, with fingers crossed behind their backs, they most likely meant ‘akin to the explosion of a bomb capable of destroying the human quotient of civilisation while leaving everything else untouched.’

The ‘surprise’ of politicians and journalists confronted by the escalating signs of general collapse are informative of either a grotesque ignorance or profound cynicism bordering on bloodthirstiness and/or psychopathic derangement. Economists, too, not merely failed to foresee what is now happening but predicted the precise opposite. What a shocker: that forcing people to remain economically idle for two years in a locked-down world and dropping helicopter money into every backyard, could result in an economic crash!

And, even yet, this unfolding nightmare is buried under a mess of propaganda with governments, acting on behalf of their external puppeteers, functioning to rigidly control the dominant consciousness of the world and its channels of communication and conversation.

Our politicians, for whatever reason, have delivered us, in the manner of a battalion of Judases, to the ante-chamber of Hell. It is not, given the constructed drifts of culture, as if we were certain of avoiding blundering in here of our own accord, but they made it all but unavoidable, above all by denying us the opportunity of a conversation in which we might have alerted one another to the possibilities and the dangers.

Our governments hate us. The government of the United State has this far spent $54 billion sending arms to Ukraine but nothing on trying to relieve an acute shortage of baby formula throughout America.

The decision of the Irish Government to accept unlimited numbers of Ukrainian ‘refugees’ was taken without reference to the Irish people who stand to be profoundly affected by it. By the middle of May, Ireland had already taken in 27,000 ‘refugees’ under this heading. In late April, the Irish Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee — who had herself recently withdrawn an offer to accept a Ukrainian family into her home on the ground that her residence’s remote location might cause such a family to become ‘isolated’ — was to be heard musing in public about her hopes that the government might not be required to ‘force’ people to accept refugees into their homes. ‘Obviously we want to make sure,’ she said, ‘that we don’t find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have space and accommodation, because we’ve been very clear we’re not going to turn people away. We’re not going to put a cap on the number of people. We want to encourage people to come forward, not to force anybody to have to give up their property or accommodation.’

Our governments hate us. Affecting to protect our health and lives, they extinguish our freedoms and use our own sovereign capacity for self-protection, entrusted to them under franchise to be exercised for our benefit only, as a means of suppressing our questions and objections. They lie incessantly, apparently oblivious or indifferent to the transparency of these lies. They use our money — given into their charge for the betterment of our lives — to buy off our media so that they may further conceal their own mendacity and maintain the constructed pseudo-reality as a level of unassailability to general deconstruction. They abandon, cancel and delete the inheritance of rights and freedoms deriving from a process of evolution stretching back several millennia, and then speak as if such concepts had become the preoccupations of reactionary forces.

Perhaps there is here an element of revenge. When I was a child, politicians, generally speaking, were exalted figures, respected by the people as though a class of royalty. An MP, TD, Senator or Congressman — was something to be. In recent decades, however, the stock of politicians has fallen — to some extent due to the deterioration in the ability and characters of many of those entering the field, and this in turn arising from the handing upwards to supranational bodies of the true power of decision- and law-making. But another factor, without doubt, has been the growing trivialisation of politics by a relentless form of journalism that is interested mainly in smut and tittle-tattle, the red-top tabloid incursions of the past half-century, initially appearing to offer an earnestly populist account of serious matters of public interest but rapidly descending into the sewer, its fodder becoming the venalities, indulgences and weaknesses of flawed humans as a brand of entertainment. Nowadays, it is rare for a politician to negotiate the full span of a career without some whiff of scandal, either personal or financial — sleaze or graft. As a result, the stock of the average politician has dropped alarmingly, so that, up to the start the Covid period, most people had become irredeemably cynical about politics and its pursuers, dismissing politicians as ‘all the same’ and ‘in it for themselves.’ Strangely, in the Covid period, all such sentiments went underground and politicians rose again in the estimation of the public, presumably as an expression of gratitude to them for having saved everyone from certain death.

But this turnaround was too little too late, and the worm of resentment had already entered the soul of the average politician, who now recognised an opportunity to avenge himself on the public for its growing and unconcealed contempt. Perhaps unconsciously, the political class took to the protocols handed to it from on high with more zealousness than might, if we were paying attention, have seemed decent, to retaliate for the slights and humiliations of recent decades.

And perhaps, too, none of this was accidental. Perhaps the tabloid press, which had majored in the exposure of political scandals, was not after all an organic phenomenon. Perhaps the minds that dreamed up Covid and the lockdowns foresaw also a future requirement to create conditions in which politicians might become more than willing to stick it to their electorates. Perhaps the proposal was to provoke several decades of debasing politics and politicians so that, when the opportunity arose, and those in power were required to put the boot in, they would do so more in anger than in sorrow.

Whatever; we are where we are now, with the political class having crossed the ethical line into the dark territories of betrayal, treason, tyranny and death-dealing — with no possibility of return or redemption.

It is tempting to insinuate an unless, but at this moment, it seems, we have passed all possibility of unlesses. But let it not be said that the full implications of what is happening were not signalled in advance, that the implicit predictions of the intentions underlying what has been happening and what is about to happen, were not recorded in full. To the extent that any of this still remains avoidable, the latitude of mitigation available to each or any of the participants/perpetrators of this unprecedented holocaust must depend on their blowing the whistle now — today, tomorrow, within a few weeks at the very outset — turning themselves in to the relevant authorities, and placing their countries in the temporary hands of ethical and competent people who will seek to manage the world back to sanity and safety.

If there is a single ethical public agency remaining in the world, May 23rd (affording time for latecomers to arrive and settle into their Davos accommodation) would be a good day for a valiant band of such worthies to descend on Davos and arrest all present on various charges ranging from genocide to collusion. And if such a band of White Hats was to experience any initial doubt or confusion as regards its capacity to tell one criminal and his record from another, the generic indictment of ‘conspiracy to plunder and murder’ might be a good place to begin.


Source: John Waters Unchained. Image: The Organic Prepper. Video: You Tube


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