The Decline and Fall of Nazi-Infested Ukraine

Stephen Lendman

What hegemon USA created, Russia is systematically annihilating. And there’s nothing that the empire of lies and its Western vassals can do to change the course of history.

In challenging Russia militarily, they bit off more than they can chew and swallow. Russia is a preeminent military power, China heading in the same direction — while the US-dominated West is in decline.

The battle to demilitarize and NeNazify Ukraine is proceeding as planned. Russia’s liberation of Soledar assures deNazification of Artyomovsk to follow. These triumphs hasten the end of Nazi occupation throughout Donbass, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Kharkov and demise of the US-created Ukraine monster overall.

Yet the collective West and its MSM co-conspirators can’t bear to admit what’s indisputable. According to New York Times fake news,

💬 “Ukraine denied the claim that Soledar” was liberated from Nazified occupation.

And this from the UK’s owned and controlled disseminator of state-approved propaganda, the BBC; defying reality on the ground, its so-called “reality check team (sic)” falsely claimed the following, saying:

💬 “Russia has not taken a key town or city in Ukraine for months (sic), despite intense efforts to achieve military gains (sic).” “Ukraine’s (US-installed puppet) is adamant (in falsely claiming that Russia is) not succeeding in (its) push to capture” Soledar.

Like other Western instruments of state-approved propaganda, the "Beeb" can’t bring itself to admit that Russia liberated Soledar from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Nor can US-installed puppet Zelensky, falsely pretending that the battle for Soledar continues despite its liberation by Russia. Commander of Russia’s Troy volunteer special forces unit, Vladimir Novikov, explained the following:

💬Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk hospitals are overflowing with wounded regime troops from the battle for Soledar alone. The regime suffered huge losses of its “most capable forces,” including its elite 46th airmobile brigade — wiped out by superior Russian firepower.

By its own admission, Ukraine lost 14 battalions of troops in its futile defense of Soledar. How many more cannon fodder troops will be lost in the futile attempt to prevent Russian liberation of Artyomovsk and other Nazi-occupied parts of Donbass? According to analyst Larry Johnson:

💬 "Soledar’s liberation “means that (Artyomovsk) is expected to fall under Russian control in the next few days.” “Russian forces are moving from the South, the North and the East and are creating a potential cauldron that will leave Ukrainian soldiers in (the city) surrounded.”

Separately in its latest fake news edition, the Times, like other MSM, reported the following perversion of reality, falsely claiming:

💬 “Russia replaced the general in charge of its trouble-plagued war against Ukraine (sic), amid signs of dissension among President Putin’s top allies (sic) — a shake-up that critics (sic) said would not address what ails the Russian military (sic).”

Reality check: On Wednesday, Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, announced the following:

💬 “Chief of the General Staff Army General Valery Gerasimov has been appointed as commander of the integrated group of troops (forces).” “His deputies are: Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces Army General Sergey Surovikin, Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces Army General Oleg Salyukov, and Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel-General Alexey Kim.”

💬 “The higher level of military command in the special military operation is related to the broader scope of missions tackled in its course and need to organize closer coordination between military branches and services of the armed forces and also the increased quality of all types of logistics support and efficiency in command and control of the groups of troops.”

No change of command occurred because of Surovikin’s performance as commander of Russia’s integrated SMO forces. It’s been exemplary.

The above explained command restructuring likely signals a major Russian escalation ahead as part of an overarching aim to slay the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster. With Surovikin in charge of Russia’s Aerospace Forces, Russian airpower will likely play a greater role ahead. Gerasimov is a brilliant strategist and tactician.

Ukraine’s military commander, Valery Zaluzhny, praised his expertise, saying:

💬 “I read everything he wrote.” “He is the most intelligent of men, and my expectations of him were enormous.” He “learned from Gerasimov.”

[So] increased Russian naval operations may be coming: On Wednesday, Russian warships, including submarines, left their Black Sea base — most likely toward positions to strike Ukrainian targets. At the same time, Russia increased its military presence in Belarus.

Because of what’s going on, Gerasimov was put in charge of coordinating Russian forces ahead of a likely major escalation of war on Ukraine to follow.

Whether it’s to slay the US-created Ukraine monster more quickly or methodically continue grind it down daily remains to be seen. Either way, there’s no ambiguity about how things will turn out. Russia’s triumph over the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine was certain from day-one of its liberating SMO.


Source: Images: © N/A. AWIP:


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