Diary of a Dissenter: A Week From My Window

John Waters

"The only good news I have today is that they – I mean those criminals we are supposed to recognise as ‘our side’ – are going to lose. A ‘higher power’ will intervene...to deal with the perpetrators of this, The Vilest Crime in History." – John Waters

FRIDAY – This year, New Year has been for me a moment of reevaluation not just of the past year, but the past three, which merge into one in my head. I saw a cartoon somewhere recently that made this point rather well: a guy complaining that ‘2020 has been the longest year’ he’s ever experienced, and another guy telling him: ‘Dude, it’s almost 2023!’

I need to pinch my arm hard when I remind myself that its nearly 24 months since we first started talking and writing about the ‘vaccine’ die-offs — and still the media are implacably ignoring it (For the most part anyway: Jimmy Rhatigan of the Kilkenny Press stands alone in the mainstream for his reporting on the issue. His reports focus on Patrick Walsh’s continued delving into the local mortality stats, and as such manage to tell a much bigger story, which of course Walsh is prosecuting on multiple levels, as I reported last week and hope to do again next week.)

The mainstream avoidance of the issue cannot continue, but my advice to people is to beware of cornered rat syndrome as the truth continues to bleed out in spite of the best efforts of the journaliars. We know enough to understand that the people behind this have no consciences and no scruples, and will therefore pull any stunt they think might work by way of distraction or misdirection.

My sense of things is that the die-off is only just beginning, and that it will continue through the present year and next, peaking towards the back end of 2024. One possibility for major distraction may be a war of some kind between NATO (which, for all practical purposes, includes Ireland, due to the abominably treasonous behaviour of the Unspeakable Creeps). This war, like the Ukraine conflict, would be sparked by NATO (i.e. the Anglo-American alliance) but sold to the zombified Western populations as an attack by Putler & Co on ’our democracies and values’. The bad news is that, no matter how it starts, it will be ended by Russia-China, who are now vastly superior on the battlefield to the self-deluded Collective West. In other words, although this is the course the West has pursued as a means of covering up its criminality — past, present and planned — towards its own peoples, the outcome will not be to the liking of Western governments, who have essentially behaved like Nazis at the drop of a hat rather than come clean with their own populations and democratically manage the consequences of their past actions. This will bring an element of justice, but only as part of a destruction of whatever is left of our civilisation. This is why the governments of the EU are ploughing ahead with their mass migration projects, which they hope will create sufficient disruption and chaos in their societies that people will be too busy to focus on their evildoing (although, of course, that’s not what they call it!). The more aliens we have here, the weaker the voice of the indigenous population will become. The newcomers, not being affected, will have no issues with the vax-deaths, but the scramble for basic resources (food and fuel) will, the creeps hope, keep Paddy too busy to be going around sizing up the lampposts. In other words, what has happened for the past three years, and what is happening now, has nothing on what is going to happen soon. I sense a great complacency coming over people — who wonder, for example, why the US is still denying unjabbed non-citizens the right to travel there, when, as they say, 'the pandemic is over'. Of course, it ought to be obvious that the ‘pandemic’ is not over, since there never was a pandemic to begin with, other than a pandemic of lies. The reason why the US is still implementing this restriction is that this is part of the programme of measures required by the ‘laws’ they brought in to enable the Covid project, and is essential to safeguarding the immunity from prosecution provisions designed to protect Pharma and other protagonists from legal consequences. The US is the spearhead of the Covid project, and is in a situation analogous to that encountered by the Nazis at the end of WWII: Having suspended rights and laws on the basis of an alleged military ‘emergency’ that (at the time) did not exist, they need to create a crisis retroactively to cover their asses and assets. In doing so, they are not merely placing Western civilisation in the dumpster of history, but in the meantime inflicting enormous grief and pain on people in ways that are, if not always gratuitous attacks, most certainly avoidable. There can be no forgiveness for this, only justice in time, and when that comes, the judges — wherever they may hail from — will need to reach again for the higher law that has been gathering dust for a long time.

The only good news I have today is that they — I mean those criminals we are supposed to recognise as ‘our side’ — are going to lose. A ‘higher power’ will intervene — and there are several such entities observing what is happening, within and outside the West — to deal with the perpetrators of this, The Vilest Crime in History. As yet it is unclear which of these entities will make its move first. We had better hope it will not be Russia-China, who by now are so royally disgusted at the behaviour of Western powers that they are unlikely to stop until they have wiped out every government in Europe, North America and Oceania. If it is not, the initiative will most likely come from within, and from a quite surprising quarter.


Source: johnwaters.substack.com. IMG: A Catholic worshipper protests with prayer by doing a rosary rally for the return of public Mass, after the government imposed the highest level of restrictions amid the spread of the corona-virus, in Galway, Ireland, Friday, Jan. 1, 2021. (Photo) by Clodagh Kilcoyne /REUTERS (Toronto Sun)
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