Nothing less than our way of life is now under threat

Neil Oliver

Worse than our way of life being under threat, life itself is being sacrificed to ensure the future of planet Earth. The message fed to our children is Satanically dark.

Nothing less than our way of life is under threat now. A population distracted by propaganda about one existential threat after another – pandemics, nuclear war, climate crisis – is being herded into an unrecognisable future.

What was done in the name of Covid was grotesque - a violation of the rights of billions of people. Having seen what they can get away with, our so-called leaders have moved on, broadening their scope, as greedy for more as kids left unsupervised in a sweetie shop.

What is happening now, all around us, is the relentless erosion not just of our rights and liberties, but of our lives. It is so blatant - what’s happening - it’s hard to see it for what it is, which is bare-faced daylight robbery.

After Covid, the C-word that’s supposed to be on everyone’s lips … drummed into us night and day by the same complicit media that drives everything else … is climate – Climate crisis, in fact. Two c-words for the price of one. From all sides, we are bombarded with predictions of the end of the world. Predictions, remember? Computer modelling … the crystal-ball-gazing of the scientific world.

If you believe the predictions and “the science” … by which I mean the pronouncements of scientists and global corporations … the same corporations are champing at the bit for all the government grants and contracts to get all tooled up for making expensive wind turbines, solar panels, liquid hydrogen processing plants … and all those batteries … gazillions of batteries filled with the Earth’s rarest metals and minerals.

The important word to notice there is rare, in that, if they’re rare now what’s it going to be like in 20 years time when all the existing stuff needs replaced and multiplied in number by a factor of 10 or 100, or a thousand?

if you believe that science, unquestioningly, if you can’t or won’t see vested interests at work, it may already be too late for you.

We are to sacrifice everything on the promise of jam tomorrow. Pain for a decade until the as-yet non-existent technology is invented and fills all the yawning gaps … try selling that business pitch on Dragon’s Den. “I don’t know what I’m going to invent, but if you all give me your money, your way of life and your children’s futures, this time next decade we’ll all be farting through silk.”

They get away with it, because of the message relentlessly pumped out. The message pumped out morning, noon and night that we filthy, mostly white creatures of the West have, with our greedy consumption of fossil fuels since the industrial revolution, all but set the world on fire.

If we don’t stop now … or preferably yesterday, they squeal … the blue planet will shortly be a blackened lump of charcoal leaving only a smoking trail as it hurtles lifeless through the universe.

By now, generations of people in the West have been raised to accept this grim premonition as holy writ.

Children are crying themselves to sleep at night on account of their certainty that the planet won’t continue to exist long enough for them to grow up.

This ingrained, endemic terror is the breeding ground for the insanity of Net Zero … and the suicide note for millions that is Agenda 2030.

Generations alive today have been raised to believe that the planet and entire populations YET TO BE are far, far more important than THEY are now. Those alive today are of no concern whatever when compared to the well-being o fantasy people of the future, who will inhabit a Utopia made possible by the impoverishment and immiseration of all of us here right now.

Collectively we are the first pancake – the throw-away.

When I say we are being robbed of our way of life, I could as justifiably say our children are being raised to accept that their being alive AT ALL is the biggest part of the problem. What the planet wants most of all, we are told, is to be rid of most of us, like too many flies in summer.

All around the world, birth rates are dropping as fast as a piano falling out of a window.

The living populations of many nations are not producing enough people to replace them after they die. If nothing is done to slow this run-away train … to drive the birth of many, many more babies every year … entire nations face inevitable extinction.

Worse than our way of life being under threat, life itself is being sacrificed to ensure the future of planet Earth.

The message fed to our children is Satanically dark – that they are nothing more than blight upon the world … meat-eating, resource-consuming, fossil-fuel-dependent parasites.

Once you contemplate the consequences of those poisonous seeds, the motivations behind anti-human notions like Agenda 2030 and Net Zero become obvious.


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