Declaration of Intent for 2024 — On 'American Greatness,' December 2023

John Waters

‘What I hope I’m conveying is a country that has lost its soul, lost its direction, lost its moral compass, and lost its sense of any direction or meaning in any context publicly or at all.’

Send In The Monks! This interview was recorded in mid-December with Dan Proft of the American Greatness channel, Chicago, on his show, Counterculture, and broadcast on Tuesday last, January 2nd. In several respects it represent the clearest statement of my position as an Irishman for this, perhaps the most critical year of the war that is now four years old. It is time we stopped allowing ourselves to be menaced and bullied. It is time we declared our non-negotiable position. Mine is that I intend to speak and act in the coming year as I have spoken and acted for the past four, bending not one inch to threats or intimidation, speaking the truth, including hard truths, regardless of who may choose to take offence, and conveying to those usurpers who have misappropriated the levers and instruments of our republic that it is time for them to cease and desist.

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