"Whoever Believes the Muslim World has an Alternative to Resistance is Highly Delusional"

Alahed News & Staff

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation engraved a lasting defeat deep in the conscience of the Zionists.

“The myth has been shattered, the model has been shattered, prestige has vanished, the project has been shaken, and the cause that they worked to stifle for so long has returned to the forefront of all the walls of the world.”

Sayyed Nasrallah made the remarks in a letter he sent to the 12th International Conference of Gaza: Symbol of Resistance, which was held in Tehran. Hezbollah’s representative in the Iranian capital Sayyed Abdullah Safi al-Din read the letter.

“Titling your conference with the slogan ‘Gaza: Symbol of Resistance’ and timing it to coincide with a crucial moment in history when the Palestinian resistance is engaged in a major battle against the Zionist war of annihilation demonstrates the sense of responsibility of those involved in managing the conference and their blessed heeding of the call to stand by the Palestinian people, their cause, and their resistance.

“This requires all of us to bear great responsibilities and constant mobilization to rally the nation’s capabilities in support of the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance, which today, with its sacrifices, heroism, the blood of its men, and the steadfastness of its people, is truly writing the future of the nation, preserving its dignity, and consolidating its strength.”

His Eminence continued, “What ‘Israel’ lost to date in Gaza in terms of officers and soldiers at the hands of Palestinian resistance groups is many times greater than what it lost in the 1967 War. The ‘Israeli’ Army, which during the Six-Day War occupied more than 69,000 km2, is being defeated today on a part of the Gaza Strip. It is unable to achieve a goal or declare an occupation or an approaching victory. Rather, it retreats under the pretext of moving to a new stage. Therefore, it is natural and correct for the conference’s slogan to be ‘Gaza: Symbol of Resistance’. Gaza today is a symbol because there is an honorable, brave, and proud resistance in Gaza.”

The resistance gives honor to its people – Sayyed Nasrallah asserted that “Gaza is the symbol because it expresses, through its resistance, the pride, ambitions, and hopes of our peoples who are thirsty for pride and victory. If Gaza had not resisted, it would not have been a symbol of pride.

“The resistance gives honor to its people and the bearers of its banner. The resistance is the secret of pride and dignity and the key to victory. Gaza is small geographically, but it is gigantic in its magnificence and heroism, and today, it is broader than the entire world in dignity, strength, and pride.”

His Eminence said that “since the occupation of Palestine, the enemy and its masters have worked on two paths. The first is the path of legitimizing the occupation internationally, polishing its image, and displaying it as a model of a civilized entity that can be emulated as a role model for the region. In the first path, they recorded outstanding successes due to the capabilities they possess and their dominance over major international institutions and the West’s systems and its effective and influential forces. As for the other path, the objective was to weaken and stifle the resistance of the Palestinian people and liquidate its cause, leading to its removal from the arena of global circulation by relying on force to eliminate the resistance forces and on the option of normalization, which ensured the removal of influential regimes from the arena of confrontation.

Sayyed Nasrallah added, “The option of normalization was and still is a project to subjugate the will of the nation. This is a project designed to waste its central cause and crush its unity to the point that the issue of Palestine, which is the issue of the nation, almost turned into an exclusive Palestinian issue, an orphan, alien among its people and its brothers. The choice of normalization with the enemy has placed the Palestinian cause and the right of the Palestinian people to their land in the crosshairs or even in imminent danger. It has also placed it on a downward spiral that warns of every danger that normalization with the enemy carries, including conspiracy and betrayal of the Palestinian people and the abandonment of their right, their cause, their resistance, and their future.

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that “at this fatal moment, the Al-Aqsa Flood shuffled all the cards, changed all calculations, and turned the threat into an advanced opportunity and a turning point in the paths that the enemies have worked on for a long time. The Flood engraved a lasting defeat deep in the conscience of the Zionists. The myth has been shattered, the model has been shattered, prestige has vanished, and the project has been shaken. The cause that they worked to stifle for so long has returned to the forefront of all the walls of the world to wake the world again, restore momentum and a resounding presence, and reveal itself as a global cause that is present in the entire world and all its corridors.

The Al-Aqsa Flood slapped down all attempts to write off the Palestine cause – His Eminence pointed out that “the resistant Al-Aqsa Flood dealt a harsh blow to all attempts to erase the Palestinian cause.”

He stressed that "the cause, which many in the West and the East as well as many near and far, conspired against would not have survived without its resistance, its rifle, and its sacrifices. No one has a presence in this brutal world except its resistance. The truth, if it is armed with force, faith, the will to resist, and steadfastness, cannot be defeated, no matter how brutal and powerful the enemy is.”

Sayyed Nasrallah viewed “the ‘Israeli’ enemy, which today is committing massacres and crimes, killing tens of thousands of women and children, waging a comprehensive war of annihilation against people, infrastructure, and life, and committing the gravest atrocities in modern history, is doing all of this to cover up defeat. It is using the images of massacres and destruction to take away ‘Israel’s’ image of humiliation on October 7 and to avenge the destabilization of its project, which it and its masters worked hard on for more than 50 years.”

Hezbollah Secretary General further stated: “In its attack on our region, the West, led by the United States of America and Britain, has exhausted the body and mind of the nation far and wide with projects of fragmentation, deception, and deceit. It is aided by brutal tools, sinful pens, hired voices, and hired minds. It tore apart unity with sectarianism and racism and deepened fragmentation. As a result, the nation’s great commonalities were substituted with small differences at a stage in which the nation’s identity, capabilities, role, and existence were exposed to profound and stormy dangers. They worked to tear our peoples apart and preoccupy them with issues of fragmentation, but Palestine alone remains a valve of unity, a path of convergence, a base for revival, and a crossing path to a future our people yearn for, a future of strength, pride, freedom, sovereignty, stability, and prosperity.”

There is no bet except on the resistance – Sayyed Nasrallah explained that “after decades of focused efforts, with full American and Western support, to divide, fragment, and dissolve the Palestinian cause, victory for Gaza came from the arenas of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen, exceeding the enemy’s expectations. The resistance factions succeeded in besieging the usurping entity for more than 100 days, which is unprecedented."

He stressed that “the blood of the martyrs supporting Gaza in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran, the last of which was the blood of Major General Sayyed Radhi al-Moussawi, unites and integrates with the blood of the martyrs in Gaza and the West Bank. It is the unity of blood, rifles, arenas, and objectives that worries our enemies, and which is what we must continue to do and work to increase, deepen and extend. Whoever believes this nation has an alternative to resistance is wrong and very, very delusional.

“‘Israel’ did not occupy Palestine with diplomacy but with weapons and force, and it did not occupy Beirut in 1982 with diplomacy, but with weapons and force. It does not threaten the nation today with diplomacy but with weapons and force. ‘Israel’ was not driven away from Lebanon in 1982 with diplomacy, but rather with resistance, just as it will not be defeated in Gaza and Palestine with diplomacy, but through resistance. We as a nation have no choice but resistance; we have nothing but resistance; there is nothing we can bet on except resistance.”

We must prepare to liberate Palestine – Sayyed Nasrallah added that “the confrontation with the enemy is not a confrontation for one or two days, but is an ongoing, continuous, and cumulative confrontation. We must remain present in this confrontation. The gathering of the fleets of arrogant countries in support of ‘Israel’ only confirms its weakness and instability, which is what must harden our will to adhere to the option of resistance. If the conditions for liberating Palestine are not available today, then we must prepare for tomorrow and the day after.”

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that “betting on international institutions and the so-called international community, as you have witnessed and we have repeatedly witnessed, is a failed and disappointing bet that has produced nothing but heartbreak, loss, disappointment, and bitterness.

“These international institutions are out of the equation because they are dependent on the will of the American administration. The latest farce and complicity of these institutions was the decision that condemned Yemen for targeting ‘Israeli’ ships in defense of Gaza and legitimized the American-British targeting of the Ansarullah brothers, ignoring with all insolence and malice two million Palestinian citizens who were martyred, wounded, detained, hungry, thirsty, and displaced in the open, as a result of ‘Israeli’ massacres and attacks.

“From your blessed conference, I thank the brothers in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the leadership, and the people for their pioneering and supportive stances and His Eminence the Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for his authentic and wise stances. I thank your conference, your stance, and your support for the resistance.”

In conclusion, he pointed out that “the pledge of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon is to continue to support Gaza until the victory of Gaza, and our pledge to our great Imam Khomeini is to preserve his commandments, adhere to his path, and continue on his path, the outcome of which will be nothing but victory, pride, and dignity.”


Source: Alahed News. IMG: © N/A; Alahed News. AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/aP43


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