The Israeli Genocide Continues

Walter Gelles

2.3 million are starving. The Israeli butchers
are busy carving---carving up the people
carving up the land. Don't you see this genocide
was carefully organized and planned?

Palestinians have no food, no water, no homes.
They huddle outdoors. Hospitals, schools, neighborhoods,
all gone as the Zionist war-machine marches on.

Gaza in ruins, most houses destroyed. Famine
and illness sweep the land, but Joseph Biden
is rather annoyed that Netanyahu didn't win quick---
US bombs and jets didn't do the trick.

If you think this is Israel's "self-defense"
then you are either blind or dense.

"We stole their land in '48, and now...
...we're going to complete the job.
Wipe them out, take back Gaza,
and make the West Bank a shopping plaza.
We'll drive the Amaleks into the sea.
More Lebensraum for you and me."

2.3 million people are starving. The Israeli butchers
keep carving. This is an ongoing genocide.
You can watch it on TV, and unlike Netflix
or Amazon Prime watching is absolutely free.

(Except it's NOT---this holocaust,
made possible through US weapons,
is on the American taxpayer's dime.)

If you think this isn't a genocide,
you're as dumb as can be. Israel's name
blackened forever, yet its Washington lackey delivers
as the US Congress, bought-and-paid-for,
cheers on the Zionists' murderous project.
Trump, Biden, RFK Jr.---all of them in Israel's pocket
---are moral failures you should never elect.

Did you hear the news that Elon Musk, Warren Buffett,
Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey,
Mark Zuckerberg, and other billionaires have set up
an Emergency Relief Fund to save the Gazans from
starvation and rebuild their ravaged land?

Neither did I. Because it never happened.


Source: Image-1: © Image-2: AFP File folder;


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