The Goddess of the WEF

James Howard Kunstler

“What has been the number one theme of the World Economic Forum this year? It’s not climate change, it’s not Ukraine. It is censorship of the internet. They are painting a target directly on @ElonMusk’s forehead and they’re labeling it ‘X'” — Jack Posobeic

Tell me: is there a fairer grandmotherly face than this in all of Western Civ? Does it not seem to radiate eons of aggregate wisdom, maternal kindness, bountiful nurture, caring, and healing, and even a hint of fun in the nursery. . . the rectified essence of Teutonic beauty, fertility, vitality, and virtue. . . the loving smile of the life-giver caressing humanity like a spring zephyr wafting through the piney Schwarzwald on a June morning?

That is exactly why Ursula von der Leyen was (s)elected President of the European Commission, and why she was sent out to front the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week in her keynote speech to the assembled global grandees of Davos in the dead chill of January. It’s one thing when a cadaverous goblin such as Yuval Noah Harari tells you to eat bugs, and quite another thing when Oma Ursula tells you Keine Sorge, Kinder. Alles ist gut.

Ursula did offer us children-of-the-world one wee note of caution, though, as every good “granny” might give to the global kindergarten: watch out for misinformation and disinformation on the internet! Like the evil imps of the Germanic Märchen, these wicked forces lurk and propagate on the internet — waiting to dash all of the WEF’s benevolent plans for our utopian future.

That’s why, she explained, the European Commission has drawn up the Digital Services Act — because misinfo and disinfo can fluoresce into hate speech, the most dangerous thing in the world. It must be stomped out! Ground into the dirt under a boot heel!

Misinfo and disinfo about what, exactly? Ursula omitted to specify, but we can guess, can’t we? For instance, about how more and more every year the WEF seems to operate like a global racketeering operation, seeking the levers of control in all the naughtiest sovereign nations of the earth overpopulated with “useless eaters” who are remorselessly busy wrecking the climate to enjoy, say, in the case of the USA, their loathsome motor-sports, mega-churches, gun shows, hot-tubs, and Golden Corral All-You-Can-Eat buffets! The WEF, a racket? A cabal of haughty control freaks? What a hateful thing to say, after everything kindly Onkel Schwabenklaus has done for mankind! It hurts our feelings to hear this!

Yet, why do scores of billionaires flock to the yearly Davos meet-up and coordinate their funding streams into countless NGOs and shadowy activist organizations aimed at manipulating the activities of governments around the world? I assure you it’s hardly for the fabulous hors d’oeuvre platters or the even more fabulous on-call hookers. (The nabobs of finance must be satisfied with the services of their personal chefs and masseuses.) Ursula says the WEF notables meet annually “because our democracies and our businesses have interests that align: creating prosperity, wealth and security for people, creating a stable environment to unlock innovation and investment, and creating equal opportunity and freedom.”

I have some disappointing news for you: grandmother Ursula is lying (alas, we live in time of epic disappointments). If the WEF wanted “stability” you would not see Alex (and papa George) Soros pouring money into every county DA election from Maine to California to make sure that looting, car-jacking, and mayhem go unpunished. . . or that men of military age from every failed state on the planet get flown across the oceans to NGO-supported waystations in Central America so that the cartels of Mexico can take over the final leg of their illegal entry into the USA. . . or ditto the boats ferrying Africans and Arabs across the Mediterranean to overwhelm the societies of Europe — including especially Grammy Ursula’s Germany.

The last thing the WEF she fronts for cares about is this airy-fairy freedom thing. Ditto equal opportunity. They want all the goodies for themselves and they want the rest of us to quit cluttering up their world. And they mean to get you out of here, for-real. The Covid-19 operation, so advantageous to their Great Reset plan, has resulted in billions of people subjected to very sketchy “vaccines.” The record indicates a shocking, abnormal, sustained rise, since 2021, when the “vaccines” were introduced, of all-causes deaths. That was just the overture of the Next Big Thing.

This week, the WEF and its subaltern org, the WHO, amped up warnings about the coming “Disease X.” This, they say, will be much worse than the namby-pamby Covid-19, which mostly led to people’s deaths by iatrogenic medical maltreatment with respirators, remdesivir, and opiates — and the relentless suppression of actual effective treatments. (All talk of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine on the Internet was deemed “disinfo.”)

If such a thing as “Disease X” does arise in the weeks and months ahead, this is what it will actually be: a cover-story for all the previously mRNA-vaccinated people with damaged immune systems getting fatally ill from a new mutation of Covid. Eminent virologists are predicting exactly this. (Misinformation, you think?) Wait for it and find out.


Source: Clusterfuck Nation. IMG: © N/A AWIP:


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