The CIA: Deep torture


"U.S. Tortured and Killed Innocent People for the Specific Purpose of Producing False Propaganda" - Washingtons Blog

It is instructive that all the analysis from the United States, from both the 'right' and the 'left'. is that torture is employed for the purposes of eliciting otherwise unavailable information that saves American lives from 'terrorism'. The 'right' accepts this uncritically; the 'left' either points out - correctly - that torture produces unreliable information, or alleges that it is not worth the moral decay to the country (not to mention the cost to the American reputation). Both share the assumption that there is information - facts - available from certain individuals that could save American lives.

Of course, this is utter nonsense. The Global War On Terror is the creation of World Jewry specifically intended to increase Islamophobia in order to continue American protection for the supremacist Jewish project of building a Zionist empire across the Middle East. Considering the degree of provocation caused by American violence it is remarkable that there is almost no real terrorism, at least coming from Muslims.

A teaching moment

A Short Comment by Xymphora&sentence=sentence&in_blogs=6">Xymphora

Americans are slowly learning.

Iraq is beset with an Islamist army of medieval cruelty. They are establishing in Iraq an actual country as a base for terrorist operations around the world, especially against American interests.

How can this possibly be? Wasn't Saddam attacked as part of the 'war on terror'? Wasn't Iraq attacked in order to remove the terrorist threat to the United States? Of course, the truth is that Saddam posed absolutely no threat to the United States, and was in fact a bulwark against the Islamists, something you wouldn't see anywhere in the lying Jew-controlled mainstream media at the time, and removing him actually increased the terrorist threat, and allowed the current disaster to occur.

Oh, and who finances this new medieval state? Prince Bandar and the Saudi princes (some of whom, you'll remember, financed a guy called Osama bin Laden!). And Kuwaiti princes, who of course were bailed out by the United States in the Gulf War when they were trying to steal oil from Iraq!!

And who should pop up to add their advice and recriminations? The same collection of Jews who lied to trick Americans into attacking Iraq in the first place!

Ukraine: Elite conspiracy theory


A Short Comment by Xymphora

Most Americans don't care about Ukraine, or are even aware there is an issue, but the American elites are energized by the possibility of resumption of the Cold War. The 80s were the last time Americans felt good about themselves. Since then it has been a series of financially and morally ruinous Wars For The Jews under ZOG and the debilitating Israeli-created 'War On Terror'. Under the Cold War, Americans were always right and good, and the Soviets were plain evil. Under ZOG, Americans slip further and further into a moral malaise that seems impossible to escape.

So it is ironic that the coup in Ukraine was just another War For The Jews. The entertaining apparent irony of the Americans arming al-Qaeda in Syria while financing neo-Nazis in Ukraine teaches us something about the realities of power and propaganda, but behind the incongruities there were no real American goals to the coup. The point of the coup was to weaken the Russian position in the Middle East and embarrass Putin personally for his thwarting Zionist goals, both of which were goals of World Jewry (the Jew-controlled media provided the propaganda basis by attacking Putin for his country's position on homosexuality, and denigrating the very successful Sochi Olympics). The fallback position of World Jewry, even of they didn't inconvenience Putin at all, was to play up the neo-Nazi element and spray a few swastikas on synagogues to scare the 200,000 Jews in Ukraine to move to Israel.

Ukraine: New frontiers in 'progressive' politics


I've mentioned here before that the 'progressive' American way of regime change - as we've seen in Serbia, Libya, and planned again for Syria - is massive carpet bombing of civilians until the legitimate leader of the country is forced to withdraw simply in order to put an end to the slaughter (of course, the bombing so destabilizes the country that the violence continues for years and years after the 'progressive' genocide stops).

Sometimes, massive carpet bombing campaigns are not an option, and the new development, as we've seen in Ukraine, is hiring mercenary thugs to attack the institutions of government with extreme violence until the legitimate government has to back down rather than kill more civilians in the crossfire of defending itself.

You'll no doubt have noted that Americans of all political stripes are beside themselves with joy at the outcome of completely wrecking all legitimate institutions of government, and any hope for any real democracy in the foreseeable future, in Ukraine. Having armed thugs take over the legislature by violence is the most 'progressive' thing any American can imagine. Many Europeans who also support this might want to consider that the same procedure can, and no doubt will, be used against other countries who get out of line with American geopolitical plans. Moral and decent Ukrainians could do nothing but watch in horror as their country was being destroyed.

Let the negotiations begin!


Yesterday was one of those rare good days. Iran, the United States, and the world cheering for peace, and one nasty group united against peace on the other side. Moral clarity. It has never been more obvious where the wars come from.

Of course, the real negotiations are between the elected government of the United States and the real government of the United States, the Zionist Occupation Government, consisting of the Lobby, 99% of the media (I suppose you've noticed how the Jew-controlled media was trying to spin the agreement away by repeatedly insisting that the sides were too far away to possibly make a deal), and the Entertainment Industrial Complex (the last of which, of course, is also behind the ridiculously overreaching secret deals on intellectual property and criminalization of the use of the internet, as if you need anything else to be furious about).

The job of a successful American Administration is to frame these second negotiations, the real negotiations, in such a way that real American interests, and not solely the interests of a truly insane group of violent group supremacists who would not hesitate to blow up the entire world to steal another square millimeter of land, prevail. The deal provides almost no benefit to Iran except to put the world's real warmongers in the spotlight if the next six months don't produce a lasting agreement due to ZOG blocking.

A modest suggestion


Despite the fact the American people don't want another War For The Jews, and the fact that this is the most ridiculous false-flag yet, the Jewish billionaires have issued their orders to their slaves in Congress, and Barry is going to get his war.

You see how this works. World Jewry is building Greater Israel step by step, using its peculiar hold on American politicians and a dysfunctional American political system, on the basis that if each step seems small enough the victims will take the pain rather than risk an even greater pain. The final result is the same, but the victims put up with each step in the process on the false hope that they can escape with something. It should be clear now how false that hope is.

The Iranian government, and the Syrian and Lebanese people, are on the Jewish chopping block (the real target is Hezbollah, as Hezbollah poses the immediate problem to Jewish land thieves). There is literally only one way to avoid complete disaster, a sudden full-out no-holds-barred rocket attack simultaneously by Hezbollah, Syria and Iran against the Jewish state (merely bluffing, as Assad is trying to do, won't work).

The problem with Yinon


"Obama Consults With France’s Hollande on Syria" - just before he announced he decided - because he is such a gracious fellow - to follow the Constitution and seek Congressional authorization. One has to assume that the last hope for going it alone was something stronger from France than Hollande was prepared to grant. Comment from 'ginger' (before the WSJ cleans things up):

10:21 am September 1, 2013
ginger wrote: The Israeli/Neocon ‘Red-Line Game’

Everybody remembers Netanyahu on the floor of the UN last year, brandishing his RED LINE cartoon bomb, as he unsuccessfully tried to hoax the US into a war on Iran last Fall, based on numerous Israeli/Neocon fabrications?

Everybody remembers (don’t they?) how Michael Ledeen/Mossad fabricated the Niger Yellowcake Forgeries, which Ledeen then handed off to Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans, in order to hoax the US into the disatrous war against Iraq?

And everybody does remember the last several instances of the Israelis/Neocons claiming again and again that Syria used chemical weapons’ when in fact it is the Syrian rebels who have been caught with 2 kg of Sarin gas (when the Turks arrested a group of them) and the UN Investigating teams say these attacks appear to have been done by the Syrian rebels themselves, as a False Flag operation, in cahoots with Israeli agendas.

I've got nothing to hide...


[">xymphora] - Can you imagine what the American 'left' would be saying if the NSA revelations had occurred on Bush's watch? Since Barry - the most progressive man who ever walked the planet - is behind it, everything is fine. This is why Barry was such a brilliant choice for President. The right, except for that tiny fringe that is truly libertarian, is torn between thinking the revelations are a Chinese government plot to weaken the United States, and thinking that real (i.e., white) Americans have nothing to hide and need all of the unconstitutional outrages the NSA can muster to save real Americans from those scary Mooooooslims under their beds.

Has anyone noticed that the American government has never successfully used its spying to uncover a real terrorist plot? They completely missed the Boston bombing with the Russians repeatedly begging the Americans to look into Tamerlan (of course, why would you look into your own employee?). The only terrorist plots the American government ever finds are the ones set up by the FBI, and they don't even stop all of those (Oklahoma City). [The Null Device]

I live in a country generally assumed to be a dictatorship. One of the Arab spring countries. I have lived through curfews and have seen the outcomes of the sort of surveillance now being revealed in the US. People here talking about curfews aren't realizing what that actually FEELS like. It isn't about having to go inside, and the practicality of that. It's about creating the feeling that everyone, everything is watching.

Professor Cole “answers” WSWS on Libya: An admission of intellectual and political bankruptcy

Bill Van Auken

Juan Cole is Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Profes-
sor of History at the University of Michigan. (IC)

More people have already died in the US-NATO war against Libya than were ever killed by Gaddafi’s repression, and the threat of a far greater massacre is looming. Whatever Cole says now, he has blood on his hands.

Last week, Professor Juan Cole, a University of Michigan professor of Middle Eastern history, posted a comment on his Informed Comment blog slandering the World Socialist Web Site with the lie that we support efforts by the Gaddafi regime to reconquer the east of Libya and would welcome a massacre of Libyan civilians.

On August 10, the World Socialist Web Site issued “An open letter to Professor Juan Cole: A reply to a slander,” answering Cole’s lies and demanding that he post a “full and public retraction” on Informed Comment.

On August 11, we received the following emailed reply from Cole:

Hi. I hope you will stop supporting the murderous Qaddafi regime and attacking people who want the people of Benghazi to be safe from him.

This is the kind of response one would expect from someone who is drunk. In Cole’s case, however, this would be an unduly charitable interpretation.

The reality is that he is incapable of articulating any coherent defense of his position. Cole’s one-sentence reply merely reiterates his original slander without adding a word of substantiation.

The woodshed *


The crime of Wikileaks was lèse-majesté, an insufficient deference to Power. The cables are instructive. The Americans could care less about the opinions of the leaders of various nonentities like Saudi Arabia or Great Britain. What is important is that American diplomats conduct a periodic check-up - like having your teeth cleaned - in order to ensure that everybody knows who the boss is. Thus, from time to time, world leaders are interviewed by American diplomats who say nothing and just write everything down. The various leaders struggle to say what they think the Americans would want them to say, and if they meet the test, they are allowed to stay in power. Just striving to meet the test teaches a lesson. Perhaps the biggest surprise from the cables is how hard everybody strives to meet the American test of fealty.

We're in the middle of a long social experiment to see what we will put up with. The plutocrats keep asking for more, and we just give it to them. There is absolutely no push-back whatsoever. In fact, all we do is ask for more punishment and deprivation. The results of this experiment have been so startling to the plutocrats that they have until recently not asked for everything, in fear that perhaps they would awaken a sleeping giant of rebellion. Nope. No giant. Just sleeping. The continuing non-reaction to the massive financial theft in Europe and the United States, where the thieves were not only not punished, but massively rewarded, was the final test. The only reason why we are not all slaves building pyramids to the glory of the plutocrats is that they, in their infinite generosity of spirit, haven't asked us yet. They will, and we'll start hauling rocks.

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