The CIA: Deep torture


"U.S. Tortured and Killed Innocent People for the Specific Purpose of Producing False Propaganda" - Washingtons Blog

It is instructive that all the analysis from the United States, from both the 'right' and the 'left'. is that torture is employed for the purposes of eliciting otherwise unavailable information that saves American lives from 'terrorism'. The 'right' accepts this uncritically; the 'left' either points out - correctly - that torture produces unreliable information, or alleges that it is not worth the moral decay to the country (not to mention the cost to the American reputation). Both share the assumption that there is information - facts - available from certain individuals that could save American lives.

Of course, this is utter nonsense. The Global War On Terror is the creation of World Jewry specifically intended to increase Islamophobia in order to continue American protection for the supremacist Jewish project of building a Zionist empire across the Middle East. Considering the degree of provocation caused by American violence it is remarkable that there is almost no real terrorism, at least coming from Muslims.

Almost all acts described as 'terrorism' are either:

1. false flags; or
2. self-defensive actions against violent - and legitimate - American or allied military or intelligence targets.

The CIA isn't stupid. Psychopathic, yes, but not stupid. The leaders of the CIA know that there are no facts available that would help fighting the Global War On Terror. On the contrary, the facts are not only useless, but positively dangerous, for the propaganda war that the American government is engaged in.

The entire premise of torture is that pressure can be applied to human beings to force them to give up their secrets, accurate information that could save American lives. This is largely based on entertainment provided by, yes, 'Hollywood;' (i.e., the propaganda arm of World Jewry), with the ticking time bomb that can only be found through pressure imposed on a captured 'terrorist' being the classic example. Of course, the reality is that the poor victims of torture are in extremis, and will do anything to resolve their situation. If only they could figure out what to say that would satisfy the CIA torturers.

The trick of excellent torturing is to convey to the torture victim what parts of the propaganda background would end the torture. It is a trick the thug torturers have never really mastered. The tragedy is that neither the CIA torturers, nor their victims, are aware that the torture is not a fact-finding enterprise. It is a propaganda-creation exercise. Thus the answers that any victim is liable to give - various facts known to the victim, or at least things made up out of necessity on the false hope that any kind of fact might please the torturer - won't work. Since the entire premise of the Global War On Terror is based on lies - the main lie being that the danger to Americans is from Islam and not from World Jewry - facts can never please the torturer.

Consider how the CIA acted, against how we would expect it to act if it were really engaged in a critical fact-finding exercise. Instead of picking up people who might actually be real terrorists, it rounded up victims holus-bolus, based on mistakes in identity and, in many cases, no attempt to confirm identity at all. There has never been any effort made to attempt to confirm if many of these victims had any hope of producing facts connected to terrorism (this is also the case for the victims at Guantanamo Bay). Once captured and tortured, at least some victims were killed, out of what appears to be mere carelessness and sloppiness. If these people had real, valuable information, the last thing a real torture operation would want is for the victims to die. Even the high-value victims, people with verifiable connections to radical groups, were handled in the most incompetent way possible, driving them insane, and thus useless as conveyors of information, before any accurate information was obtained.

The CIA behaved exactly as you might expect it to behave if it didn't really want the facts, and just wanted an operation intended to produce propaganda. The basis of all the lies told by the CIA and American politicians and bureaucrats is to misrepresent the basis and purpose of the Global War On Terror.

Of course, the American 'left' can't mention any of this, as the truth is career-ending 'anti-Semitism'. That is why nothing will change.

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