Ukraine: New frontiers in 'progressive' politics


I've mentioned here before that the 'progressive' American way of regime change - as we've seen in Serbia, Libya, and planned again for Syria - is massive carpet bombing of civilians until the legitimate leader of the country is forced to withdraw simply in order to put an end to the slaughter (of course, the bombing so destabilizes the country that the violence continues for years and years after the 'progressive' genocide stops).

Sometimes, massive carpet bombing campaigns are not an option, and the new development, as we've seen in Ukraine, is hiring mercenary thugs to attack the institutions of government with extreme violence until the legitimate government has to back down rather than kill more civilians in the crossfire of defending itself.

You'll no doubt have noted that Americans of all political stripes are beside themselves with joy at the outcome of completely wrecking all legitimate institutions of government, and any hope for any real democracy in the foreseeable future, in Ukraine. Having armed thugs take over the legislature by violence is the most 'progressive' thing any American can imagine. Many Europeans who also support this might want to consider that the same procedure can, and no doubt will, be used against other countries who get out of line with American geopolitical plans. Moral and decent Ukrainians could do nothing but watch in horror as their country was being destroyed.

"What it took" - Celebration of thug rule is the foundation of fascism. Note that the mercenaries were ordered to continue the violence because an agreement between their leaders and the government concerning elections and constitutional reform was not good enough for them.

The only bright side is that the Russians are a number of orders of magnitude brighter than the Americans (here's the Americans celebrating getting snookered by the Russians again in Syria, something they have to admit in the body of the article: "Olympic Gain: With Sochi Winding Down, Russia Signs Off On U.N. Syria Resolution"). I can see Ukraine being broken up, with the part friendly to Russia having all the wealth and industry, and the part friendly to the US and Europe left with an impoverished wasteland led by corrupt thugs.

Comment published here: Xymphora. Photo: © N/A


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