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A Letter From Heaven

Nahida Izzat
Exiled Palestinian

This poem is very special, it was written by my beloved niece Jeanine, read by her two beautiful daughters Jude and Jena, and put together by my lovely niece Sabreen

The UN did NOT create Israel

Alison Weir

[2013/9/18/] I thought I would clarify the question of whether the UN "created Israel," since most people – even many of those who are otherwise well-versed on Palestine – are misinformed on this important matter.

The fact is that UN General Assembly Resolution 181, the Partition Plan (read below), was a recommendation that was to go to the Security Council. In the resolution the General Assembly requested that the Security Council take it up. This never happened, and the partition plan has no force of law.

Israeli propagandists, however, perpetrated the myth that the UN created Israel, and this interpretation was then been repeated by numerous others. Please see an article on this, "New States Are Not Created in the UN". Below is an excerpt:

"...was it true that Israel owed its very existence to the U.N., as it became popularly perceived years later? ...This same line of argument was repeated... by an Israeli analyst in the opinion section of the New York Times, who wrote that the vote on Nov. 29 was the “legal basis for the establishment of the State of Israel.”

Leading international legal scholars have vociferously rejected this claim. The noted Australian legal scholar Professor Julius Stone wrote in 1980 that Israel “does not derive its legal existence from the Partition Plan.”

Even Cambridge University’s Professor James Crawford... concluded in his monumental book on the creation of states in international law that "Israel was not created on the basis of Resolution 181..."

Wicked, Wicked Doctors

Dr Vernon Coleman

Doctors writing in the British Medical Journal have called for the medical profession to do less screening of patients and to cut back on prescribing treatment – ‘to help combat climate change’. Doctors called for global warming concerns to be put above patients’ interests.

Let’s get this straight: the medical establishment wants to cut back on diagnosing cancer early in order to save Big Ben from disappearing under 100 foot waves a week on Wednesday. This is terrifyingly wicked.

The climate emergency is the true health crisis of our time,’ is the message from the medical establishment. Doctors’ leaders appear to have had their brains removed and replaced with those of 12-year-olds. The members of the medical establishment who believe this should all be certified insane and put into a coma to protect the public from their deranged utterings.

The nonsense from the BMA is pouring out these days. For example, the BMA now says that Britain needs another 60,000 doctors. Britain doesn’t need any more doctors. Dare I suggest that the NHS needs the GPs on the payroll to do what they’re paid for – which is to see patients?

US Leads the Genocide in Gaza

Dr. Marwa Osman

With the escalation of the armed confrontations between the Zionist ‘Israeli’ occupation forces and the Palestinian resistance movements mainly in the Gaza enclave, the United States of America began taking procedural steps to strengthen military support for its Zionist allies, in parallel with US President Joe Biden delivering a speech, on October 10, 2023, in which he affirmed the continuation of this support and attacked the Hamas Resistance movement. Through it, he warned “third parties” against interfering in the war directly meaning Hezbollah in south Lebanon. Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced that the US aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford had arrived in the eastern Mediterranean. It also announced that military equipment has already arrived to occupied Palestine.

This is the second time that the ‘Israeli’ entity has requested urgent help from the United States since its establishment on the land of Palestine in 1948. The first was during the October War of 1973, but the difference between the first and the second is extremely important in terms of significance. In the first, ‘Israel’ was facing two regular Arab armies, “Syria and Egypt,” on wide fronts, and in the second, it faced resistance with very modest capabilities confined to the small and besieged Gaza Strip. It is a difference that proves the theory of the erosion of the Zionist “invincible” ‘Israeli’ power now afflicting this entity, compared to the upward trajectory line of the Palestinian resistance.

The US could be preparing a Ukraine-style scenario for Mongolia

Paul Matveev

US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland in Sukhbaatar Square,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in 2023 (L) and 1988 (R). © X (Twitter)

The country’s location between Russia and China and its natural resources make it a valuable target for American influence operations

The US, true to its modus operandi of instigating “color revolutions” and interfering in the domestic affairs of other countries, could be in the initial stages of preparing a Ukraine-style coup in Mongolia, Russian officials believe.

“The situation in Mongolia is very difficult in terms of the fact that all this hypocritical US policy, which it is pursuing where it needs to realize its interests in any way, is now being transferred to Mongolia,” said Alexey Tsydenov, the head of Russia's Republic of Buryatia, which is located along the eastern side of Lake Baikal and borders Mongolia, in an interview with RIA Novosti on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in September.

According to him, Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who played a key part in the US-backed Euromaidan coup in Ukraine in 2014, is now trying to indoctrinate the Mongolian people and "shake up the youth." He is confident, however, that the Americans will not succeed.

“I believe that in Mongolia the leadership understands everything, and the people and youth are literate and understand when they are simply [being] used and manipulated. I hope they will have enough strength to resist this in order to remain an independent state, and not become a puppet in the hands of the United States,” said the head of the republic.

Mongolia’s geographic and political position makes it a country which could potentially become a springboard for a large-scale geopolitical clash. In this country, not only do the interests of its two friendly neighbors – Russia and China – intersect, but also those of the US, which is seeking to limit the influence of Moscow and Beijing in order to pursue its own geopolitical agenda.

The Beginning Of The End

Nahida Izzat
Exiled Palestinian

This is not the last battle
This is not the final blow
We have made the U turn
This is the road with no return
A pivotal battle on the path of liberation

There is never going to be another "deadly global pandemic." There have not been any in the past

Katherine Watt

Orientation for new readers

The Monster has only devised means to produce the illusion of deadly global pandemics. And that's all he will ever be able to do.

Notes on the 2017 addition of "public health emergency" definitions to 42 CFR 70.1.

Incessant prattling of lobbyists for State-sponsored bioterrorism (code name "biodefense") notwithstanding, there hasn't ever been a deadly global pandemic, or a pathogen with the potential to circulate around the whole world and kill millions or billions of people.

So there can't be another one, or a next one, or any other future one for which the lessons of Covid must be learned; new treaties and laws must be drafted, signed and enforced; new surveillance and control programs developed; and billions of preparatory dollars spent.

There was a first theatrical production of the illusion of a deadly global pandemic: the 1918 Spanish flu. And now there has been a second theatrical production of the illusion of a deadly global pandemic: Covid-19.

There are going to be more attempts to produce the same illusion under different titles; the producers routinely announce and demand funding for their road shows. Human men and women are the audience. Individual human minds are the private theaters into which the shows are projected.

’We Will Not Be Exiled’ - The Final Messages of Gaza Victims

Nadda Osman

‘Israel’s’ relentless bombing of Gaza since 7 October has flattened entire neighborhoods and left the besieged enclave resembling an apocalyptic nightmare.

The death toll, one month on, has surpassed 10,000 people and includes more than 4,000 children, as places of safety, such as mosques, churches, media centers, hospitals and supermarkets, have been bombed.

On the ground, Gaza's residents describe the air strikes, the constant explosions and near-death experiences.

The surrealism of the situation is seen on social media, as Palestinians use platforms like X, formerly Twitter, and Instagram to get their voices out, only for those same voices to disappear forever after the people who posted them are killed in air strikes.

Many post their stories with the caveat that this message might be their last.

Haytham Harrara, a journalist with Gaza’s government media office, was killed on 3 November. One of his final messages was published on X on 13 October. It reads:

“We will not leave, we will not be exiled, and you will not see anything from us other than steadfastness, certainty and resilience. If it will be migration, then it will be to our occupied lands or straight to God, Lord of the worlds.”

Harrara was pronounced dead at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital, one of the area's largest hospitals where thousands have been sheltering and seeking treatment from the ongoing bombardment.

The New Ten Commandments

Nahida Izzat
Exiled Palestinian

The New Ten Commandments

1. Thou shalt believe that “they” are the “Chosen Ones.”

2. If thou seest their numbers extremely over-represented in high positions of power and control, thou shalt not mention it, except if it were to praise their “superior” IQ.

3. If thou becomest aware that they are “running the show” in the media, thou shalt only glorify “their talents.”

4. If thou comest to notice their grip on the world of finance, thou shalt be in awe of their “out-standing aptitude.”

5. If thou detectest their attempted steering of social progress or revolutionary movements, thou shalt only explain it with their “admirable righteousness, evolved integrity and exceptional morality.”

6. Thou shalt not compare their suffering with that of any other's. Theirs is unique.

7. Thou shalt revere the Holocaust –faithfully, as narrated by their gurus, and with all thy heart.

8. Thou shalt have no doubt in your heart as regards the number 6 million.

9. Thou shalt not criticize “Israel”, the “light unto nations”, and thou shalt honour its eternal right to exist as a “Jewish state.”

10.Thou shalt sacrifice as many “goyim” as possible (especially those who dareth say NO), and on the altar of their conquest, greed, arrogance, and supremacy, thou shalt bow down and worship.

The Collapse of International Law

Christopher Black

International law has essentially collapsed with the US backed Israeli siege of the Palestinian people of Gaza, in response to the Hamas attack on Israeli occupation forces on October 7. The Palestinians have no expectation of mercy from the Israelis, when they have suffered decades of Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinian lands and their replacement by Israeli settlers, all in violation of international law and several UN resolutions, including of course, Resolution 242 which required Israel to withdraw from all the lands they seized in the 1967 War; a war which they now admit was started on a pretext in order to seize those lands and push out the Palestinians who lived there.

Israel has been granted impunity for its aggression and occupation of Palestinian lands for decades by the nations that helped to create it and support it after World War I and World War II; the USA, Britain and their allies, who granted it impunity to act as it wishes because Israel serves their objectives in the Middle East, acting as the local agent of the nation that seeks to be the world hegemon, the United States.

Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court says nothing about the crimes being committed by the Israelis against the Palestinians in the occupied lands and Gaza, even though it has had a file open on Palestine-Israel since 2019. Its lack of action is in stark contrast to the quick issuance of a warrant of arrest against President Putin some months ago based on no real investigation whatsoever.


They want you to believe that defending the Palestinian people’s legitimate right to DEFEND themselves and to RESIST the occupation and usurpation of their homeland is “terrorism”, a “crime” worse than the CRIME of murdering almost 5000 Palestinian children in less than four weeks.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want you to believe that chanting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is a “hate crime”, a “crime” worse than target bombing ambulances, hospitals, schools, and refugee camps killing hundreds of innocent civilians.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want you to believe that holding the Palestinian flag is “antisemitic”, a “crime” worse than keeping two and half million people in a concentration camp, without food, water, electricity, while flattening entire neighbourhood on the heads of the inhabitants.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want you to believe that the legitimate Palestinian resistance to a seventy-five years of occupation is “terrorism”, and the bombardment of two and half million people to smithereens is “self defence”.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want to you believe that “offending” the feeling of some-person, on his/her say-so, is far more serious “hate crime” than the slaughter of over almost 10000 innocent men, women and children in less than a month of constant carpet bombardment.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want to you believe that being concerned about some group’s sensitivities is far more humane than stopping the crime of Genocide and Extermination against another group of people.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want you to believe that some humans are more humans than others.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

Nahida Izzat
Exiled Palestinian
Poetry For Palestine


Diabolical Double-Think…Washington Touts Israeli Genocide of Palestinians as Self-Defense

Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

Can Western leaders show a modicum of moral fibre?

In blatant defiance of world opinion and international law, the Israeli state continues its daily massacre of civilians in Gaza.

After nearly four weeks of non-stop aerial bombardment, the death toll has exceeded 9,000, with thousands more missing under rubble. The actual death toll as of this writing could be near 15,000.

The United Nations organization UNICEF this week described Gaza as a “graveyard for children”. An estimated 400 children are killed or wounded every day. The wounded have no way of being treated as hospitals shut down from lack of fuel and supplies.

In heartrending scenes, families are desperately trying to dig up children buried under concrete debris. All too often, their cries fade with agonising death.

The world is witnessing an age of cruel depravity that is on par with the barbarity of Nazi Germany.

Putin Might Have Cancelled Armageddon

Video Rebel's Blog

Egypt has 100,000 troops at the Gaza border hoping to take badly needed supplies to 2.3 million Palestinians. Even before the recent war, Israel had been rationing the people of Gaza to less water than the UN says human beings need.

Putin has aircraft with Mach 12 Kinzhal missiles on board planes in the Black Sea. The Kinzhal is Mach 10 and has a total speed of Mach 12 when launched from a fast jet. It can sink an aircraft carrier. It digs a hole 98 feet (30 meters) deep where its target used to be.

We were told the US Treasury deficit was a mere $1.7 trillion for fiscal year 2023. But that is not true. The US Treasury added $2 trillion in debt. In fact recently, they added $500 billion in debt in just one month.

Before the first shot is fired from American, Chinese and Russian ships in the Mediterranean, China could sell $30 billion an hour in US Treasury bonds every hour starting as soon as the London markets open and continuing when New York opens. New York and London Bankers will likely force the Biden admin to discontinue all this war talk nonsense.

Bankers will tell the idiot politicians in Washington what I have been saying for years: When, not if the Dollar Dies, our wages and pensions will be permanently cut 60%. Instant chaos and riots in every American city will ensue.

The US has kept its fleet over towards Sicily. But Russia can always get permission from Turkey to move his jets closer if Netanyahu tries to demolish the homes of all those people in Gaza and force them to go live in tents in the Sinai. Or Russia could use older ICBMs to launch a couple of Mach 20 Avangard missiles at those two US aircraft carriers. Iran also has the Kinzhal missile and a variety of other missiles to take out US ships in the Persian Gulf including that one aircraft carrier.

palestine this time: sorrow song

Lucille Clifton

for the eyes of the children,
the last to melt,
the last to vaporize,
for the lingering
eyes of the children, staring,
the eyes of the children of
of viet nam and johannesburg,
for the eyes of the children
of nagasaki,
for the eyes of the children
of middle passage,
for cherokee eyes, ethiopian eyes,
russian eyes, american eyes,
for all that remains of the children,
their eyes,
staring at us, amazed to see
the extraordinary evil in
ordinary men.

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