The Guardian: ‘Israeli’ Spy Chief Threatened ICC Prosecutor over War Crimes Inquiry

Staff, Alahed News, The Guardian

The Guardian revealed on Tuesday that the former head of the Mossad, Yossi Cohen threatened the former ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda so that she closes the investigation of “Israeli” war crimes.

According to the British daily, Cohen and Bensouda secretly met in the years preceding her decision to open an official investigation in 2021 on suspicion of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Palestinian territories.

The Guardian noted that Cohen's involvement against the ICC occurred while he served as head of the Mossad. The report cited an “Israeli” source that noted that the Mossad sought to “compromise the prosecutor or enlist her as someone who would cooperate with ‘Israel's’ demands.”

Another source told The Guardian that Cohen was acting as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's “unofficial messenger.” The Guardian quoted Cohen as saying,

💬 “You should help us and let us take care of you. You don’t want to be getting into things that could compromise your security or that of your family.”

Between late 2019 and early 2021, the sources said, there were at least three encounters between Cohen and Bensouda, all initiated by the spy chief. His behavior is said to have become increasingly concerning to ICC officials.

Other reports of intimidation were revealed by The Guardian, which added that the Mossad, under Cohen's tenure, took an interest in the prosecutor's family, even obtaining transcripts of conversations between Bensouda and her husband in an attempt to use these conversations to discredit her.

Swallowed by ‘Gaza subway'

Shahrokh Saei
Tehran Times

Hamas fighters kill and capture Israeli soldiers in an ambush inside north Gaza tunnel

The tunnel network, which Israel has dubbed the "Gaza Metro", is effectively operating despite the regime’s claims of destroying a large part of it.

Hamas says it has built 500 kilometers (311 miles) worth of tunnels under the Gaza Strip. The efficiency of the tunnels came to light during fighting between Hamas fighters and Israeli forces in the Jabalia camp in northern Gaza.

The military wing of the resistance group released a video of the fighting on Sunday saying its fighters have captured and killed an unidentified number of Israeli soldiers after luring them into a tunnel.

💬 "Our fighters lured a Zionist force into an ambush inside a tunnel ... The fighters withdrew after they left all members of the force dead, wounded, and captured," Abu Ubaida, the spokesman for Al Qassam Brigades, said in a recorded message.

The footage shows an Israeli soldier being dragged along the ground in a tunnel and photos of military fatigue and rifles.

The ambush carried out by Hamas fighters highlights Israel’s false claims about destroying Hamas tunnels in Gaza and defeating the group in northern Gaza. Citing US intelligence, Politico reported last week that about 65 percent of Hamas tunnels are still intact. Israeli military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari claimed in early January this year that the regime had dismantled Hamas’s command network in northern Gaza and killed around 8,000 resistance fighters in that area.

‘National tragedy’: RT reports from Iran after death of its president

Abbas Juma,

RT correspondent Abbas Juma, who was in Iran on assignment when President Raisi’s helicopter crashed, describes the disbelief that enveloped the nation when the news broke.

For now, the world waits for the investigation results and the upcoming presidential election.

Throughout the night of May 19-20, Iranian rescue teams searched through dense fog for the wreckage of the helicopter carrying the president and the foreign minister. The search was hindered by the weather conditions and terrain, with the rain-soaked ground impeding both personnel and equipment. Meanwhile, Iranians across the country prayed, wept, and anxiously awaited news.

Hope and loss — During the night, prominent and reputable regional and global media outlets, in a frenzy for sensational updates, disseminated inaccurate information about the search efforts. Some later hurriedly removed these reports. Social media was flooded with hastily fabricated falsehoods, fueled by opponents of the Iranian government. According to one widely spread rumor, mass celebrations erupted in Tehran, with claims that people were rejoicing over the president’s death and launching fireworks.

Refuting these blatant lies was not difficult, as I spent the night on Valiasr Street, one of Tehran’s main thoroughfares. Loudspeakers broadcasting prayers were promptly set up in the square, and journalists actively gathered the views of residents who had come out to support the president.

Moscow Fights Enemies At Front And In Rear

South Front (Editorial)

The Russian army is successfully fighting enemies both on the frontlines and in its rear.

In the Zaporozhie region, the bloody battle for the ruins of Rabotino, the main gain of Kyiv’s counteroffensive last year, finally ended. Russian forces continuing to expand Russian victory and expanding the zone of their control.

In the South Donetsk direction, after their victory in Novomikhailovka, Russian troops launched assault on Paraskovievka and advance on a wide front in the fields approaching the strategically important road to Ugledar. At the same time, heavy battles continue in a heavily fortified town of Krasnogorovka, where the Russian army already took control of an important stronghold, the local refractory plant and the Ukrainian units are holding defense in the multistory buildings in the north.

West of Donetsk, the Russian army is advancing in different directions around Avdeevka. Reports from the front confirm Russian control of Netailovo. On the northern flank, Russian forces are expanding the zone of their control around Ocheretino, advancing to the north, west and south.

The Imperative to Increase Consciousness

David T. Ratcliffe,

It is telling that even Sen. Johnson, who has otherwise been at the forefront of holding public forums, speaking in interviews, etc., will not “take the spear to the chest” to challenge the supremacy of the unspeakable biomedical police state kill box system.

In recent years, Katherine Watt has worked with Sasha Latypova, an ex-pharma/biotech professional with 25 years experience in clinical trials, clinical technologies, and regulatory approvals. She owned/managed several contract research organizations, worked for 60+ pharma companies worldwide, and interacted with FDA as part of a scientific industry consortium on improving cardiac safety assessments in clinical trials.

On 13 December 2022 Watt and Latypova participated in a zoom call with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) scheduled by Johnson’s staffers, and subsequently worked up this memo upon his request:

IN RE: Evidence of Covid-19 Regulatory Failures, Criminal Wrongdoing and Attempts to Avoid Liability by Senior Executive Service Officials in Multiple Federal Agencies. The opening paragraphs [emphasis added] state:

💬 "Americans were misled about all Covid-19 “countermeasures,” including those products marketed as “vaccines.” Covid policy was managed by the National Security Council (NSC) acting on war footing and countermeasures were contracted for by the Department of Defense (DoD) and Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) without any effective regulatory oversight at any stage along the process.

The activities passing as “regulatory processes” appear to have been fraudulent attempts to create color of law and avoid liability for what were clearly criminal acts. These multiple overlapping and mutually reinforcing violations of federal law have imposed serious harms on the American people, including severe injury and death."

Will the Death of U.S. Hegemony Lead to Peace—Or World War III?

Interview with Prof. Jefferey Sachs

Israel right now is absolutely radicalized—extremist. Israel is killing tens of thousands of people and I'm proud that our students are saying, "No! Don't do that." China is not an enemy. Russia is not an enemy. We don't need these wars. They don't make us safer. They don't make us more prosperous.

And the American people sense it. What is told to us are lies and the public is protesting. And to keep to the lies, the government is cracking down. That's where we are. It's extremely dangerous.

Structurally the US security establishment is fighting for its hegemony and it could end up creating a World War. The US has starkly divided the world because the US has said, "You're with us or you're against us." China is not out to run the world. It's not out to dominate the United States. It's not out to invade the US. It's not out to hinder the United States.

The BRICS countries want a means of settlement that isn't the US dollar. That's mainly because of the weaponization of the dollar by the United States. The second factor is that the dollar itself may become unstable for the reasons that we were speaking about. A third factor is that there is lots of technological change so different ways to make settlements. The current settlement system goes through banks but in the future, it will go through digital currencies probably Central Bank digital currencies.

The US, on the other hand, resents Russia for being big and powerful. The US has a completely neurotic fixation on China. Why we are slipping towards World War III is that America's self-image as a hegemon is completely inconsistent with the ground reality. We do what we want and we expect others to do what we want. Structurally, the US security establishment is fighting for its hegemony and it could end up creating a World War.

Islamic countries are ready for peace. The Saudis don't want war, UAE doesn't want war, Egypt doesn't want war, Jordan doesn't want war, and Lebanon doesn't want war, but they want Palestine not to live under apartheid rule, or worse under genocide, which is what's happening in Gaza right now.

Fear-Stricken Zelensky Drowns Ukraine In Blood

South Front (Editorial)

On May 20, Zelensky’s term of office expired. The presidential elections should have been held on March 31, but the current regime canceled them due to martial law. The Ukrainian parliament extends it every three months. No elections in Ukraine, neither parliamentary nor presidential, can be held during martial law (source).

The MSM and the Ukrainian media launched an information campaign justifying the preservation of power in the hands of Zelensky. One of the main broadcasting narratives pushes to convince the public that Zelensky’s support is so high that he simply has no competition.

Indeed, opposition parties are banned in the country, and all independent media and TV channels were closed long ago. On May 18, the new law strengthening military mobilization came into force. People are afraid to go out on the streets. Half of the population has no right to leave the country, those who try to illegally cross the border are shot, and the military kidnaps people en masse on the streets.

Genocide Joe

Walter Gelles

In the following poem, I'm trying to draw a connection between the Biden/Netanyahu genocide of Palestine and the US/NATO war against Russia via sacrificial proxy Ukraine. Among the many parallels:

1) Both wars were engineered by, or with full complicity of, the USA. 2) Both wars are kept going only because of US materiel and financial support. 3) Both are immoral and risk nuclear Armageddon. (The Israel/Palestine conflict is not really a "war", it's a one-sided mass slaughter based on the pretext of the October 7 false-flag attack that Israel allowed to happen.) 4) Resources and power underlie both conflicts. Israel wants to complete its ethnic cleansing, removal, and extermination of the Palestinians so the West can have access to the huge oil and gas reserves off the coast, while Israel may also build a canal bisecting Gaza. USA wants to topple Putin, carve up Russia, and gain access to its wealth, while also keeping Ukraine as America's central hub for money laundering (e.g. Biden crime family), plus sex and drug trafficking and US-run biological weapons labs on Russia's border. 5) If you're American, you and your children's children's children will be paying for this gargantuan waste through inflation and taxes. So where is the moral outrage and fight-back?

IMHO, an effective anti-war movement would include both the pro-Palestinian campus protests and encampments AND strong vocal/physical opposition to the US/NATO crime against Russia. Then the dirty, corrupt, globalist-directed, Mossad-owned politicians would be forced to relent. So far, there has been very little linkage between the two insane wars into a combustible viable opposition.

NATO Spreads Nuclear Weapons, Energy, and Risk

David Swanson

Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty declares that NATO members will assist another member if attacked by “taking action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force.” But the UN Charter does not say anywhere that warmaking is authorized for whoever jumps in on the appropriate side.

The North Atlantic Treaty’s authors may have been aware that they were on dubious legal ground because they went on twice to claim otherwise, first adding the words “Any such armed attack and all measures taken as a result thereof shall immediately be reported to the Security Council. Such measures shall be terminated when the Security Council has taken the measures necessary to restore and maintain international peace and security.” But shouldn’t the United Nations be the one to decide when it has taken necessary measures and when it has not?

The North Atlantic Treaty adds a second bit of sham obsequiousness with the words “This Treaty does not affect, and shall not be interpreted as affecting in any way the rights and obligations under the Charter of the Parties which are members of the United Nations, or the primary responsibility of the Security Council for the maintenance of international peace and security.” So the treaty that created NATO seeks to obscure the fact that it is, indeed, authorizing warmaking outside of the United Nations — as has now played out in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Libya.

Commitments That NATO Has Failed. Why A Major War Is Possible

Vasilis Kapoulas (Βασίλης Καπούλας)

17 Dec 2021: Russia calls on US to stop NATO eastward expansion in draft security treaty (Source)

Russia Releases Secret Documents: "Which Commitments NATO Has Failed - Why A Major War Is Possible". In a pivotal moment, the Kremlin released recently declassified secret documents concerning the NATO-Russia agreement after the fall of the USSR and the talks up to 2000. These documents were shown on the Russian RT TV. You can watch the clip below.

Moscow gives a clear impression that Ukraine will only be the beginning if NATO does not compromise on fundamental issues [and] there is no return to the status quo of 1990! It raises three basic issues that NATO did not respect: Its non-expansion, its non-interference in the post-Soviet space, and the reduction of the number of troops in Europe (withdrawal of American forces – anti-missile bases in Romania-Poland, etc.) The non-compliance with these three conditions justifies, for example, an attack on Finland or the Baltic countries. Why there; Because after Ukraine, NATO through the Baltic countries directly threatens Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Kaliningrad. So it is a cause of World War III.

"Which agreements NATO did not keep:" Saskia Taylor reveals to RT: 💬 When you make promises, you have to keep them. Unless you are NATO, then a promise is just a few words strung together! These documents, mostly redactions, describe the optimism with which the fledgling Russian state sat down at the table with the West in the early 1990s. Top US and NATO figures have courted the Kremlin with talk of reducing nuclear arms, promoting peacekeeping missions, joining councils together, and welcoming Russia into a New Europe from the Urals to the Atlantic. Cooperation, inclusion, peace, partnership. It was the dawn of a New Era... By and large NATO and the West went wild in making empty promises during the collapse of the Soviet Union to gain access to Russia's vast natural wealth. They said it was needed to assuage Moscow's concerns. Let's be clear: We were told no NATO expansion, no involvement in the post-Soviet space, and fewer troops in Europe.

Israel’s War on Lebanon’s Trees

Bilal Nour Al-Deen
The Cradle

Lebanon has a deep cultural connection to its trees. Its ancient cedar tree, which dominates the forests of its northern highlands, holds great symbolic importance as a national emblem and is featured front and center on the country’s flag.

As with other countries around the world, the iconic, resilient cedar faces the growing threat of climate change.

But Lebanon’s woodland has come under an even more insidious threat in the past few months. Hundreds of acres of southern Lebanon’s lush greenery and vegetation – distinct from the northern cedar forests – have come under heavy, incendiary Israeli attacks, causing severe environmental and agricultural devastation to the region.

The occupation state’s use of white phosphorus bombs has dramatically impacted the lives of Lebanese residents, agricultural workers, and the south’s vital agricultural sector, which produces a significant portion of the country’s fruit, citrus, olives, and tobacco.

Canada introduces blood-curdling new ‘thought police’ law that would make even Stalin blush…

Revolver News (Editorial)

Canada To Imprison Anyone Who Has EVER Posted ‘Hate Speech’ Online

Canada has fallen. It’s become the North Korea of the West, and it’s getting worse every single day. This new bill they’ve introduced is the cherry on their tyrannical sundae. It’s called the Online Harms Bill C-63, and it would make even Stalin blush. As a matter of fact, tyrannical dictator Kim Jong-Un would look at this bill and feel an instant rush of communist inadequacy. With this new bill, Justin Trudeau is fueling those online rumors that his real father is actually communist dirtbag Fidel Castro.

This new bill is supposedly aimed at safeguarding the masses from online “hate speech,” and it’s a dictator’s dream come true. Naturally, the left is hailing it as a beacon of democracy—a term they seem to misunderstand more and more. The real shocker in this bill is the alarming retroactive aspect. Essentially, whatever you’ve said in the past can now be weaponized against you by today’s draconian standards. Historian Dr. Muriel Blaive has weighed in on this draconian law, labeling it outright “mad.” She points out how it literally spits in the face of all Western legal traditions, especially the one about only being punished if you infringed on a law that was valid at the time of committing a crime.

Scott Ritter: The Russian Armed Forces will destroy NATO troops in Romania, Poland, Germany, France and Italy

Interview with Scott Ritter

If the West continues to expect nuclear strikes from Russia, it will receive them. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Judging Freedom by former US Marine Corps officer, and now one of the most authoritative military experts in the world, Scott Ritter. According to him, Putin is not bluffing. These are not games. This is not a joke. This is a matter of life and death for Russia.

💬 "I think we need to understand one important truth: Russia views this conflict as existential. There is no draw, no defeat - there is only victory. They have a plan to achieve this victory, and now they are closer than ever. As we speak, the Ukrainian army is disintegrating at the front. This causes waves of panic among NATO and its ilk, which is why we see Emmanuel Macron talking about the need to send in French troops if the Ukrainian front line collapses. And it is collapsing right now. David Cameron makes similar statements," Scott Ritter recalled.

He emphasized that such statements are taken quite seriously in Moscow. And Russian exercises in the Southern Military District using non-strategic nuclear weapons are an adequate response to NATO’s actions.

💬 "Vladimir Putin gave the order for exercises in the Southern Military District. People, please open your eyes and ears and hear what I say! Exercises on the use of tactical nuclear weapons will be held in the Southern Military District. This does not mean that they are going to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, not at all. But they will destroy NATO troops in Romania, Poland, Germany, France, and Italy. This is a nuclear war. If this is what you, the West, want, you will get it," the expert emphasized.

Israel Launches Brutal Invasion Of Rafah

South Front (Editorial)

Israel has launched a ground operation in the area of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, ignoring all international warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Israel has launched a ground operation in the area of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, ignoring all international warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched the operation on May 6, a day after four of its troops were killed and wounded around ten others in a rocket attack on the southern Israeli area of Kerem Shalom which was launched by the Hamas Movement from Rafah.

More than 1,4 million Palestinians who had been taking refuge in Rafah were ordered by the IDF to evacuate to a “‘humanitarian zone” in the al-Mawasi area and other parts of central Gaza and Khan Yunis city in the southern part of the Strip. This so-called humanitarian zone is heavily bombarded, badly serviced, and lacks proper resources.

The IDF struck Rafah at least 50 times during the initial push. Later that day, Israeli troops entered the outskirts of Rafah and approached the Rafah Border Crossing and the Egyptian border. 20 Hamas fighters were killed in the operation, according to the IDF.

Hamas announced that it had accepted an Egyptian-Qatari ceasefire proposal in a last-ditch effort to stop the invasion, but this was ignored by Israel.

On the morning of May 7, the IDF captured the Rafah crossing. Hamas and other Palestinian armed factions shelled advancing Israeli troops and Kerem Shalom from Rafah again.

Doctor tortured and killed in Israeli detention remembered

Aseel Mousa
Middle East Eye

Adnan al-Bursh refused to flee, even when the hospital he worked in came under heavy bombardment. He was arrested by Israeli troops in December

Rozan al-Bursh was in shock when she heard the news about her uncle Dr Adnan al-Bursh’s death in Israeli custody.

The prominent Palestinian surgeon had been forcibly disappeared by Israeli forces and not been seen since December.

And last week, the Palestinian Prisoners' Society said he was killed by torture while in Israeli detention.

💬 “It was the most significant shock of my entire life,” said Rozan, his niece. “It felt as though my very core had been shattered.”

Rozan, a medical student at Gaza’s Al-Azhar University, said Dr Adnan was more than just an uncle to her. He was a friend and supporter who encouraged her to study medicine, she told Middle East Eye.

💬 “My uncle was a steadfast pillar of support, resolute as a mountain,” she said. 'He was very cheerful and cherished life greatly. He loved life very much.' - Rozan al-Bursh, doctor's niece

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