The Money’s Gone

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

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Hello, it’s May 2024. Welcome to video 336. There is, to say the least, a lot going on. But no one is talking about the big problem. No one is talking about what is behind everything that is happening. And yet it’s actually all quite simple. It’s all about the money. And time is running out faster than you think.

The fake pandemic, the damaging lockdowns, the crazy obsession with a toxic vaccine that was never properly tested, doesn’t work and is now the cause of an epidemic of heart disease and a deluge of cancer cases, the insane social distancing, the absurd and dangerous mask wearing, faked statistics created with a deadly PCR test that never worked, the utterly unscientific global obsession with imaginary global warming, a collapsing global economy with soaring inflation that is now endemic, the drive towards World War III with NATO using Ukraine as the battleground for a proxy war with Russia and supplying Israel with bombs and bullets as its false flag attack and ethnic cleansing programme continue to appal the world, the taunting China over Taiwan and now a planned global euthanasia programme, heavily promoted by a compliant and unquestioning media, which is designed to encourage the poor, the sick and the mentally ill to sign up for doctor assisted suicide. All around the world people are being signed up to promote euthanasia, just as Greta was used by the media to promote climate change.

Incidentally, if you are wondering why Biden and Sunak seem particularly enthusiastic about forcing us into World War III there is a simple answer. Both will be fighting elections this year. Both are behind in the polls. And both know that when there is a war, the government usually gets re-elected. It was, of course, because of this that Margaret Thatcher started the Falklands War.

To the ignorant and the innocent it must look as if we are living in an unusual and exceptional time of turmoil with everything happening all at once. But we know that nothing is happening by accident. You and I know that it is all planned.

And it is all about money. It’s not about covid-19, and it’s not about climate change. They’re just weapons. It’s really all about money. Because the money has run out.

No one under 55 years of age is ever going to receive a pension, unless they have a corporate or private pension, and many corporate pensions are vulnerable. And politicians are talking about confiscating private pensions. No one under 55 working for a government or council can expect to receive the pension they think they’ve been promised and told to expect. Most pensions, and all State pensions are Ponzi schemes, of course. They always have been. Today’s pensioners receive their pensions from today’s workers. There is no pot of money put aside to pay tomorrow’s pensioners. In a few decades time the streets are going to be clogged with men and women in their 60s, 70s and beyond who will be literally begging for food. When winter comes, they will freeze to death. Every evening official death wagons will drive through the streets with robots picking up dead bodies and taking them away to be burnt.

And those to whom 55 seems a long way distant, should be aware that the employment prospects of anyone over the age of 35 is poor. The cut-off age for the human junk yard gets lower and lower each year. In China, now the training ground for social credit policies, the over 35s are being fired by tech firms because they are regarded as being too old. And the Chinese civil service doesn’t want employees over 35. The argument is that the ageing process is well under way at 30. And parenthood slows people down. The real reason for this new policy is, of course, to prepare people for expanding euthanasia programmes. Unemployment and poor health go hand in hand. And with no pension to look forward to, the over 35s will be a ready market for the euthanasia programmes now being introduced around the world.

If you work for a government, Google or the BBC you doubtless think I am exaggerating. You probably think you’ve got a solid gold pension waiting for you. If you work in a high echelon position at the CIA then you know I’m not exaggerating but you won’t dare agree with me because you are paid to sneer and demonise and to lie. But look at the facts.

Governments in the US, UK, Canada, Australasia and the EU have been over-spending for years and now they are bust. They’ve been printing money and spending it for years and government debts have gone through the roof. America’s debt is rising by a trillion dollars every hundred days. If the Government puts up interest rates, the cost of its debt will rise. If they bring down interest rates then inflation will take off.

The USA’s national debt is now so high that within five years, half of every dollar paid in tax will go towards paying the interest. Within a decade, every penny paid in tax will go to help pay the interest. There won’t be any money left for health care, schools, road building or anything else.

And long before that happens, the bond markets will collapse and interest rates will soar – making everything worse. The American dollar will collapse as more money is printed and essential spending is cut. Remember, I warned about inflation and rising interest rates years before anyone else. This is a global problem.

It is why euthanasia is being promoted so enthusiastically. Benefits paid to the sick are unaffordable, so the sick will either be invited to kill themselves or they will be killed on hospital wards – as is already happening.

And it is why politicians are constantly pushing up the retirement age.

In the UK, there is a £46 billion black hole threatening pensions, and it has already been suggested in the House of Lords in London that the pension age be raised to 75.

Everywhere, all around the world, government debt has risen to unsustainable levels. There are going to be defaults, bankruptcies, recessions, depressions, hyper-inflation and wars we cannot afford to fight.

And, of course, it is not the cost of providing healthcare for the elderly which really worries the conspirators – big problem though that is. It is the cost of providing pensions and benefits which is the big problem.

In the UK, the world’s premier provider of socialist, State managed health care, the cost of providing health care has been cut by simply not providing any proper health care. GPs are paid £150,000 a year for 24 hour working weeks – just as farmers are being paid not to farm. Strikes are encouraged and waiting lists are so long that unless you are a member of the royal family you have no chance of being diagnosed let alone treated. It was always all about the money.

They have been working towards the manufactured chaos we are living through for some years now. They need to terrify people. They need to bring in new laws. And they need to kill a lot of people. Billions.

Back in the 1980s they tried to introduce AIDS as a weapon. It failed because they tried to over sell it too quickly – and a young media doctor called Coleman, who had columns and TV shows, destroyed the Government’s arguments and became a target. Attempts to use swine flu and bird flu were clumsily managed and failed.

But the coronavirus hoax which remarketed the flu and which gave us the covid-19 fake pandemic was better planned. All around the world, doctors and media operatives were bought.

The deadly, inadequately tested toxic vaccine will kill millions. The wars they are encouraging will kill millions. Millions will die of the cold and of starvation. The killing programmes are well under way. Euthanasia is, in a way, their final solution. And they are going to find ways (such as impoverishing people, terrifying people, reducing services such as health care, in order to push people into signing up to the euthanasia programs. They are already using euthanasia to kill people who are depressed or poor (see my previous video `They want to kill us all’ if you find this difficult to believe).

And now the screw is being tightened and most people are either unaware of the threat or they are too busy worrying over trivial side issues to notice what is happening. You need to plan.

I’m not selling gold or survival rations but you need to think how you’ll live in a world where everything is going to get much, much worse in every way.

You need to be aware that your Government is fast running out of money and that the Nanny State you may have been encouraged to trust is going to betray you. Can we stop them? Of course we can – if we fight hard enough.

We can stop them by sharing the truth with as many people as possible. Most people still don’t realise how close we are to the end of life as we know it.

Right from the start this war has been about information. It was always a propaganda war. The conspirators bought the media and they demonised and lied about free thinking truth-tellers. TV and radio stations and newspapers became propaganda vehicles.

I am banned from all mainstream media, all social media and 99% of the internet. No one dares interview me lest they lose their podcast, platform or channel. All I have left is my website – which carries new articles every week day – and my video channel. The website and the videos are all entirely free and carry no advertisements. Please visit the website as often as you can to keep up with what is happening. Subscribe to my video channel on Bitchute and share my videos with everyone you can reach. My books can be found via the bookshop on

Please remember you are not alone. More and more people are waking up. And once they’re awake they don’t go back to sleep.

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies. Remember: if you’re not paranoid by now then you’ve not been paying attention. These are dark and dangerous days; far darker and far more dangerous than most people realise. And thank you for watching an old man in a chair.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2024


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