Abbas and Statehood, Scheme for Status Quo Without Hamas

Charles E. Carlson

Photo: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gestures before the start of a meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during the 66th session of the General Assembly at United Nations headquarters Monday, Sept. 19, 2011. (AP / Seth Wenig)

Mahmoud Abbas received continuous and general applause as he started his speech to the UN General Assembly, while a dozen or more men and women were seen walking out of the hall in protest. He proceeded with a rambling 45 minute read speech, which received more applause during and at the end. If one can judge by the response, most attendees are sympathetic with statehood. But President Obama has promised to veto its statehood. What are we not told about Abbas and the UN that we need to know?

Don't be surprised if the USA does not veto "Palestinian Statehood" in the United Nations. And if so, it would not mean President Obama has suddenly changed his mind and heart, only his political tactics. My guess is he will support a resolution that calls for statehood, but one that again ties the Palestinians to negotiation of boundaries and details. He and Israel would both accomplish a public relations ploy that would, in fact, maintain the status quo. It would not mean the Philistines will get fair play after 44 years (or more) of occupation. A sudden shift to US support for a watered down, "agree to agree'" statehood would be just another clever way of controlling the Philistines' government, much as the USA controls the governments of Iraq, Afghanistan and probably Pakistan.

Solders Riding on an Israeli Public Bus

Charles E. Carlson

How Israeli Propagandists Transform Dead Soldiers Into Civilians

On August 18, high noon, Arabs operating from Egyptian territory attacked, killed and wounded an unknown number of Israeli soldiers on a bus that the world was made to believe carried only civilians.

The highway from the Red Sea port city of Eilat, Israel, north to Beer Sheva and on to Tel Aviv goes through some of the most desolate and deserted landscape this bus rider has ever seen, deserted except for camps of Arab Bedouins who live in the wadis. I rode this same Egged bus on this very route near the end of March 2002 on my way to Gaza.

Egged is owned by the state of Israel and is dirt cheap to ride. About a third of the passengers on my bus were Israeli soldiers, male and female. All were dressed in field gear; many carried slung carbines with banana clip magazines in their belts. At times on this long route, there were so many soldiers onboard that some had to stand in the aisles.

Before my bus left Eilat station, I had the answer to one of the questions that had brought me to Gaza ... why do Palestinian human bombs so often pick "public buses" as targets? Not one news report I had ever read told the simple truth: every Israeli bus is a military transport; therefore, for any Palestinian who considers himself to be at war with the IDF, every Israeli bus is a legitimate military target.

I was to suffered a somewhat amusing minor injury from Israeli militarism on that Egged bus. A female IDF soldier, getting off the bus in Tel Aviv, bent 90 degrees at the hip to pick up her travel bag, and in so doing, she clumsily swung her downward slung carbine barrel up behind her, hitting me in the face with her sight blade as I was stooping in the crowd to look for my own bag. She inflicted a welt on my forehead, and she knew it, but she made no apology and was totally indifferent to me once she saw I was still alive and standing.

I consider my minor injury a symbolic scar in the war for Palestinian rights, and I wish I could have kept the Israeli-inflicted wound long enough to show it off back home!

Judeo-Christians' Role in Genocide

Charles E. Carlson

["Judeo-Christians' Role - Mr. Sharon's Final Solution" and Judeo-Christians' Role - Hate-Bus Tours American Churches were originally published in June, 2004]

The Judeo-Christians - why would they distort what their own Bible teaches, and what their own professed faith demands of them. Jesus demands peace and love of all men, even ones' enemies. There is not one phrase in the Christian New Testament that supports anything Israel does to the Palestinians, including the claims of being a "chosen people". Judeo-Christianity is not Christian at all. It is a hodgepodge of bits from unrelated stories patched together to create an illusion. The illusion is of an "end times" apocalypse, and a "chosen people" who enjoy the right to kill and imprison other people who are not "chosen."

A powerful new lobby tells the world its purpose is to direct Congress to act on behalf of the State of Israel. Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI) is strictly an Israeli controlled organization that calls for a militant, no compromise solution to its Arab problem. What makes UCI unique among radical Israeli political groups is that it finds its support among prominent USA professing Christians. Some stumping Americans raise the UCI agenda in colleges and churches. In fact, the UCI "Christians" go far beyond the Israelis in their call for Arab blood. This paper examines who these Judeo-Christians are, their motives, and the impact on peace in the world.

Israeli political lobbies in the US Congress are hardly new. Upward to 100 pro-Israel PACs swarm over the American Washington, approaching every new candidate for Congress before his fur is dry. Most big campaigns have, in the past been orchestrated by the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). As detailed in Andrew Hurley's book, Holocaust II Saving Israel from Suicide, former Congressmen have, for three decades, privately and occasionally publicly, called AIPAC the most powerful lobby in Washington. Few dare talk about it in public.

What makes UCI different from AIPAC is that its lobbyists are mostly celebrity Christians. Nevertheless, strictly Israelis and American non-Christians control the organization. This might be likened to a flock of turkeys laboring for the elimination of fox skin coats.

UCI does not stop with bending Congress; it openly and without reservation seeks to re-define Christianity to conform to Judaic requirements, seeking Christian support for Israel's policies vis-à-vis the Palestinians, while openly declaring that its aims are to control the rest of the Middle East. The foxes, it seems, pay the Christian turkeys highly to perch on the low limbs.

Standard & Poor's and the Dollar: The Move to a World Currency

Charles E. Carlson

There is only one antidote: Congress must take over and nationalize the FED now, arrest its leaders (if they can be found) and charge them with sedition. For this to happen, you and I must take over Congress and throw out 75% of its members, plus The Outfit's agents hidden among the White House staff. Ask God if this is possible. Your alternative is financial slavery to the Outfit's world system that you can neither define nor comprehend.

Standard and Poor's is not alone, is far from being independent, and is anything but respected. On Friday, August 5, it announced it was down-rating the US government debt. This precipitated a two day stock market tsunami of liquidation until Tuesday afternoon August 9. Then Federal Reserve Bank figurehead Ben Bernanke announced an unprecedented promise that the FED would guarantee to keep interest rates at near zero through 2013. This is like guaranteeing farmers what the weather will be! It is a gift to the banks that can now plan on free money for nearly three years!

The American people do not get free money, they must continue to borrow from Wall Street at bank rates. They also receive almost nothing on their savings at the banks who now charge just to keep your money. It is no surprise The FED's words brought a wild recovery to the stock market. Banks will now borrow neat free money from the FED, and what is to prevent them from buying stocks to hold through 2013 without dime of there own capital.

The problem is that this Bernanke scheme sets up the chess board for the sure and total demolition of the dollar in world markets. Two and a half years from now the Dollar will look like ground zero at the World Trade center...ashes. There is no way to predict how high consumer prices will go!

Standard & Poor's is an integrated part of the Wall Street money laundering and marketing team. It acts as the confidence, or PR man for securities salesmen, playing "mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all," with hundreds of companies and municipalities who want to monger securities to the public pension plans and mutual funds. Most of us own these our 401-K. S&P legitimizes bond and stock sales by rating the issuers.

Walid Shoebat: From Evangelical Church Propagandist for Christian Zionism To Homeland Security Anti-Terrorist Trainer

Charles E. Carlson

Walid Shoebat, available for your anti-Islam shindig...

Anderson Cooper on CNN News’ show, Anderson Cooper 360o, exposed a former Palestinian school boy named Walid Shoebat, who has become a manufactured "terror expert" promoting anti-Islamist hysteria among federal law enforcement officers and in Evangelical, Christian Zionists churches. The CNN piece[1] focused on unraveling Shoebat's claimed history as a "terrorist" into a pile of yarn, showing it consisted of not even half truths. It also revealed how much money Shoebat is being paid by US taxpayers to train federal police and American Christian Zionists.

CNN stopped short of saying what will be tough to prove… that Shoebat is a de-facto Israeli agent operating in the USA. Furthermore, it is likely he was recruited here, because it appears that Israel never heard of him when he lived with his family in Beit Lahor, near Bethlehem, where he claims to have been a "terrorist" trying to kill Jews.

Shoebat's written response, “I Confess…”, to Anderson Cooper’s telling exposé, was immediately spread far and wide by World Net Daily and other news sources in sympathy with Israel and Christian Zionists.[2]

Why is Shoebat so well paid? Here is an example of what he says to earn his money. CNN News researcher Drew Griffin recorded Shoebat's lecture to law enforcement and first respondent personnel in South Dakota. Griffin’s remarks included,

"Shoebat’s message to the law enforcement agencies, churches and universities that pay him to speak is to trust no Muslims, especially the ones that organize. 'All Islamic organizations in America should be the No. 1 enemy. All of them,' he said at the South Dakota conference."

Shoebat has a handler, but we cannot see him. His written rebuttal to CNN is revealing in that it is far more professional than he is capable of himself. Shoebat was stumbling, shamefaced and sometimes belligerent in his CNN interview with Drew Griffin; he could not even recall the names of his Board of Directors, and he had no explanation for why his alleged crimes and arrest time in Israel were unknown there.

Shoebat’s written rebuttal, however, is brilliant in its ability to avoid questions, while scoffing at the CNN documentary, and could only have been done by a PR pro who realized that a lie still has value so long as some will believe it. Shoebat cries, “poor me”, a persecuted philanthropist giving money to save Christians, who he says are being murdered by Muslims. He makes no mention of his largesse from the Department of Homeland Security. Too bad we can not uncover his agent and his writer. I would guess from their style that both are Israelis.

Pew Poll Shows Evangelical Christian Zionist's Rapture Quest Failing

Charles E. Carlson

A recent Global Survey of Evangelical Protestant Leaders, taken by the Pew Forum for Religious and Public Life, reveals cracks in the structure of Evangelicalism, best described as Judeo-Christianity, welcome news for all those who labor for world peace and financial stability. [1]

The report states that "U.S. evangelical leaders are especially downbeat about the prospects for evangelical Christianity in their society; 82% say evangelicals are losing influence in the United States today, while only 17% think evangelicals are gaining influence." In the global north 66% say evangelical Christianity is having decreased influence on life, and 31% think it is increasing. More than half of U.S. leaders (53%) see the current state of evangelical Christianity in America as worse than it was five years ago. And as U.S. leaders look a few years ahead, about half (48%) expect the state of Evangelical Christianity to worsen.

The survey reveals that not all "evangelicals" are Christian Zionists and The Pew Forum has learned how to tell the difference. The Evangelical boat is leaking much worse in America and Europe than in the southern hemisphere, where missionaries are far more optimistic about the future of Evangelicalism in their countries. Perhaps this is because mission workers in the field are more attuned to work and service and less preoccupied with social pursuits and monetary success.

As I interpret this poll, significant weakening of Evangelicalism can be traced to a preoccupation with Israel that is anything but scriptural. The poll asked two related and telling questions: "Does God's covenant with the Jewish people continue today?" And, "Is the state of Israel the fulfillment of Biblical Prophesy?" The latter is a question we believe should be asked of every "Christian," including our own pastors, parents, and children.

Michelle Bachmann's Christian Zionism; Epidemic Bubble of Discordant Faith

Charles E. Carlson

The wave of Judeo-Christianity, popularly know as Christian Zionism, seems to be a prerequisite to American presidential candidates today. It can be best thought of as an acquired mental illness because it results in discordant actions among those who admit to having it. Unfortunately some are in public office, and then it becomes the business of each of us. Christian Zionism has grown so large that it is fair to call it a religious bubble, and is the number one enabler of the economic and moral dilemma that faces the USA and other north American states.

Most victims of Christian Zionism, like those who develop a tragic eating disorder known as Anorexia Nervosa, can not see their illness and need help to recover from it. I am told by professionals who treat them, that many Anorexics victims will eventually starve themselves to death if not treated, and most are said to resist treatment. It is has finally been acknowledged to be a disease even thought it is self induced, and I do not pretend to have a clinical replantation. But I do know what causes Christian Zionism. It is taught, and no one is born with it, but it is a sickness because those who have it cannot see it nor can most seem to get over it without some outside help or tutorage. It is a social problem because those who have it act in ways that are often discordant with and anathema to the well being of the rest of the population in several distinct ways.

Christian Zionists cannot see the lack of common sense they portray to others, and they overlook multiple Bible inconsistencies taught to them by their spiritual leaders, who tell them they and Zionists are the beautiful members of God's society, and all others are ugly by comparison. What makes Christian Zionism so dangerous is that it is promotion by those who benefit from it politically, and by institutionalized recruitment by those who profit from it directly, the leaders. It now inflects as much as 33% of USA voters.

Today, The End For Planet Earth?

Charles E. Carlson

Judeo-Christians were Zionists Before Israel was a State

Harold Camping is the latest in a long line of Pastors who have made themselves prosperous and famous by predicting the end of the world. He says, based on his own numerology studies, that God will commence the physical destruction of Earth on May 21, 2011, at about 6:00 PM, brought on, as I understand it, by world wide earthquakes. He has a well-funded national campaign to sell this idea.

Camping is not an ignorant nor insignificant person, being founder and de facto owner of The Family Radio Network. According to research done by the UK Independent, the 89-year old Camping has built a tax-free "religious broadcasting organization funded entirely by donations from listeners, and with assets totaling $120 million, owning 65 radio stations." This is at least the third time he has predicted the end of planet earth.

While many Americans, who are self-professing Judeo-Christians, might not be ready to quit their jobs and stop paying their mortgage while waiting for the apocalypse of May 21, 2011, most of some 70 million share various end time shades of beliefs not so different from Camping's. Together they make up the most powerful and coveted voting bloc in America, recently referred to as "Christian Zionists. This author's repeatedly theme is supported by ongoing research by the Pew Foundation and its many polls on religious life.

The question that demands an answer is: why do millions, many of them otherwise logical, thinking Americans continue to follow men like Camping, who are not only illogical but who refute and alter the traditional Christian interpretation of the New Testament of Jesus Christ? Why do they adhere to a neo-religion that was unheard of 200 years ago and that has been proven to be wrong by failed prophets including Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsay, "Left Behind" Tim LaHaye, and the late Jerry Falwell and may more?

Because it is very profitable for Judeo-Christians leaders, who enjoys enormous Jewish and Israeli Zionist support because Christian Zionism is the glue that keeps present day state of Israel alive on the US taxpayer's dole.

The Bin Laden Execution; Fall of the Anti-Christian Empire

Charles E. Carlson

[There is no independent or conclusive evidence that Osama bin Laden was executed in Abbottabad. The one extant image of marines dumping a white-clad body in the sea does not in itself prove that this must have been bin Laden's. The world at large simply do not at this point in time know for certain that bin Laden has been killed. Neither do we know for certain whether he is dead or not.]

Sadly, the falling empire is our own, and the Bin Laden execution is no small part of our plunge from greatness. How could citizens of a democracy, who watch court room justice scenes by the hour, and who profess to be Christians, possibly understand a deliberate act by our own government whereby an alleged criminal is assassinated and all physical evidence about that alleged criminal is destroyed, and his body is dumped at sea? How can we in a "Christian" nation comprehend a raid on a leader of another faith, where every man with him, unarmed or lightly armed, is systematically executed in front of their wives and children under direct order to do so from those who pretend to be the world's peacemakers?

Indeed, as a result of our acts many wonder if the real Bin Laden was even present, for the only direct evidence that he was present is the possible testimony of the women and children who we are told are alive, but without evidence confirming it. I can only wonder, based on what the Seals did to the four men, why the ten or more women and children found in Bin Laden's compound were not also eliminated. Or were they? We are only told that they were allowed to live... live, that is, in the hands of the Pakistani puppet gang beholden to the US Empire for its daily bread! I would not want to be in their shoes.

Earthquake of Consumer Prices, Tsunami of Dollar Dilution

Charles E. Carlson

When the earthquake and 26 foot tidal wave hit Japan, a financial tsunami was also on the way to Washington DC, headed straight for the vulnerable dollar; not one in a thousand Americans knows a financial tsunami is on its way or why. The impact will sock some 80 or 90% of us consumers into much higher prices.

The undertow of dollar dilution had already arrived in every basic commodity from rolled oats to copper. But the tsunami wave is yet to arrive. World bankers are busy squandering for war as we write, trying to deny and delay the inevitable loss of buying power by artificially putting the blame on the Japanese people, who had nothing to do with creating the dilution problem.

Tsunami, a trigger for dollar dilution

It is forecast that Japan's government will have to come up with $200 billion (probably twice that much) to get Japan's industry running again. Where is Japan to get all this money? The answer is, Japan's treasury has enough US Treasury bonds and bills in hand to pay for two Tsunamis. But if they spend those dollars, it will drive down the value of every dollar Americans hold, driving up our prices. This is why the price of things, from petroleum to corn, cooking oil, meat, and especially valuable metals, are exploding.

If Japan sells even half of its $850 billion in US Treasuries, it will devastate the dollar. Worse, China holds many more dollar bonds than Japan, and has been resisting the temptation to sell for a long time. If Japan sells dollars, China will see the handwriting on the wall and also sell US spendthrift bonds... bringing the end of the dollar as a world reserve currency, and diluting our savings accounts and the buying power of government and state bonds.

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