Judeo-Christians' Role in Genocide

Charles E. Carlson

["Judeo-Christians' Role - Mr. Sharon's Final Solution" and Judeo-Christians' Role - Hate-Bus Tours American Churches were originally published in June, 2004]

The Judeo-Christians - why would they distort what their own Bible teaches, and what their own professed faith demands of them. Jesus demands peace and love of all men, even ones' enemies. There is not one phrase in the Christian New Testament that supports anything Israel does to the Palestinians, including the claims of being a "chosen people". Judeo-Christianity is not Christian at all. It is a hodgepodge of bits from unrelated stories patched together to create an illusion. The illusion is of an "end times" apocalypse, and a "chosen people" who enjoy the right to kill and imprison other people who are not "chosen."

A powerful new lobby tells the world its purpose is to direct Congress to act on behalf of the State of Israel. Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI) is strictly an Israeli controlled organization that calls for a militant, no compromise solution to its Arab problem. What makes UCI unique among radical Israeli political groups is that it finds its support among prominent USA professing Christians. Some stumping Americans raise the UCI agenda in colleges and churches. In fact, the UCI "Christians" go far beyond the Israelis in their call for Arab blood. This paper examines who these Judeo-Christians are, their motives, and the impact on peace in the world.

Israeli political lobbies in the US Congress are hardly new. Upward to 100 pro-Israel PACs swarm over the American Washington, approaching every new candidate for Congress before his fur is dry. Most big campaigns have, in the past been orchestrated by the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). As detailed in Andrew Hurley's book, Holocaust II Saving Israel from Suicide, former Congressmen have, for three decades, privately and occasionally publicly, called AIPAC the most powerful lobby in Washington. Few dare talk about it in public.

What makes UCI different from AIPAC is that its lobbyists are mostly celebrity Christians. Nevertheless, strictly Israelis and American non-Christians control the organization. This might be likened to a flock of turkeys laboring for the elimination of fox skin coats.

UCI does not stop with bending Congress; it openly and without reservation seeks to re-define Christianity to conform to Judaic requirements, seeking Christian support for Israel's policies vis-à-vis the Palestinians, while openly declaring that its aims are to control the rest of the Middle East. The foxes, it seems, pay the Christian turkeys highly to perch on the low limbs.

UCI's attitude toward the Palestinians and Arabs, in general, suggests its solution can only be obtained by genocide. To some it would seem strange that prominent professing Christians would support this militant agenda, but in fact violence is endemic to a certain cult of militant-Christians and they are those who are part of UCI. They help spread the justifications for the liquidation of the Palestinian people throughout evangelical churches, and lately, in a major effort on college campuses.

Let us first take a close look at what UCI tells us about itself. According to its own claims, it is an Israeli Lobby in the US Congress, but it is much more an activist lightning rod to attract and promote Christians willing to support a violent solution in Palestine, including liquidation of the Palestinians. It is important to observe that UCI is strictly a Zionist-Jewish controlled business. Rabbis and self-proclaimed Israeli militants are listed as it directors with only two or three exceptions. In its own words it seeks goals to end resistance in Palestine that can only be achieved militarily or by assassination. Individually these goals seem careless and incomplete, but let's put these three goals together: they only work by killing and imprisoning Palestinians. Let us look at UCI's stated purposes.

We quote from the UCI website[.pdf]:

"Since July 1991, the National Unity Coalition for Israel (now Unity Coalition for Israel) has cultivated American support for a strong and secure Israel",


"Israel is not just a Jewish issue. Millions of Christians resolutely endorse the principle of peace with security for the state of Israel."

One stated goal is:

"Cessation of Palestinian terrorism and incitement"

Note, UCI does not say it seeks an end to the cause of "terrorism," nor does it work to end the Israeli occupation and the assassination raids, which it obviously does [not] consider "terrorism." UCI wants only to end only Palestinian terrorism, not Israeli terrorism. It makes no pretense of compromise or concession, even with Ariel Sharon's plan for withdrawing 7000 militant squatters ("settlers") from Gaza, nor does it cite any goal that might bring a peaceful two state system.

In fact, UCI openly defies Ariel Sharon's compromise aim of withdrawal of settlements from Gaza, a move that might be a frail gesture for peace. Most Israelis this author met recognize the need to end the settlements as a necessity for peace, and 150,000 Israelis demonstrated in Tel Aviv for withdrawal on May 16th. Instead, UCI would eliminate Palestinian resistance to occupation, but it does not say how. Presumably it favors any acts by Israel that will bring this about and an end to resistance and what it calls "incitement." Such acts as assassinating of some 328 leaders and many with their families are not mentioned.

Another goal is:

"Not rewarding terrorism (jihad) with establishment of a Palestine"

By "not rewarding terrorism" UCI obviously means they think Israel should take a stronger, not conciliatory position against Palestine. UCI also states it wants "no shared territory." This can only means that UCI wants only one state, and that no Palestinian should be allowed in it. UCI intentions seem to be that there be no Palestine state and no Palestinians in the Israeli state. One can only interpret its words to mean UCI wants them gone. Few Israelis even dare whisper a plan for total genocide of 3.5 million persons, but Judeo-Christians do not shudder at the thought.

UCI also wants:

"An undivided Jerusalem."

This of course means UCI wants to take over all of Arab Jerusalem including the Dome of the Rock, which is in Arab Jerusalem! UCI's soft words have a hard meaning: total conquest; total elimination.

But the UCI agenda does not stop with wiping Palestinians out of Israel, they also seek: "Establishing democracies throughout the Middle East" This is what the USA says it is doing in Iraq, "Aren't we 'democratizing' it?" UCI wants more wars like Iraq throughout the Middle East.

UCI states its goal to

"Ensuring Israel's right to strategic water and land defense."

But in this small country, all water and land can be said to be "strategic." Israel's farming practices have made good copy but it has already pumped down the scanty aquifers to the point where there is a terrible water shortage. While "greening the land" it has all but dried up the Jordan River. Israeli management may even kill the Dead Sea, which is receding to a big puddle. Because both usable land and water are in very short supply, UCI lets you know it wants "strategic" to mean any and all the water, and all the land Israel has occupied since 1967, not only from the Golan Heights, West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


"Establishing democracies throughout the Middle East."

Note that Israel has no constitution of it own. UCI shows its quaint Zionist way of saying they want to claim and control all the land from the Euphrates to the Nile by imposing its own style of government on others.


UCI's Board of Directors appears to be about 85% American Jews and Israeli militarists, including several Rabbis. One militant Christian, Gary Bauer, is listed on the board, as is Leslie Stahl, a commentator on CBS "60 Minutes." One or two other board members are probably not Jewish. One way or the other, Israeli patriots have total control over UCI. Israelis Patriots run UCI and celebrity "Christians" carries its agenda. Who is paying for all this occupation, death and war? Taxpayers.

There is no better way to sum up the power of UCI than to quote a story found in the Jerusalem Post on April 8, 2004. Referring the Unity Coalition for Israel, the Post states with some surprise:

"One of the largest grassroots pro-Israel groups in the United States has launched a nationwide effort to lobby the Bush Administration against offering support for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to evacuate Gaza."

Why do American "Christian" leaders care if 7000 Israelis withdraw from settlements inside the Gaza strip? UCI is hard line and hell bent on influencing Sharon not to withdraw. The Jerusalem Post seems puzzled by the Zionist zeal of the "Christians" that exceeds the worst of the Israelis. It states:

"Evangelical Christians, who number in the tens of millions in the US, are considered to be one of Bush's core constituencies, whose support is essential in the upcoming November Presidential election, many of them oppose an Israeli withdrawal from the territories, citing the Biblical promise of the land is to the Jewish people."

In a recent Associated Press story, author Josef Federman stated:

"Prominent Israeli rabbis are for the first time speaking out against Israel's profitable alliance with evangelical Christians in the United States who have funneled tens of millions of dollars to the Jewish state. The rabbis fear the Christians' real intent is to convert Jews, their aides said Monday. Others are concerned about the evangelicals' support for Israel's extreme right wing, opposing any compromise with the Palestinians."

To see how Judeo-Christian ("evangelicals" as the Jerusalem Post calls them) sets up the systematic assassination and deportation of Arabs we will look at the words of several professing Christian enablers who are stumping the colleges for UCI.

Kay Arthur - Founder & President - Precept Ministries
Joseph Farah - Founder, Editor & CEO - World Net Daily
Chuck Missler - Author & Radio Show Host
Janet Parshall - Author & Host of 3 Radio Shows incl. "Janet Parshall's America"
Clarence H. Wagner, Jr. - International Director - Bridges for Peace, Israel

Joseph Farah's unique success in the Internet media may well result from being an Arab who has supported both Bush "wars" and every act of Israel, sometimes overtly and sometimes with sly cleverness. Farah recently spoke at the University of Colorado campus sponsored by several Jewish student associations. This author's friend who attended witnessed his shocking remarks about Iraq and Palestine, with horror.

Farah discredited Palestinians any right to return to their farms and homes from which many were made refugees 50 years ago. We quote Farah's militant words from his own article published just before the invasion of Fallujah in Iraq that has already claimed 900 Arab lives including many women and children. Here is what Farah said about their rights:

"There are 250,000 people living in Fallujah. My guess is that the population is going to be reduced shortly."

"The U.S. should pound Fallujah like it has never been pounded before..."

"We should not try to gain an international consensus for this action. We should not apologize for it. We should not restrain our Air Force and our artillery batteries from wreaking devastation."

Over 900 Iraqis are known to have died since Farah said this, but it is not hard to see that the Zionist-friendly US media would support Farah's internet business, and why financing for his costly World Net Daily does not seem to be a problem. Farah is the number one Zionist Arab in the world today.

Kay Arthur is Precepts Ministries Bible Study business guru. She is just as influential as Farah, but in a very different and equally dangerous way. She heads up what may be the biggest mail order bible study group in the world, Precepts Ministries, which teaches that the State of Israel is the fulfillment of Bible prophesy, and its inhabitants are "God's chosen people" therefore, they alone are the only people with a right to the Palestinians' land. This author suffered through one of these classes as an educational experience. Kay Arthur is also a militant-Christian, violent only against those who oppose Israel.

Here is what Mrs. Arthur says about her organization:

"'Precept Upon Precept' Bible Studies are published by Precept Ministries. Precept Bible classes are held in all 50 states and are used in more than 118 foreign countries, 63 languages including Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Czech, German, and Russian."

Kay Arthur and Gary Bauer are among those on record as signings a pledge of allegiance to the state of Israel at the celebration of its 50th anniversary in 1998. Precepts Ministries teaches heresy to hundreds of thousands of devotees; Precepts is a life-costing ministry that is obsessed with accelerating the "end times". It crosses lines into the Catholic, Mainline churches, and even Orthodox churchgoers. Precepts teach seekers the Scofield-concocted heresy of the land grant and the chosen people from day one. Spoon-fed Judeo-Christianity sounds something like this from the Precepts class Coordinator:

"The land belongs to Israel, and the Palestinians have to go. It's sad sometimes, but it is God's will; those people need to repent of Islam so God can save them!"

Kay Arthur sells "end times" masked violence in the name of "God's will." Precepts' precept is that the "end times are here." It has no problem claiming it is empowered to know "God's will" and feeds a diet of "chosen people" racism under the reluctantly disclosed label of "dispensationalist." This author prefers the widely accepted and tragic, "Judeo-Christianity" as a name for the inevitably violent, Christian heresy. Ariel Sharon fondly calls the same people Christian-Zionists.

It may seem strange to the casual observer that these who profess Christianity also advocate the genocidal acts of Israel, including torture of the Palestinians and the Iraqis. Some 3000 political prisoners including several hundred children have been imprisoned and tortured as a method of extracting confessions. Torture is legal and not even denied in Israel; its military helps train the Americans who are now about to be tried have been caught red-handed torturing Iraqi prisoners.

But how can Christian Celebrity ignore UCI's stated aim of changing traditional Christianity into a form of Judaism? It is easy to understand why the State of Israel would use Christian front men when we consider the now accepted fact that G. W. Bush rode into office on the "Christian right" vote. Israel's war policy and aims toward the Palestinian people have raised the ire of the entire civilized world against it.

Israel's old excuse can be paraphrased

Cut us some slack; we are the survivors of the Holocaust. If we are mean to others and sometimes brutal, it is because the world has been so mean to us. The world needs to understand us when it comes to human rights: we are only getting even.

This argument comes with a Jewish curse placed on anyone who will not accept the Judeo-Christian concept of a "chosen race" supposedly based upon a bazaar theory of Israelite genetics. For those others who do not accept the Holocaust excuse for those who do not oppose Israelis acts on humanitarian grounds, Judeo-Christians have a curse to offer. That all purpose curse is: "anti-Semitism."

Anyone who does not recognize the nobility of the Serial Wars and of the occupation must be an anti-Semite. The Palestinians and Iraqis point out they had nothing to do with the Holocaust, and are victims of one every day. Most holocaust survivors have now died of old age. The perpetrators are also gone and people are increasingly weary of hearing about anti-Semitism. And there is a growing mistrust of the extravagant Holocaust numbers. It is time for a new Israeli excuse, it seems.

The "Chosen" are Justified

"We do what we do because we are exempt from the rules; God gave us the right to defend ourselves and our land without reservation, and this land, from the River Euphrates to the River of Egypt is ours: a gift from Him; and everyone else must leave or we will help them to leave." [This is often paraphrased:] "We are the chosen people."

Who would blame Israel for taking advantage of Christian heresy? Who would not like to be called "God's chosen ones" by its ruinous cooperation? But, why would dozens of prominent and influential "Christians" lend their reputations (such as they may be), and their time, to supporting Israel's claims to someone else's land?

More puzzling: Why would they distort what their own Bible teaches, and what their own professed faith demands of them. Jesus demands peace and love of all men, even ones' enemies. There is not one phrase in the Christian New Testament that supports anything Israel does to the Palestinians, including the claims of being a "chosen people". Judeo-Christianity is not Christian at all. It is a hodgepodge of bits from unrelated stories patched together to create an illusion. The illusion is of an "end times" apocalypse, and a "chosen people" who enjoy the right to kill and imprison other people who are not "chosen."

We must at least mention in passing, that Israel's evangelical support relies upon the word of a quack felon named Cyrus I. Scofield, who got rich writing a bible for Judeo-Christianity to follow.

Project Strait Gate has no real problem with the Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI) any more than with other organizations that depend upon quarter truths, pressure and deception, to get its way. UCI does what a certain faction thinks is in Israel's interest. But we do have problem with professing "Christians" who front for UCI and claim it is "Scriptural" to do so. Our difference is with those who attempt to dilute our own faith or to make us accomplices to murder. Our complaint is over the blood and pain these false prophets bring on generations of our own people, and on the innocent non-Christian victims in the Middle East.

UCI has the arrogance to tell us Christianity has it all wrong. It accuses traditional Christ followers of what it calls "The Error of Replacement Theology." This includes traditional Reformation theology, orthodoxy, and traditional Catholic theology for over 2000 years, and others. It uses professing Christians like Clarence Wagner to witness against Christianity. UCI uses its "Christian resources" prop, Clarence Wagner, to spell out "The Error of Replacement Theology" which we have discussed, and four other crucial areas where it seems to feel brainwashing is needed to anesthetize Christ seekers.

Wagner says:

"Perhaps you have heard of the term Replacement Theology. However, if you look it up in a dictionary of Church history, you will not find it listed as a systematic study. Rather, it is a doctrinal teaching that originated in the early Church. It became the fertile soil from which Christian anti-Semitism grew and has infected the Church for nearly 1,900 years."

According to Wagner, those who believe Jesus brought the New Covenant to his followers are into "replacement theology" and are "anti-Semitics" because they will not worship Israel. Wagner and this author once debated this subject formally with on KCRO radio program entitled,

"Resolve: the State of Israel is [is not] the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy."

It should surprise no one the "The Tragedy of Anti-Semitism" is listed as another UCI key topic for brainwashing colleges, churches and religious schools.

Having debated Wagner, this author has no problem understanding what he is talking about. Wagner interprets Genesis 12 to be a land grant of specific property in the Middle East to a specific country, Israel, forever. He also considers it "anti-Semitic" to believe that that is not what the passage says. It bothers him not in the least that Abraham and the State of Israel were born some 3,000 years apart.

Genesis 12:1-3
Mechon Mamre Version

1 Now the LORD said unto Abram: 'Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto the land that I will show thee.
2 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and be thou a blessing.
3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse; and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.'

Wagner denies the New Covenant in Jesus' blood. God's promise to Abraham was not of real estate, but that he would start the lineage from which a Messiah that would come, who would be a light of peace to all men, even those who fail to follow him. Abraham was to produce the lineage of the Christ child; this was the promise...this is Christianity!

Wagner makes God trivial. How demeaning it is to God, to put Him in the middle of a petty land scam. God does not parcel out little hunks of desert to former cronies! Reverend Wagner corrupts the Christian concept of the covenant promise to Abraham, into a schlock real estate scam favoring phony claimants three thousand years after the fact. How disgusting. How insulting, to a Holy God. What UCI disparages as "Replacement Theology" is in fact traditional Christianity.

Wagner's stand on the Jewish (land grant) interpretation of Genesis is destructive to mankind, of whom God made in the potential of his image. Rabbis, before whom Wagner grovels, does not believe Jesus is God, nor even a prophet blessed by God. To UCI, Genesis 12 is a good enough land title to drive the Palestinians into the sea or to Nuke-em, if need be. Israel has the "Nukes", as Mordechai Vanunu told us 18 years ago, and went to prison for talking all about it.

Summarizing in UCI's own words directly from its website, its desires are:

"Israel's Right to the Land"
"End of Radical Islam and the Quest for World Domination"
"The Urgent Need for Action: Achieving a Safe and Secure Israel."

Is UCI to carry out its agenda of building Islam and Palestine disenfranchisement, to control the entire Middle East in the name of Israel, and perpetual war in the name of Jesus Christ? UCI has an "Advocacy Manual"... "A Comprehensive Reference and Resource Guide for Colleges, Universities, Churches, Synagogues, Religious Schools, Prayer / Study Groups, Individuals."

Christians must know from the New Testament that God is not into money or the property business. Wagner, who claims to be a Christian, also either ignores or denies that the Apostle Paul and Jesus himself meant when they said, all who believe in Him inherit the promise of Abraham.

Grass Roots Support for war

Israel cannot continue to imprison the Palestinians without a broad base of public support in the USA. The rest of the world is turning against Israel as is now commonly accepted, everywhere but the USA. Only the influence of 40-70 million Judeo-Christians are keeping Israel's war machine going. In the entire world, ably these millions of Americans are the ones duped into thinking God gave Israel the right to liquidate its enemies. Christian-Zionists do this dirty work for UCI by also selling Israel to churches as the "chosen people" heirs to the land.

Professing "Christians" like Wagner, Kay Arthur, Gary Bauer, Janet Parshall, Joseph Farah, legitimize Israel's fanciful claim to the Arab lands, "from the Euphrates to the River of Egypt" by spinning Bible yarns that refute what scripture has taught for 1,970 years.

Clearly these Evangelicals call for a violent solution, not a peaceful one as Jesus did. Judeo-Christians seem embarrassed when confronted about being followers of the Prince of Peace. This is why we think the term violent Christians can be synonymous with Judeo-Christians. By failing to oppose it, they support the UCI scantily hidden agenda of the liquidation or deporting 3.5 million people. A sad testimony... How do they expect a Holy God to forget it?

Note on Unity Coalition for Israel: For the first nine years of its existence NUCI was titled "National Unity Coalition for Israel (NUCI). This is a fraud and distortion because there is nothing "National" (or American) about this organization. Nor is it international, as it claims; NUCI-UCI is "Israel first, last, and always." Its board members probably laugh themselves into delirium over the name, just as they do over the duplicity of those who call themselves by Jesus' name and shill for UCI's death games. The name change was disclosed while this story was in preparation. Here is what UCI tells us on their website, which is adorned with both US and Israeli flags flying in tandem:

"The National Unity Coalition for Israel is no longer just national. We are broadening our outreach, and we are now 'Unity Coalition for Israel.' Please check back for more exciting things to come!"

A true liar can knows no shame.

♣ ♣ ♣

Charles E. Carlson

Shame on church leaders who ENABLE the acts of terror by Ariel Sharon! Our June 16th research paper, "Judeo-Christians Role--Mr. Sharons Final Solution,” documents Israel's use of Judeo-Christian college lecturers to promote hatred against Palestinians. Now we discover that a cloned demonstration group is visiting American mega-churches dragging with it a giant hate-prop, a bombed out Israeli bus. Christians for Israel's Bus19 claims "11 Israeli civilians" were killed on this bus by a Palestinian suicide bomber on January 29, 2004. This is probably true, but it does not explain that Israel has executed about five Palestinians for each Israeli death.

Christians for Israel's Bus19 hauls this bloody prop from city to city. According to BUS19.ORG website, its next scheduled stop is the Baltimore Zionist Center, July 20-27. The bus was brought all the way from Israel to The Hague and eventually to Washington for a May 6 demonstration at the Capitol, then to the Family Christian Center in Munster Indiana, then to Denver, Boston and, now, Baltimore, and from there we do not know where to.

What possible purpose can such an ugly display have but to help convince conditioned Judeo-Christian church attendees that Palestinians are brutal and sub-human murders?

We Hold These Truths has repeatedly proved by careful research that Israeli Defense Forces and its public relations arm purposely distorts reports of bus bombings, invariably failing to disclose that almost every bus in Israel serves as both military transport and at the same time as public bus. Egged Bus 19 was no exception. It is almost certain that it was carrying armed IDF soldiers when it was hit. No list of the 50 wounded has been made available. Usually military personnel are among the deaths on bus bombings. There have been very few exceptions. No doubt that bus 19 was picked to tour the USA because the 11 dead were not military, though some may well have been reservists.

The IDF conveniently juggles the death information to hide military deaths from the foreign press. This author has documented many examples of Israeli distortion in our series of articles on the "intelligent bombs." Civilians are usually collateral damage due to clearly planned attacks against vulnerable concentrations of military personnel on board buses.

Christians for Israel is associated with Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI). Christians for Israel describes itself as:

"Stand(ing) with the Jewish people in support of the State of Israel as the national, ancestral and covenantal homeland of the Jewish people. We are Christian Zionists."

The ghoulish bus idea of this costly demonstration has the earmarks and the thread of Israeli government sponsorship, paid for with American aid.

On Sunday, June 13th, "BUS19" was the guest of Faith Bible Chapel and Christian school at its large campus in suburban Denver. Two of Project Strait Gate's Advisors witnessed the grotesque display parked on Church property, with Israeli and American flags interspersed around the grounds. Curiously, Faith Bible Chapel seems to have yanked its Webpage displaying photos of its Bus19 display and describing the event. Please look at the website of Faith Bible Chapel's "Israel Outreach" page.

It should be no surprise that the Unity Coalition for Israel's (UCI) speakers bureau is entwined with the Christians for Israel. Dr. James Hutchens is listed as a speaker for UCI and Christians for Israel. Comparing the speaker list we find they are not identical but are close. As stated in the mission statement quote above one can reasonably assume Hutchens means he favors transfer, a synonym for ethnic cleansing, or genocide.

Who provided the money for the traveling disabled Bus? UCI is probably financed by most radical elements in all of Israel, judging from its agenda. Israel is said to have given Jerry Falwell a jet plane in the 1980s; Dr. Hutchens has a bombed out bus. This should tell us Judeo-Christians are becoming more affordable in terms of Israeli Shekels.

I would guess it would be beyond Project Strait Gate's financial capabilities to bring a Palestinian family's bulldozed house to the USA. If we did so, I doubt if Faith Chapel would allow it on their parking lot. And would they allow the Israeli bulldozer that crushed Rachael Corrie to be parked on their Christian School yard? Not, of course, unless someone hopes to educate those who want to follow Christ instead of Zionism.

We must challenge Christian enablers of continued Palestinian oppression. Challenge them as they promenade in front of the grand but apostate cathedrals that claim to be Jesus Christ's churches. Liars often start by saying, "in truth" just before they commence lying. If you doubt this please read this recent editorial: "Face Reality or Face Annihilation" by Beth Goodtree who concludes:

"In truth, terror is merely a tactic of the real enemy, Islamism, which seeks to dominate and subjugate the entire planet just as Nazi Germany once did."

The Zionist State that officially sanctified both abortion and torture is now conditioning the Judeo-christian churches to accept annihilation of Palestinians to solve Israel's self-induced problems. UCI is using professing Judeo-christian front groups, including James Hutchens" Christians for Israel, to try to persuade church-goers that Palestinians may be treated as animal and that God does not really care. It will fail. God loves Palestinians too: "Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth." (1 Corinthians 13:6)

Followers of Christ must take the lead in confronting self-professing Christian-Zionists icons in the presence of their respective supporters. Christian-Zionists violated many principles set out by Jesus Christ. Project Strait Gate is to expose this heresy both in the street and over the Internet. Persons of all faith who believe that the right to life is a gift from God may wish to examine Project Strait Gate.

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Published here: We Hold These Thruths & Strait Gate Ministries
URL: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/2011/08/24/judeo-christians-role-mr-sharon-s-final


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