Abbas and Statehood, Scheme for Status Quo Without Hamas

Charles E. Carlson

Photo: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gestures before the start of a meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during the 66th session of the General Assembly at United Nations headquarters Monday, Sept. 19, 2011. (AP / Seth Wenig)

Mahmoud Abbas received continuous and general applause as he started his speech to the UN General Assembly, while a dozen or more men and women were seen walking out of the hall in protest. He proceeded with a rambling 45 minute read speech, which received more applause during and at the end. If one can judge by the response, most attendees are sympathetic with statehood. But President Obama has promised to veto its statehood. What are we not told about Abbas and the UN that we need to know?

Don't be surprised if the USA does not veto "Palestinian Statehood" in the United Nations. And if so, it would not mean President Obama has suddenly changed his mind and heart, only his political tactics. My guess is he will support a resolution that calls for statehood, but one that again ties the Palestinians to negotiation of boundaries and details. He and Israel would both accomplish a public relations ploy that would, in fact, maintain the status quo. It would not mean the Philistines will get fair play after 44 years (or more) of occupation. A sudden shift to US support for a watered down, "agree to agree'" statehood would be just another clever way of controlling the Philistines' government, much as the USA controls the governments of Iraq, Afghanistan and probably Pakistan.

The US is an empire, which means its business is to put rulers in office over those it wants to control, leaders who the victims are supposed to think represent them. The motive for allowing statehood engineered by Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) is not hard to understand. The entire world knows that Israel is the brutal occupier, and pressure on the USA is growing. The seemingly benign and fumbling Abbas is the perfect poker partner for the next stage of a planned stall game to eliminate Hamas. Abbas does not represent a lawful government over the Palestinian people, Hamas does. Abbas draws his paycheck from the USA; Hamas does not. Abbas and the Palestine Authority (PA) are part of the US Empire; Hamas is not. If you accept the inescapable fact that Israel is also a part of that system, the picture clears. But for the PA to rule, Hamas must be eliminated.

The bumbling grey-haired grandpa in the $1,000 blue suit, called Mahmoud Abbas (real name Abu Hamza), is a wealthy Palestinian businessman, who was never elected in a free election, he took over when the unelected Yasser Arafat died. Six years ago, Abbas was defeated in the one free election of all those eligible to vote in both the West Bank and Gaza. The Philistines elected delegates from the Hamas party as its parliamentary leaders. The Palestinian Authority (PA) was put in place by the United Nations during the Oslo Accord, so the Israelis would have someone to negotiate with in the previous "peace accord" that never happened, and the 18-year stall.

When Hamas won the election, observed by former president Jimmy Carter, the U.S. and Israel thought they had the election under control, and that Mahmoud Abbas, and the PA would go on ruling the Philistines in the West Bank and Gaza.

When an empire loses an election, something must be done fast, and the U.S. called in the ever-willing Israelis to nullify the election. It was easy for Israel; they simply arrested most of Hamas's elected delegates to the Israeli Parliament who lived in the West Bank, so Hamas could not function. The U.S. and the UN went on supporting the losing Palestine Authority, giving it money to pay its bureaucrats and police, pretending nothing had changed.

But government did change Inside little fenced-in Gaza, Hamas took the election seriously, and simply took over and formed a popular government. It was not so easy for Israel to arrest Hamas leaders inside Gaza fences, though they did murder many. Hamas became the official and popular movement of Gaza, and they did not let go.

So how does the U.S./ Israel expect to unseat Hamas? Why not allow Abbas to arrange a statehood without borders, and maneuver the weak kneed UN to set up the PA as the new official government of the Philistines. It will still be an unelected dictatorship, but it will have U.N. support. The USA and Israel will come off as peacemakers! Once this is done, you can expect Israel to take violent military actions to kill or imprison every Hamas official they can find.

Do I know this is the plan hatched up between Obama and Netanyahu? No, but it's too obvious that the two great warmakers need a peace ploy to polish their images, and the USA has openly supported the PA for years. How can anyone think Mahmoud Abbas is acting on his own initiative? Israeli leaders have always said they will never give the land back, and negotiation is a way of stalling. Hamas will not be stalled so it must go.


It is up to the United Nations to make good on what it did not do in 1947. If there is to be peace it must create the State of Palestine in exactly the same way it acted then to create the state of Israel. Jews who have since built settlements, homes, or businesses inside the Palestinian mandate would then become Palestinian citizens with full voting rights in the new state, and visa versa. Let those on both sides who want to move sell their property do so. The United nations clearly established these borders in 1947 with Resolution #181. Anything short of this is meaningless.

The UN must be prepared to back up its act by sending in armed peacekeepers to the new state during transition to supervise a new general election in the new state. This plan for peace was outlined in Andrew J. Hurley's masterful 1990 classic, Holocaust II, Saving Israel From Suicide, which was republished by, with permission, as "One Nation Under Israel," which is still in print.

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 (1947)
Details of the Oslo Accords


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