Here’s what happens when a child starves to death

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

There seems to be some confusion about what Israel is doing in Gaza. So, let’s be clear.

By stopping the provision of food and water supplies, the Israelis have been deliberately, cold-bloodedly slaughtering babies and children. The ones who haven’t been shot or blown up have been starved to death.

Fortunately, most of us in the West have no idea what starving to death is really like. So, let me explain. The process of starvation starts with stomach cramps and intense pains. There is a loss of energy and sufferers feel extremely tired.

Babies and children who are starving will cry incessantly and will eat anything they can find – mud, grass, gravel, dust. They will eat anything in an attempt to fill their bloated stomachs.

Their hearts beat faster and their breathing slows. They are overwhelmed with a feeling of thirst. Their eyes appear glazed and distant. Their muscles shrink. They look pale and feel dizzy. It is a slow, torturous, painful process.

Eventually, the child becomes so weak that they cannot cry. They just whimper. Their breath smells of acetone as their body burns its tissues. When the fat stores are gone the body eats its muscles. Without protein, the cells die. The kidneys fail. And then the children fall asleep. And then they die.

This is a terrible process, whatever the cause. But what is happening in Gaza is happening because the Israelis are making it happen.

The Israelis are deliberately starving thousands of babies and children. It is the most unforgivable, evil act of war seen in modern history.

We all must speak up and to condemn Israel and those governments (particularly the US and the UK) which are supporting this cold-hearted, deliberate ethnic cleansing. The British and American Governments support Israel because it’s all about money. But why otherwise good, honest, decent people support Israel’s genocidal activities is a mystery. Maybe it is because most of Israel’s supporters have no idea what is happening. Deliberately causing starvation is a crime according to international law.

The truth is that Israel stinks, and the stench, if not controlled, will destroy humanity and the world. You won’t read any of the above in the mainstream media because craven editors and reporters are bought and paid for. Criticising Israel is forbidden.

Please share this short essay as widely as you can.
Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2024


Source: Dr. Vernon Coleman. Image: © AFP. AWIP:


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