Anyone over 60, disabled, chronically ill or poor will probably be dead by 2030

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

"Hold not thy peace, O God of my praise;
For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me: they have spoken against me with a lying tongue." (From Psalm 109)

Anyone over 60 years of age, disabled, chronically ill or poor will probably be dead by the year 2030, killed by a euthanasia programme which is rapidly going global and which is out of control.

The euthanasia squad will kill you, your family and your friends unless you speak out now. This is the population control plan they have been working towards.

Euthanasia is going global in the same way that the covid fraud went global. And, just as with covid, celebrities all over the world are advocating `doctor assisted suicide’.

If you thought that face masks and the covid jab were fashionable, just wait until you see what happens as the euthanasia bandwagon rolls onwards.

Since I last wrote about euthanasia, Ecuador has joined the growing list of countries endorsing euthanasia. In Peru, a psychologist with a muscle disease has already died from `doctor assisted suicide’. Make no mistake about it: euthanasia is spreading and is now more popular than Taylor Swift.

The pro-euthanasia lobbyists are out in force – fighting for death to be available to the mentally ill and the disabled. And, of course, to children and the poor.

Euthanasia is a crucial part of the plan to kill billions of us legally, cheaply, and quickly. And when euthanasia is widely available, it won’t remain `voluntary’ or `optional’ for long. Euthanasia legislation will give the conspirators the power to kill the poor and the old by the millions. Just check out what is happening in Canada and Holland.

Watch my video entitled `They want to kill you. Here’s how they’ll do it.’ You can find the video by clicking here. If the video is blocked you can read the transcript on

And for even more information, read Jack King’s shocking book `They Want To Kill Us’, which you can find on Amazon. To buy the book, click here. Everything in my video and Dr King’s book can be verified online.

Please do whatever you can to help save us all. No one is immune from this slaughter. Send copies of my video to doctors, nurses, teachers, politicians, newspapers, organisations, internet influencers, and everyone you know. You really can help to make a difference. And read and share Jack King’s astonishing book. Buy copies and give them away.

You have been warned: if you do nothing you will have no reason to complain when the Euthanasia Squad comes for you. Which they will.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2024


Source: Dr. Vernon Coleman. Image: © N/A. AWIP:


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