NATO Engaged in Direct Aggression Against Russia

Paul Craig Roberts

A wider war is Washington’s goal

As I have many times written, the Kremlin’s Ukraine operation cannot be limited. Washington will not permit it to be limited. Washington has already widened the conflict, and is now widening the conflict further. The insane Jewish neoconservatives who have control over US foreign policy have prevailed on tiny, helpless Lithuania to violate the agreement with Russia for the provision of Kaliningrad and has received a Russian ultimatum.

The moronic State Department spokesman Ned Price dismissed the ultimatum as “bluster.” The White House idiot says Washington backs Lithuania. In other words, Washington is egging on a wider war.

The conflict in Donbass has gone slowly, because it is a war in the midst of Russian people attached to Ukraine by Soviet leaders. The Russian troops are fighting under restrictions to minimize death and destruction in the Donbass region, from which Ukrainian forces are being driven out and destroyed. A wider war will not be fought among Russian populations. The world has never seen such recklessness as Washington and NATO are demonstrating.

The sordid and utterly corrupt Democrats desperately need a war in order to rally Americans to the government and prevent a Democrat wipeout in the election. In their effort to hold on to power, the Democrats and whore media are widening the war. This is dangerous beyond belief. The Russian government declared some time ago that Russia will never again fight a war on her own territory.

It is astounding that the Kremlin believed that their intervention in Donbass could be limited. How the Kremlin managed to misread the West after such a total rebuffing of the Kremlin’s efforts to reach a mutual security agreement with the West is inexplicable. Apparently, the Kremlin has not taken the Wolfowitz Doctrine seriously. The Kremlin and the dumbshit Russian Atlanticist Integrationists need to learn it by heart and repeat it every morning upon awakening as it is the operative doctrine. Under this doctrine the Kremlin has two choices. Russia can surrender its sovereignty or Russia can destroy the West. Russia has no other alternative. The entire world needs to understand this.

Again I ask: Is the West pushing Russia too far? Read these high level Russian statements and answer the question for yourself: Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov noted on Monday that Vilnius’s decision was “unprecedented” and “a violation of anything and everything.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated that Vilnius’s “provocative” actions are a violation of the country’s international legal obligations to allow the transit of cargo between Russia and Kaliningrad. She said that Russia sees this move as “openly hostile” and that unless Lithuania immediately lifts these restrictions, Russia reserves the right to “defend its national interests.”

The head of Russia’s commission for the defense of state sovereignty, Andrey Klimov, has argued that Lithuania’s move was an act of “direct aggression” against Moscow and that unless the EU brought its member state to heel, Russia would have a free hand to “solve the problem of the Kaliningrad transit created by Lithuania by ANY means chosen by us.” Washington and its European puppets are intentionally provoking conflict between Lithuania and Russia

Russian attitudes are hardening: The insane neoconservatives who control US foreign policy are leading us to nuclear war: Russia will never trust the West again – Kremlin. Plus this and this. I know of no reason other than delusions of power for Washington to expect Russia and China to subordinate their sovereignty and their interests to Washington. This totally unreal expectation of the neoconservatives is leading to Armageddon.

[A comment to Putin’s Speech:] Are the Russian People Being Prepared to Do Their Duty and Destroy the Depraved and Evil West? (Andrew Anglin)

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