Subtraction Problem

Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев)
Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council

(once again about the population of a dying country)

I want to return once again to the topic of the size of the population of "Ukraine". Judging by some simple arithmetic, this "country" has a mythical past, a sad present and no future.

1. Let us remember that in 2001, as the census showed, there were about 48.5 million people living in "Ukraine" (many of them, however, were permanently working abroad and had only registration at home).

2. In 2014, Crimea and Donbas seceded - the shagreen skin of the population began to shrink.

3. Analytical almshouse with a beautiful name "Ukrainian Institute of the Future" believes that at the beginning of February 2022, the number of permanent population of Ukraine was 37.6 million people. This is confirmed by the figures given by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine according to the electronic census of 2019 - then counted 37.289 million.

4. The main problem today is the incessant outflow of the population outside the "Nezalezhnaya"[1] as an aggressive, impoverished and life-threatening "nenka"[2]. This is recognized both by the Ukrainian services themselves and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. True, by habit, some data are overstated, others understated. But the trend is clear in all attempts at falsification.

Unlearned lessons. Dmitry Medvedev analyzes the events of 2008

Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев)
Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council

We do not need a repetition of the history of 2008. We are still ready to solve problems at the negotiating table in the spirit of the UN Charter. But if our concerns become reality, we will not hesitate.

Fifteen years ago, events took place that neither we nor the whole world will ever forget. On August 7, 2008, at 23:35, Georgia unleashed a barrage of cannons, Grads, and mortars on the sleeping capital of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali. There were reports of strikes in hospitals and schools, mass deaths of the city's inhabitants, many of whom were citizens of the Russian Federation, and casualties among Russian peacekeepers. Not just a provocation - a war.

The goal of aggression was to return unruly South Ossetia through blood, death, and horror to the limits of a hostile state that for many years carried out unconcealed and systematic genocide of the Ossetian people. To crush and bring to their knees, to force them to give up the very idea of independence and freedom. The moment of the attack was chosen with undisguised cynicism - in the days when the whole world was watching the Olympic Games in Beijing - then a symbol of competition without hostility, equality of the worthy, honor, and justice.

The Age of Confrontation

Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев)

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, on how the tectonic civilizational rift can and must be resolved.

Once again, there is a white noise coming from the West, and accusations against Russia keep coming. Everyone, from the senators in the US Senate to the unstable old guy in the White House, is sick with heavy Russophobia.

It would seem that everything has been said before. Why are Western politicians again spouting nonsense about the need for a "strong signal" about the Kiev protectorate's participation in the North Atlantic Alliance? Why do they continue dictating a peace for Ukraine only on the terms of the Nazi Kiev regime? Why so much rage after almost a year and a half of SWO?

Of course, our enemies, both external and internal, were hardly pleased with the result of the recent armed insurgency. Power in Russia has convincingly proved its strength and resilience, and the country's people have demonstrated their willingness to rally around Commander-in-Chief, Vladimir Putin, to defend the homeland. On the other hand, it is unlikely that our opponents were so upset by our capture of Artemovsk, aka Bakhmut. The defeat of the AFU on this front was a foregone conclusion.

Another thing is that the beginning of the counterattack was unexpected for the Western political morons. They believed in the genius of their instructors, the omnipotence of unlimited money and the power of the lauded NATO equipment. What more is, disgusting figures have been saying, here and there, officially or not so officially: Russia has already lost, [and] we have won. Why did they suddenly start singing such bravura songs?

Now, facts are stubborn things, there is no place for illusions. The tectonic rift that has formed between different parts of the world as to the understanding of the future of this conflict will only deepen. The confrontation will be very long. But let us understand their arguments first.

Britain and NATO "At War" - Russian Military Strikes Against Them Would Be Lawful

Christopher Black

Attorney Says Britain and NATO "At War" - Russian Military Strikes Against Them Would Be Lawful

On the 19th of May, the Financial Times quoted the British Minister of Defense, Ben Wallace, stating that the West could face the threat of full-scale war with Russia and China by the end of the decade and proclaimed defence preparation a paramount task for Western countries.

One has to wonder what universe Mr. Wallace and his boss, Rishi Sunak, are living in since Britain is engaged in war with Russia right now, has, with every step, every hostile action, set itself up for a full-scale war, a full-scale catastrophe, which they cannot prevent. Why Britain would go to war with China as well as Russia when China has not threatened it and is oceans away, no one can explain in rational terms. Yet, this is the British rhetoric, the fetishistic parroting of the words of their lord and master, the USA.

Many argue that statements, a war is not happening, that it is something that exits only in the future, are desperate attempts to fool the British people, to lie to them about their government’s intentions and what is coming. Others argue that they are signs that the British government has no sense of reality. But, in the end, one has to conclude that they are both at the same time. Worse, these statements speak of a government, that seems to think it is untouchable, that the war with Russia will be limited in geographic space to Ukraine, that Britain’s participation in the war against Russia will have no direct consequences for Britain and its people, that Russia will not dare to follow military and political logic and conduct military strikes against Britain. Nothing could be further from the truth, yet the British establishment, dreaming of its past, is unable to accept reality, is leading the British people towards disaster, as the gathering storm of war edges ever closer to their shores.

And Then the Zombie Apocalypse Begins

Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев)

On the third day, yet another epic drama from Hollywood is unfolding before our eyes. The sequel to the film, which was dedicated to Saddam's chemical weapons, with a demonstration of test tubes at the UN.

The world, with its mouth open and experiencing a slight gag reflex, looks at the numerous outpourings of the Western media about "who blew up the Nord Stream after all." And: who really framed Roger Rabbit?

It turns out that it's all about some unknown "pro-Ukrainian group." Which, it is emphasized, is not connected in any way, well, not, absolutely not, with a single wire and switch, neither with Bandera Kiev nor with Europe zombified by gynecologists, nor with America plunged into senility, nor with the other Western world that sickened by Russophobic hysteria. Just some lone heroes who entered into a fight with the cursed Muscovites! A new salvation of the world by some Inglorious Basterds.

It turns out to be so-so and the actors are mediocre. Clearly not the level of a Brad Pitt or Christoph Waltz. And the director is clearly not at Quentin Tarantino's level. Weak (very weak) casting and camera. The script is just sad shit. Stupid American propaganda. Nobody likes it. Even the average Europeans, used to poisoned stuff like this, don't believe any of it.

They feel sick, as if they have eaten pork knuckle with beer.

As the American lights of freedom of speech (and the vassalized German mass media joined in), the mysterious divers (wearing black balaclavas over wetsuits, no less) were "citizens of Ukraine or Russia," or whatever. At the same time, they are not connected in any way with the Kiev regime. Especially not with "the free world." Not with any state at all, look, they are Citizens of the World, right? Just some fighters against Muscovy. Solitary heroes. (And schizophrenics, perhaps?)

The Point of No Return

Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев)

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev — about the causes of the current geopolitical crisis and the guarantee of preserving the future for the whole world.

Last year's anniversary — the 100th anniversary of the formation of the USSR - was held against the background of tectonic processes that originated three decades ago and provoked powerful, destructive shocks in 2022. With a metallic crash, the foundations of the post-Soviet world order collapsed, which until recently was considered not the best, but still more or less familiar. The international airbags did not work, and now the cracks go wide and deep into the entire system of maintaining peace on the planet.

The reasons for what is happening are sought in the legacy of a long and relatively new history. After all, what we are witnessing now has happened more than once — at the moment when another world empire was coming to the end of its existence.

The beginning of the tragedy that is unfolding in Ukraine today goes back in time; to the end of the last century. But let us rather turn to the events of the relatively recent past, which many of us have witnessed, specifically to the moment when the Soviet Union collapsed. Our powerful country has seen confrontations between the blocks and disagreement about nuclear missiles, but has after World War II nevertheless largely based itself on agreements and the mutual interests between participating countries, on food supplies to its satellites, on tractors and tanks, on "socialist realism," although the communist regime lasted much less than the centuries-old Russian Empire it defeated.

The Special Military Operation: Drive neo-Nazism into the ground

Dmitry Medvedev
(Дмитрий Медведев)
(A translation)

A special operation has been going on for a year now. A year, as our servicemen restore order, peace and justice on our land, protect our people and destroy the roots of neo-Nazism. They are heroes. The whole country helps them, supplying the front with everything necessary.

Victory will be achieved. We all want it to be as soon as possible. And that day will come. We will return our territories and reliably protect our people who suffered during the years of genocide and shelling.

And what's next? Further negotiations will take place, which, I am sure, will become difficult and nervous. First of all, because the formal participants in the negotiations on the part of our opponent are one, and the actual leaders are completely different. And decisions for the Kiev regime will be made, of course, not by some Zelensky, if he is still alive, or his clique. The decision will be made overseas by those in whose hands arms supplies to Kiev and the allocation of money to maintain the remains of the Ukrainian economy. The motives of our country's main enemies are obvious: to weaken Russia as much as possible, to bleed us for a long time. Therefore, they are not interested in ending the conflict. But sooner or later, according to historical laws, they will do it. And then there will be some kind of agreement. Naturally, without fundamental agreements on real borders or on a new Helsinki Pact ensuring security in Europe. Just some kind of agreement.

Putin's Response to NATO: We'll Be Loading Nuclear Warheads on the Non-convertible Burevestnik, Kinzhal, Zircon!

Russian President V. Putin announced the withdrawal from the New START nuclear treaty, stressing that he signed a decree putting ground-based strategic systems on operational readiness. The Russian President said that the reason for this was NATO's attempt to strike strategic bases with drones such as the Engels base through Ukraine.

This practically means four things:

1. Mass production and equipping the     Kh-47M2 Kinzhal supersonic missile, 3M22     Zircon, the Poseidon torpedo, the Iskander     and especially the 9M730 Burevestnik with nuclear warheads
2. Return to classical nuclear testing by eliminating the use of computer simulation, as was done so far.
3. Equipping Iran in the first phase with nuclear weapons and know-how.
4. The Americans will have no access to the strategic nuclear arsenal of the new super-super-weapons      missiles which Russia is reportedly building at a high rate.

Withdrawal from the New START Treaty holds many unpleasant surprises. It is in fact a vertical escalation, a readiness to use nuclear weapons and a massive rearmament of nuclear strategic forces with new systems such as the 9M730 Burevestnik.

The main mission of the Burevestnik missile is to destroy enemy operational bases, such as the land bases of the NATO Aegis anti-ballistic missile system. The missile, although initial estimates indicated that it had a range of 10,000 km, according to different estimates its range can reach up to 20,000 km thanks to its nuclear reactor, putting within its effective range almost all the West's anti-ballistic missile systems. The effectiveness of the new missile is ensured by the powerful nuclear warhead with which it is equipped.

FRIDRICH 🎭 ⚡️⚡️⚡️ DMITRY MEDVEDEV @medvedev_telegram replied in writing to several of my questions:

Dmitry Medvedev (Interview by Nadana Fridrichson)
Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev

Nadana FRIDRICHSON: Bloomberg writes that the Biden administration's plan to send Ukraine more advanced weapons and allow Kiev to strike Russian targets in Crimea will force Russia to negotiate with Ukraine. How do you assess their strategy? Are they right in their prediction?

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: No, they are not. The result will be just the opposite. There will be no negotiations, only retaliatory strikes. All of Ukraine, which remains under Kyiv's rule, will go up in flames.

This reasoning can only be made by moral freaks, of which there are many in the White House and the Capitol. By the way, people in the Pentagon are more adequate, they understand the consequences.

If Washington really wanted to end the war it provoked, it could do so with a snap of a finger, ordering its drug-addled lackeys to the negotiating table. But the Washington morons in the Administration and the hawks in the Congress are simply not interested.

NADANA FRIDRICHSON: If Kiev, with the permission of the United States, starts striking at Crimea or deep into Russia, what would be our response?

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: Our response could be anything. The President of Russia has made this quite clear. We place no limits on ourselves and, depending on the nature of the threat, we are prepared to use all kinds of weapons. In line with our doctrinal documents, including the Fundamentals of Nuclear Deterrence. I can assure you: the response will be swift, tough and convincing.

The Risk of Nuclear Armageddon

Stephen Lendman

All things related to Russia and Ukraine were made-in-the-USA. Puppet Zelensky — a detached from reality buffoon — was a US creation, installed as an empire of lies front man for perpetual war on Russia.

Ignored by the fake Biden, US lawmakers and their MSM press agents is the growing risk of greater direct confrontation than already between the world’s leading nuclear powers.

On Christmas Day, Russia’s Deputy Security Council Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, warned of the growing risk, stressing:

💬 “The only thing that stops stops our enemies (so far) is the understanding that Russia will be guided by (its publicly stated doctrine of) nuclear deterrence.” If there’s “a real threat (to the nation’s security), we will act” in self-defense as international law allows. US-dominated Western regimes are teetering “between a burning desire to maximally humiliate, dismember and destroy Russia, on the one hand, and the desire to avoid a nuclear apocalypse, on the other.”

Unless Russia’s security is guaranteed, things will “teeter on the brink of World War III and nuclear catastrophe.” Is the dominant criminal class in the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis “ready…to unleash a full-fledged war against us, including a nuclear war?”

There’s “no one” in the West or Kiev for Moscow to “negotiate” with. “Our world (ominously) changed, forever.” “And the main question remains…what kind of future begins today?” "New disarmament agreements are currently unrealistic and unnecessary.” “(N)ormaliz(ation) requires guaranteed security for Russia, a notion the empire of lies rejects. — And wherever its ruling regimes go, Western vassal states follow, even at the expense of their own security and other vital interests.

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