And Then the Zombie Apocalypse Begins

Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев)

On the third day, yet another epic drama from Hollywood is unfolding before our eyes. The sequel to the film, which was dedicated to Saddam's chemical weapons, with a demonstration of test tubes at the UN.

The world, with its mouth open and experiencing a slight gag reflex, looks at the numerous outpourings of the Western media about "who blew up the Nord Stream after all." And: who really framed Roger Rabbit?

It turns out that it's all about some unknown "pro-Ukrainian group." Which, it is emphasized, is not connected in any way, well, not, absolutely not, with a single wire and switch, neither with Bandera Kiev nor with Europe zombified by gynecologists, nor with America plunged into senility, nor with the other Western world that sickened by Russophobic hysteria. Just some lone heroes who entered into a fight with the cursed Muscovites! A new salvation of the world by some Inglorious Basterds.

It turns out to be so-so and the actors are mediocre. Clearly not the level of a Brad Pitt or Christoph Waltz. And the director is clearly not at Quentin Tarantino's level. Weak (very weak) casting and camera. The script is just sad shit. Stupid American propaganda. Nobody likes it. Even the average Europeans, used to poisoned stuff like this, don't believe any of it.

They feel sick, as if they have eaten pork knuckle with beer.

As the American lights of freedom of speech (and the vassalized German mass media joined in), the mysterious divers (wearing black balaclavas over wetsuits, no less) were "citizens of Ukraine or Russia," or whatever. At the same time, they are not connected in any way with the Kiev regime. Especially not with "the free world." Not with any state at all, look, they are Citizens of the World, right? Just some fighters against Muscovy. Solitary heroes. (And schizophrenics, perhaps?)

The average person is offered a bunch of cheap special effects. They say that six seasoned saboteurs, even one femme fatale (how could any film do without one?), set out on a yacht into the stormy Baltic Sea. They took half a ton of explosives with them, dived elegantly, and then two huge pipes blew up, just at the right moment. And then they disappeared into the sunset. Unnoticed, of course, in a sea full of NATO ships and international tracking systems. And, the yacht was returned to the law-abiding owner. - Cool!

Oh, what a low-rated, B category saga, frankly!

In point of fact, the film failed immediately after the premiere. Western viewers are not fooled: they're asking uncomfortable questions. Like, why did the previous version about "the Russian mystery clue" suddenly change 180 degrees? (Or 360, as Ms.Baerbock seems believe?)

And why is it necessary so actively to remove any suspicion from the Kiev regime, foaming at the mouth defending its innocence and non-involvement?

The answers are quite understandable, given the current mood of the Europeans, who are becoming less and less pleased with the prospect of paying (out of their own pockets) for new packages of sanctions, endless arms supplies to Ukraine, causing an energy crisis and a drop in living standards in once prosperous countries.

And what if it was the Ukrainian Nazis (and not the Russians) who blew up the pipelines, what then is the point of supporting them with "fire & sword?" (And money transfers, of course.)

Bottom line: This cheap movie seems to have been made to confuse the Europeans.

(Just an afterthought:) I wonder if there will be a sequel? With a plot like this: the same heroes, led by the Polish cannibal Duda, who escaped from some mental hospital, penetrating into the bunker of the brave President Z., addicted to sniffing some white powder (or whatever it is). They could take him hostage and then accidentally strangle him. What a pity (not), and trite as hell. And then the zombie apocalypse begins in the manner of "The Last of Us."

Now we are waiting excitedly; have stocked up on popcorn and everything...

(Translation with: &

Source: Дмитрий Медведев. IMG: © Walt Disney. AWIP:


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