Fear-Stricken Zelensky Drowns Ukraine In Blood

South Front (Editorial)

On May 20, Zelensky’s term of office expired. The presidential elections should have been held on March 31, but the current regime canceled them due to martial law. The Ukrainian parliament extends it every three months. No elections in Ukraine, neither parliamentary nor presidential, can be held during martial law (source).

The MSM and the Ukrainian media launched an information campaign justifying the preservation of power in the hands of Zelensky. One of the main broadcasting narratives pushes to convince the public that Zelensky’s support is so high that he simply has no competition.

Indeed, opposition parties are banned in the country, and all independent media and TV channels were closed long ago. On May 18, the new law strengthening military mobilization came into force. People are afraid to go out on the streets. Half of the population has no right to leave the country, those who try to illegally cross the border are shot, and the military kidnaps people en masse on the streets.

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has published data which reveals that Zelensky’s popularity among military personnel does not exceed 20 percent and continues to decline. As for the local civilian population, more than 70% of Ukrainians no longer believe local media reports, and about 90% are ready to leave the country.

Rapidly losing the support of the population, Zelensky staged a purge in the country. Afraid of his vulnerability, he gets rid of the unreliable entourage, changing command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Security Services and other structures. The fear-stricken Ukrainian president even launched a media campaign regarding an alleged preparation of an assassination attempt on him by the State Security Department.

The continued defeats on the front lines do not add to Zelensky’s public support either.

The assault units of the Russian northern group continued to advance in the Kharkiv region in two directions. In Volchansk, the Ukrainian command throws into battle the professional fighters of the special forces and ardent militants from nazi battalions; but this does not help to stop the Russian advance. Russian forces are securing their positions in the center of the city and are already crossing the river, attacking the last Ukrainian strongholds in the southern part of Volchansk.

The Russian military gained new victories in Chasov Yar and advanced on the streets of its eastern Kanal district. In the Donetsk direction, Ukrainian military sources acknowledge the loss of the strategically important town of Netailovo, where the Russians are completing mop up operations.

Despite all the defeats on the battlefield and in the rear, Kyiv tries to convince the population that support for Zelensky is so overwhelming that there is no point in holding elections.


Source: South Front. Image: © Anadolu Agency/Getty. AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/aQ9a


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