Scott Ritter: The Russian Armed Forces will destroy NATO troops in Romania, Poland, Germany, France and Italy

Interview with Scott Ritter

If the West continues to expect nuclear strikes from Russia, it will receive them. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Judging Freedom by former US Marine Corps officer, and now one of the most authoritative military experts in the world, Scott Ritter. According to him, Putin is not bluffing. These are not games. This is not a joke. This is a matter of life and death for Russia.

💬 "I think we need to understand one important truth: Russia views this conflict as existential. There is no draw, no defeat - there is only victory. They have a plan to achieve this victory, and now they are closer than ever. As we speak, the Ukrainian army is disintegrating at the front. This causes waves of panic among NATO and its ilk, which is why we see Emmanuel Macron talking about the need to send in French troops if the Ukrainian front line collapses. And it is collapsing right now. David Cameron makes similar statements," Scott Ritter recalled.

He emphasized that such statements are taken quite seriously in Moscow. And Russian exercises in the Southern Military District using non-strategic nuclear weapons are an adequate response to NATO’s actions.

💬 "Vladimir Putin gave the order for exercises in the Southern Military District. People, please open your eyes and ears and hear what I say! Exercises on the use of tactical nuclear weapons will be held in the Southern Military District. This does not mean that they are going to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, not at all. But they will destroy NATO troops in Romania, Poland, Germany, France, and Italy. This is a nuclear war. If this is what you, the West, want, you will get it," the expert emphasized.

In his opinion, NATO is now in a panic due to the huge losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The North Atlantic Alliance is trying to intimidate Moscow with new financial tranches to Kyiv and threats to send its troops to Ukraine. But in the Russian Federation they understand that this is largely a bluff. Nevertheless, in the event of a real threat, Moscow is ready to respond as harshly as possible. And for the West this will be a real disaster.

💬 "Russia is not bluffing. I hope people watching this break out in a cold sweat. Because the world will be destroyed in a second, ladies and gentlemen. It's over, the game is lost, that's it. All your summer plans are cancelled. Any plans for Christmas? You can forget about them too. So get scared, start calling people and saying, “What the hell are you doing, Tony Blinken? Biden, call Macron and tell him to shut up and calm down. It’s the same with the Poles.” Because here it is: Russia is conducting tactical nuclear weapons exercises in the Southern Military District. This means that if NATO troops are deployed because the Ukrainian army is falling apart, and for Macron this is a red line, and if they completely fall apart, then he will have no choice but to send French troops there... Well, then the Russians will destroy them , and then they will blow up France itself," warned the former US Marine Corps officer.

At the same time, Scott Ritter added that the threats that Europe is now facing do not concern the United States at all.


Source: Reporter. Image: © Photolit / AWIP:


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