Awaiting NATO Provocations In Russia...

South Front (Editorial)

Elected as head of state in March 2024, Putin became Russia’s president for the fifth time. The inauguration ceremony was held in the Kremlin on May 7.

The Russian president once again declared that the country’s course was correct in the face of serious challenges. Russia does not refuse contacts with western countries, including on issues of security and strategic stability, but the dialog should be equal, “not from a position of strength, without any arrogance, swagger and someone’s exclusivity.”

Amid the celebrations, major provocations are expected. Security measures have been increased throughout Russia. On May 9, there is a big holiday, Victory Day. For security reasons, mass events have been canceled, but in some cities, there are fake leaflets urging residents to take to the streets for celebrations. Local authorities warn that these could be enemy preparations for terrorist attacks.

The Ukrainian and NATO militaries are expected to attempt a massive attack on the Crimean peninsula using air and sea drones as well as various western missiles, including ATACMS and Storm Shadows. On the night of May 6, another attack was repelled off the western coast of Crimea.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported the destruction of 5 Ukrainian unmanned boats. The Ukrainian military used surface drones equipped with missiles designed to hit air targets, but they failed to reach any significant targets.

By the night of May 7, various monitoring resources reported Ukrainian missiles and drones spotted around the peninsula. Traffic on the Crimean bridge was suspended.

Attempts to probe Russian defenses continue amid preparations for a combined attack on Crimea. The Crimean bridge may be the main target. Russian military experts and Vladimir Putin himself have repeatedly claimed that the bridge is not used for military purposes because the land routes are much more convenient for this type of traffic. It took the western MSM months to accept this fact. So recently the Independent suddenly came to the conclusion, the Russian Defense Ministry
really does not use the Crimean bridge to supply its forces in Ukraine.

The journalists studied satellite imagery, as well as British and Ukrainian intelligence data, and finally concluded that the Russian army is using land routes to supply its troops. According to available data, only one freight train with fuel tanks has passed over the bridge since the end of February.

Zelensky lies that shells and military equipment are allegedly shipped across the Crimean bridge “every day”.

The Crimean Bridge is the main symbol of Crimea’s unity with Russia. The hysteria of Kiev and NATO is necessary to turn a purely civilian construction into a legitimate military target at least in the MSM. The attack on the bridge has no military sense, but is important to cover up Ukrainian failures on the battlefield in the media.


Source: Sothfront. Image: © AWIP:


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