The BBC’s war against Russia

Declan Hayes

The warmongering of the BBC against Syria, Russia and a host of other countries has cost more lives than we could ever count.

With the recent Crocus City terror attack in Moscow, MI6’s BBC outlet has again revealed itself as chief cheerleader, if not chief co-conspirator for indiscriminate mass murder. No sooner had MI6’s little helpers carried out this outrage than the BBC was busy covering their tracks by attempting to verify if the attacks in fact took place. On Tuesday 26th March, four full days after the massacre, the BBC’s Verify unit were still trying to discredit Russia’s investigation and to clear MI6, the CIA and their Ukrainian puppets of any and all involvement in this atrocity.

Let me put MI6 right on a couple of things. It is the job of the Russian police force to investigate such crimes and to bring to justice in this world, if not the next, all of those involved in this and related massacres. It is not the job of the BBC or similarly tainted outlets to play amateur detective. Their job is to report the facts as they know them and not to try to concoct fictions that suit MI6’s war aims or their own career ambitions.

And, though that applies to all media outlets, it applies in particular to the BBC, which has been unable to verify who blew up the Nordstream pipeline and which singularly failed to examine miscarriages of justice against innocent Irish and British citizens arrested over IRA outrages. Because life is short, the BBC should do us all a favour, stop spreading this puerile misinformation about the Crocus City attack, and confine itself to commenting on croquet and cricket matches. Aunty should stick to her knitting and leave adult investigations to adult investigators.

If that is too much, then the BBC should, in conjunction with Russia Today, interview Britain’s top detectives to see if they can shed any professional light on these crimes. If not, they should just STFU and refrain from being cheerleaders for fascism. Simple as.

Strange as it seems, I have a dog in this little fight myself. Page 14 of the September 17 2017 edition of the Mail on Sunday cites me grassing up Irish passport holder Eyad Sha’ar and his team of Irish jihadists to the Irish Minister for Justice. Not only did Sha’ar perpetrate the slaughter of Shia children in Syria but he previously pulled the same stunt in Afghanistan.

Although his brother Yasar was part of the terrorist cell that perpetrated the October 2002 Moscow Nord-Ost theatre siege, the Irish authorities are unconcerned with any of that. Indeed, MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace were lambasted in the media and ignored in the Irish Parliament for trying to highlight Sha’ar’s Syrian war crimes against defenceless little Shia children and I had credible threats made to my life by Irish residents over it when I paid for British MP George Galloway to chair a Dublin meeting with relatives of the Syrian martyrs of that war crime.

The importance of all of this is we have Irish born and Irish domiciled passport holders committing war crimes in Syria, Russia and other countries on MI6’s hit list and, assuming innocent children should not be fair game, it should not be left to me, to Galloway and to the Russian authorities to shine a spotlight on these terrorist fish who swim in the waters the BBC and the Irish authorities so readily replenish them with.

But let’s get back to the BBC’s shenanigans in Russia, which recently had a Presidential election, which Vladimir Putin, the incumbent, comfortably won. Now, as Putin has presided over rapid economic growth, as he is fighting a war Russia must win in Ukraine and as he has considerable swathes of Russian civil society backing him, Putin should have been a shoe in and thus a non-story.

Steve Rosenberg, the BBC’s Russia correspondent, would have none of that. To him, everything in Russia is crooked and Putin, in Rosenberg’s supplied script, is a one dimensional James Bond villain.

Perhaps Rosenberg, being British, is right, and Putin and the rest of them are not up to the job. But that begs the question what is the job of Russia’s leaders. I would contend part of their job description should be to eject Rosenberg and other BBC assets who denigrate Russia and Russians head first out of Russia (Ukraine is only a short swim across the Black Sea away). But then it is not my call, just as it was not my call how to handle MI6’s Pussy Riot collaborators in Sochi.

If it was up to me, I would not spare the rod and spare MI6’s child. But then Putin and his buddies have to play things their way with the full array of information available to tackle the various bottlenecks they face. Though Russian leadership is a tricky business, those at Moscow’s helm should be in no doubt who their soft power enemies are. And though the BBC’s cretins could argue they deserve a fool’s perennial pardon, they should know that the old maxim that all is fair in love and war is a two edged sword. Even if Russia keeps her sword sheathed, she should keep it razor sharp for when she must draw it against these arrogant BBC agents and those Russian traitors who collude with them.

If all of that sounds a trifle harsh, there is an old saying that loose lips cost lives. The warmongering of the BBC against Syria, Russia and a host of other countries has cost more lives than we could ever count. Perhaps MI6, the BBC and NATO will win again and the world will be consigned to another century or so of darkness. Who is to know? All I know is that I hope the Russian authorities even the score a bit not only against MI6’s Tajiki helpers but against those, like the BBC, who are as culpable as any of the knuckle draggers they employ to do their killing.


Source: Strategic Culture Foundation. IMG-1: © + IMG-2: WSJ


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