Biden sinks to new lows over Moscow bombing and RussiaGate fake news

Martin Jay

Biden’s breathtaking stupidity in Ukraine is finally going to expose NATO for what it is: a paper tiger.

Are we all preparing for the inevitable? Trump returning to the White House? It would seem that certainly the Biden administration is doing just that given recent events. Moscow’s terror attack has taken center stage of world news in recent days yet not one western journalist seems able to call out the ISIS warning from the U.S. for what it was: sham.

And not only the warning was disingenuous but the sheer bad taste vitriol of Washington which was on a level only matched by the suspicious outright and swift rejection that Kyiv had no part in the attack.

Bad taste seems to be the hallmark of the Biden administration, with a failed foreign policy which trails in second place. If Americans didn’t know before that the U.S. could not control two proxy wars on two separate fronts, now they know. As the aid parcels which drop onto Palestinians – sometimes even killing them – makes a statement in itself, it’s interesting to see how Biden is always looking in the past in almost everything he does. Even Russia Gate has been dragged out of its dank grave and had new life breathed into it by Biden’s press people, who are now preparing the American public for a Biden failure in December. The biggest fear for Biden is the “hack and leak” attack, which pushed many democrats over a line with Hillary Clinton when her emails revealed what an utterly morose political figure she is. Who could forget that “there are terrorists there [in Syria] but they’re on our side” comment when talking about the early days of the Syrian crisis which started in 2011?

For Biden, there must be many troves for the Russians to leak at the given moment, with corruption in Ukraine being at the top of the list. But one salient question might be, does Putin even need to worry about “election interference”? This comical expression, coined by the Americans and slung at Moscow, is done in such a fashion as to trick the humble observer that it was a dirty Russian invention, despite the Americans practically inventing the practice and using it to their own means for the last 70 years in Latin America.

The reality is that Putin doesn’t need to interfere. He’s on a win-win ticket as, if Biden is re-elected the then senile U.S. president will be defeated in Ukraine and the American people will not only see all the corruption stories emerge from that country but also the link between the Obama administration’s election meddling in 2014 to overthrow a Russian-aligned leader and today’s war. The crafted fake news narrative of everything starting from the day of the Russian invasion will no longer wash once Russian forces overthrow the Zelenskyy government and the West will be humiliated beyond its wildest nightmares into signing whatever is handed to them.

This, in part, explains how the NATO press machine – and most European governments – are going into overdrive on the subject of the need to beef up Europe’s military capabilities. This is entirely a ruse to act as a distraction for when Kyiv falls and western elites are ready with their soundbites. The Russians are coming. We told you so.

And yet, the funny thing is that Biden has stopped saying that “Putin is losing in Ukraine” as, presumably, his hapless press people have finally worked out that it sort of clashes with “The Russians are going to take other European countries once they take Ukraine”. Inconsistency and miscalculation really are the hallmarks of the Ukraine war and the West’s bumbling since day one.

Now it seems, as NATO looks for more members in the far corners of the world, Biden’s breathtaking stupidity in Ukraine is finally going to expose NATO for what it is: a paper tiger. What is the point in bribing western journalists to steno graph NATO free hand out lies, diagrams which list the number of tanks or places NATO has collectively and then compare the figure to Russia’s, when no one in the west has the guts to sacrifice even one soldier on the battlefield? It won’t be too long before even dumb blue collar Americans work out that their tax dollars are being spent on a war machine which makes the rich richer and keeps them piss poor, as many Americans are noting how many goods in the supermarkets have risen almost 50 percent in Biden’s term.

The Russians are not coming. But Trump is, and he may well stop the war in Ukraine on his first day in office. Things are so desperate that as Americans begin to look forward to election fever, the Biden camp starts to worry about Russia. And RFK, dividing Democrat voters right down the middle. Someone like Trump, who is so mercurial and self-centered in everything he does, might be the answer to stop the madness of the Biden years. John Bolton, his former national security adviser who wanted him to bomb Iran, said that “Everything [about Trump] is episodic, anecdotal, transactional. And everything is contingent on the question of how this will benefit Donald Trump.” Is this possibly the only sensible thing this half-wit has ever said?


Source: 19">Strategic Culture Foundation. IMG: © N/A, Conservative Blogs Central


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