The Richest are Leaving the Country

Dr Vernon Coleman

The richest people in Britain are leaving. Over half a million wealthy taxpayers left Britain last year and were replaced by over a million immigrants looking for free money and free housing. The end result was a net increase in population of over 700,000. And the result of that is that the nation’s infrastructure has failed – roads, transport, health care, water supplies, sewage disposal, education and everything else would be considered a disgrace in fourth world country.

Just where the rich are going is something of a mystery since there are no safe, secure countries left and all countries are introducing the same lunatic laws at much the same pace. The chances are that if you leave country A and go to country B to escape horrendous new restrictions, the same restrictions will be introduced in country B before you’ve had time to unpack and find somewhere to live.

It does seem to me, however, that living in a large town or city is the worst choice. In a town or city you are more likely to be at the mercy of town planners and politicians determined to stamp their control on your life and to restrict your movements. In the wilds of the countryside you might find transport difficult if cars are banned or fuel supplies strictly controlled. The best choice is probably a small town or large village somewhere with a home within cycling distance of a railway station and a supermarket. And fewer CCTV cameras than you’re likely to find in a town or a city.

Eventually, of course, small towns and villages will be closed and the inhabitants moved out. The buildings will be left, abandoned, eventually growing to look like those drowned villages which emerge when reservoirs dry up in long, hot summers.

We all have to reassess our priorities and to recognise that nothing that is happening is happening by accident. Too much attention is being paid to effect and not enough to cause.

During the months and years which lie ahead there is going to be much more fear and many more lies will be told. The media will attempt to distract the public from the truth with a seemingly unending series of unbelievably tacky stories about the royal family. The fears will be created by brainwashing specialists, psy-op specialists and psychologists specially hired by governments (as happened during the early days of the fake pandemic).

If they cannot make us sufficiently afraid they will take steps to destroy us and if they cannot do that they will simply kill more of us. If you don’t believe that then I am afraid that you simply haven’t been paying attention.

There will be more and more taxes. I can see global taxes and specific health warnings printed on meat and meat products within two years if not before – in the same way that there are massive taxes and warnings on tobacco.

And the conspirators are attacking vegetarian eating so that they can sell us a diet of wasps, locusts and factory made garbage.

Small businesses and the self-employed are doomed to a long struggle with the inevitable. Pubs, cafes and small, independent shops have no future because there is no place for them in the New Normal. The Great Reset doesn’t have a place for independent businesses any more than it has a place for independent thinking. Millennials, who think we are going back to low interest rates and low inflation are living alongside Peter Pan in James Barrie’s Never-Never Land. There will be no more cheap imports from China.

We’re already well into extra time. If we don’t take action very quickly it will soon all be over. As we move remorselessly into a digital, cashless world, the ghettos I warned about nearly three years ago are getting more and more real every day. No one will save us. We have to save ourselves.

We need to stay alert. The latest danger is that they are planning to make it a war crime to tell the truth about vaccines, of all kinds, or about global warming. Telling the truth is going to be branded alongside terrorism as a crime against humanity.

And the real proof, remember, as with vaccination, is that they won’t debate climate change. No discussion is allowed. The media, such as the discredited BBC, have banned all discussion and questioning of vaccination. And they’ve pretty well banned all discussion of global warming. They pretend that these issues are accepted. But they’re only accepted by the conspirators.

Remember, the world is awash with masses of evidence proving that vaccines do more harm than good but the establishment continues to deny that such evidence even exists. There is absolutely no doubt that the covid-19 jabs do massively more harm than good. But doctors and nurses keep on giving them – deliberately poisoning their patients and being paid for it. And patients who need blood transfusions and who ask for unvaxed blood are abused by doctors and nurses. Parents who ask for their children to be given unvaxxed blood are likely to have their children taken away from them. We have no freedom and we have no free speech. Things are so bad that many scientists writing research papers are self-censoring because they are terrified of losing their careers. The world has become a place for people who like taking orders from malignant, cryptorchid cretins.

And remember: when you see something bad happening you have to stand up for what you believe to be right. If you don’t then you might as well be dead.

And remember this too: Most of the people who don’t believe in coincidences are still alive. That is no coincidence.


Even if you don’t believe me about the causes of what is happening, you will, I think, find it impossible to deny that strange, unprecedented things are happening and that we must, therefore, look for solutions to the visible consequences of what is happening, even if we find the causes difficult to accept.

Taken from `They want your money and your life’ by Vernon Coleman which is available via the bookshop on Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2023

Source: Illustration: © Ingram Pinn. URL:


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