Gaza – Hidden Truths

Dr Vernon Coleman

The war in Gaza is our war. But if you’re American or British then you are clearly supporting the wrong side in the war. Your government is complicit in the worst genocide in living memory; a ruthless territorial grab and brutal ethnic cleansing disguised as revenge killing.

At the United Nations, thirteen nations voted to demand a cease fire – to stop the Israelis continuing their slaughter of babies and children and old people in Gaza.

Two countries did not vote for peace. The United States of America, under Biden, vetoed the vote – which means they voted to allow Israel to continue the slaughter. What’s the difference between supporting Israel’s genocide and supporting Germany during the Second World War? If there is a difference I cannot see it.

A genocide is a genocide is a genocide is a genocide is a genocide.

Biden effectively said to Israel: `It’s OK to kill as many children as you like. Here are some bullets and bombs which you can use.’

The United Kingdom, under Sunak, sat on the fence and abstained. In practice this means that Sunak also said `Carry on Murdering’. Sunak, like war criminal Blair, is an American poodle. He barks when he’s told to bark. And he does nothing when he is told to do nothing.

As I predicted at the start of the Iraq war, Blair became very rich. What’s Sunak’s price? Whatever it is, the result is that Britain has stamped the genocide with Sunak’s seal of approval. This is the worst, most cold-blooded war crime in modern history, and Sunak has turned his back on decency, com-passion and honour. Why I am not surprised.

Israel, as some brave Jews now agree, has weaponised the `holocaust’ and uses history as its perennial get out of jail free card. Netanyahu and the Zionists seem to think that history gives them special rights – and entitles them to behave contrary to human, moral and criminal laws.

And since the Israeli Government must know that they are creating a perpetual state of war, their aim is presumably to destroy millions. To an outsider, it seems as though the aim of this mass infanticide is to eradicate a nation. As I explained in my recent video, I believe that whatever other aims Israel and Netanyahu may have, removing the Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank is part of a plot to gain financial control of the vast oil reserves which lie within those areas (and under the sea off Gaza). You can watch my video via the VIDEO button on Check out what I said.

It seems that Israel’s plan is to move all the Palestinians off their land and turn millions into permanently homeless refugees.

The Israelis told the Palestinians to move South so that they would be safe. And when families moved to the South of Gaza, the Israelis started to bomb the places which they’d previously defined as safe. Today, the plan seems to be to bottle up the remains of a population of over two million people in an area the size of Heathrow Airport – without water, without food, without electricity. This is, by any standards, historic or modern, a cold-blooded, criminal, relentless massacre.

Naturally, pro-Israeli bots are furiously criticising and abusing anyone who dares to speak out about these war crimes. Anyone who protests about the genocide is, perversely, attacked, demonised and threatened by bots which are programmed to defend Israel whatever it does.

I don’t believe any real individual can possibly now support what Israel is doing. The vicious, wild abuse, lies and prefabricated distortions must come from bots controlled by the security forces and propagandists. I repeat: I do not believe that anyone with an ounce of decency in their hearts could possibly support what Israel has done, is doing and clearly plans on continuing to do with American and British approval.

Of course, I am on record, with everyone else, as deploring what happened on October 7th 2023. It was horrendous.

But just what did happen on that fateful, awful day?

Did Israel know of the Hamas attack beforehand? Is it true that the Israelis knew what was happening but gave no warnings?

How many of the Israelis who were killed were actually killed by the Israelis? What on earth happened?

There have been many claims that the attack on October 7th was a false flag operation. Naturally, these claims were dismissed by Israel and its defenders.

But where is the truth? What hidden truths lie behind the façade which has been built up by the ever compliant and corrupt mainstream media?

I find I cannot believe anything the Israelis say because they seem to me to have lied, lied and lied again.

All that can be said with certainty is that the attack on October 7th was incredibly convenient for Israel in general and for Netanyahu in particular.

It gave the Israeli military an excuse to move into the Gaza Strip and start the genocide. And the attack meant that the corruption trial of Netanyahu was halted. It’s important to remember that Netanyahu is the first sitting Israeli prime minister to appear in court accused of fraud, bribery and breach of trust (charges which he denies). After October 7th the trial was halted – though I believe it will now restart.

Whatever the truth about what happened on October 7th, there can be no doubt that the continuing genocide and the mass killing of thousands of innocents (including many thousands of babies and children) is a continuing war crime.

Saying that the slaughter isn’t a war crime, or is explicable in some way, is itself criminal; and doesn’t excuse what is happening. As I said right at the beginning, nothing gives an individual or a nation the right to kill indiscriminately, whether out of revenge or alleged self-defence. If you have to slaughter babies by the thousand, then what are you defending yourself against?

Those Western journalists and commentators who continue to support Israel, and to avoid asking the difficult questions, are supporting war crimes.

And finally, just what are the medium and long-term aims of those behind this genocide? Is it part of the bigger plan to take us all into the Great Reset?

The approval of the USA for what is happening in Gaza makes it difficult to believe that we are not seeing another move forwards in the determined and ruthless plan to kill the innocent, to destroy the world economy and to take away every remaining vestige of our freedom.

These are dark, dark days, my friends. I fear for the people of Gaza but I also fear for us all.

As you know I am banned everywhere for the crime of telling the truth. Please share this article everywhere you can. Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2023

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Source: IMG: © UNRWA/Ashraf Amra. A man takes his children across bombed land in the Gaza Strip during the temporary humanitarian pause. AWIP:


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