Their mass murder plan for Australia and the world

Australian Covid-19 concentration camp.

[11/24/21] As this article is written, the globalist-controlled Australian government is removing the indigenous Aboriginal people from their homes and forcing them to take the vaccine. They are being arrested by the military and taken to COVID-19 concentration camps. The same camps have been constructed in America and most countries around the world and stand ready for the next phase of the depop-psyop.

Australia is the testing ground. Whatever the super-rich can get away with there, they will do to the rest of humanity. Each country is at different stage in the operation. All could eventually be subjected to the same measures as the Australian people.

The logical next step in their mass murder plan would be to use the fake PCR test to force everybody in the camps to be injected, "for their good and to save lives,” they would say. The politicians and talking heads in the globalist media will claim the deadly (non-existent) Covid-19 germ is spreading, and drastic action must be taken.

The military will enter the camps and force every prisoner to take a “live shot”, not the saline that was given to politicians and the rich and famous. Within weeks, the simple cold germs that were in the camps will be replaced by a raging inferno of mass death as all those injected with the lethal bioweapon die.

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