UNICEF: 700k+ Gaza Children Displaced, Calls for Immediate Ceasefire

Alahed News & Agencies

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund [UNICEF] says more than 700,000 children in Gaza have been displaced amid brutal “Israeli” strikes against the coastal enclave.

In a post on social media platform X on Monday, UNICEF said more than 700,000 children in Gaza have been “forced to leave everything behind.” The UN agency also called for “an immediate humanitarian ceasefire” and “sustained and unimpeded access to provide assistance.”

The UN agency earlier warned that children in Gaza are facing a dire humanitarian situation amid an ongoing “Israeli” aggression which has paralyzed medical and healthcare services.

💬 “Children in Gaza are hanging by a thread, particularly in the north,” Adele Khodr, UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Director said on Friday. “Thousands and thousands of children remain in northern Gaza as hostilities intensify. These children have nowhere to go and are at extreme risk. We call for the attacks on health care facilities to stop immediately and for the urgent delivery of fuel and medical supplies to hospitals across all Gaza, including the northern parts of the Strip,” he said.

The UNICEF has already warned that the risk of waterborne and other diseases is rising and “particularly threatens children” amid rare access to safe water and as the total number of displaced people, which exceeded 1.5 million, are living in dreadful sanitation conditions.

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