There is never going to be another "deadly global pandemic." There have not been any in the past

Katherine Watt

Orientation for new readers

The Monster has only devised means to produce the illusion of deadly global pandemics. And that's all he will ever be able to do.

Notes on the 2017 addition of "public health emergency" definitions to 42 CFR 70.1.

Incessant prattling of lobbyists for State-sponsored bioterrorism (code name "biodefense") notwithstanding, there hasn't ever been a deadly global pandemic, or a pathogen with the potential to circulate around the whole world and kill millions or billions of people.

So there can't be another one, or a next one, or any other future one for which the lessons of Covid must be learned; new treaties and laws must be drafted, signed and enforced; new surveillance and control programs developed; and billions of preparatory dollars spent.

There was a first theatrical production of the illusion of a deadly global pandemic: the 1918 Spanish flu. And now there has been a second theatrical production of the illusion of a deadly global pandemic: Covid-19.

There are going to be more attempts to produce the same illusion under different titles; the producers routinely announce and demand funding for their road shows. Human men and women are the audience. Individual human minds are the private theaters into which the shows are projected.

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