Diabolical Double-Think…Washington Touts Israeli Genocide of Palestinians as Self-Defense

Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

Can Western leaders show a modicum of moral fibre?

In blatant defiance of world opinion and international law, the Israeli state continues its daily massacre of civilians in Gaza.

After nearly four weeks of non-stop aerial bombardment, the death toll has exceeded 9,000, with thousands more missing under rubble. The actual death toll as of this writing could be near 15,000.

The United Nations organization UNICEF this week described Gaza as a “graveyard for children”. An estimated 400 children are killed or wounded every day. The wounded have no way of being treated as hospitals shut down from lack of fuel and supplies.

In heartrending scenes, families are desperately trying to dig up children buried under concrete debris. All too often, their cries fade with agonising death.

The world is witnessing an age of cruel depravity that is on par with the barbarity of Nazi Germany.

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