Putin Might Have Cancelled Armageddon

Video Rebel's Blog

Egypt has 100,000 troops at the Gaza border hoping to take badly needed supplies to 2.3 million Palestinians. Even before the recent war, Israel had been rationing the people of Gaza to less water than the UN says human beings need.

Putin has aircraft with Mach 12 Kinzhal missiles on board planes in the Black Sea. The Kinzhal is Mach 10 and has a total speed of Mach 12 when launched from a fast jet. It can sink an aircraft carrier. It digs a hole 98 feet (30 meters) deep where its target used to be.

We were told the US Treasury deficit was a mere $1.7 trillion for fiscal year 2023. But that is not true. The US Treasury added $2 trillion in debt. In fact recently, they added $500 billion in debt in just one month.

Before the first shot is fired from American, Chinese and Russian ships in the Mediterranean, China could sell $30 billion an hour in US Treasury bonds every hour starting as soon as the London markets open and continuing when New York opens. New York and London Bankers will likely force the Biden admin to discontinue all this war talk nonsense.

Bankers will tell the idiot politicians in Washington what I have been saying for years: When, not if the Dollar Dies, our wages and pensions will be permanently cut 60%. Instant chaos and riots in every American city will ensue.

The US has kept its fleet over towards Sicily. But Russia can always get permission from Turkey to move his jets closer if Netanyahu tries to demolish the homes of all those people in Gaza and force them to go live in tents in the Sinai. Or Russia could use older ICBMs to launch a couple of Mach 20 Avangard missiles at those two US aircraft carriers. Iran also has the Kinzhal missile and a variety of other missiles to take out US ships in the Persian Gulf including that one aircraft carrier.

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