Young Gaza poet and novelist, killed in Israeli strike, chronicled pain of her people

Humaira Ahad

The Israeli military, after launching the indiscriminate aerial bombardment three weeks ago, warned Gazans to leave their homes in the north and flee to the south “for their own safety.”

Like thousands of other Palestinians, 32-year-old poet and writer Heba Abu Nada also abandoned her home in the north, and sought refuge with her relatives in Khan Yunis, a city in southern Gaza. However, the sweeping bombing campaign of the apartheid regime did not even spare the south and killed many displaced people, including the young and promising Palestinian poet and novelist. As the United Nations acknowledged, “there really is no safe place to go in Gaza.” The death toll in the besieged Gaza Strip has jumped above 8,000 since October 7, with majority of victims being children, women and elderly.

Abu Nada, who was a popular name in the literary circles of Palestine and had earned several awards for her writings, was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 1991. She traced her roots to a refugee family from Beit Jirja, a Palestinian village northeast of Gaza. The village was overrun by the Zionist forces during the Arab-Israeli war displacing the family in 1948. After that, her family was forced to relocate to the Gaza Strip.

As a young female Palestinian poet and writer, Abu Nada co-authored three poetry collections. In 2017, she won second place in the Sharjah Award for Creativity in the novel category for her debut novel “Uksujinlaysalil-mawta" (Oxygen isn't for the dead). In her novel, Abu Nada raised the issue of justice, bringing to light the harsh reality of Palestinians under occupation and comparing it with the Arab uprising of 2011. Her famous novel, ‘Oxygen isn't for the dead’, is in its fourth edition now.


Nahida Izzat,
Exiled Palestinian

* * *

Seventy five years of deafening silence
As bombs rained down on Palestine
Day in day out
Year in year out
Droves of children wiped out
In their mothers’ arms
O hear us world,
We’ve been mowed down

* * *

Dragged to the edge of the abyss

Jeremy Salt
Al Mayadeen English

Palestine had no break for 75 years, while the Western ‘international rules-based order’ watches, does nothing to stop it, and everything to ensure it continues.

No words are left. The mind is emptied of anything more to say beyond repetition after 75 years of this. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, no break. Ethnic cleansing, en masse and incremental; massacres, assassinations, bombing of refugee camps, schools, clinics, hospitals, ambulances, paramedics, cities, towns, and villages, bombed by artillery, tanks, jet fighters, and warships. Mothers, fathers, children, babies, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and friends, were all massacred. No break for 75 years, while the Western ‘international rules-based order’ watches, does nothing to stop it and everything to ensure it continues.

There was horror and outrage in 1982 when the settler regime’s iron guard stalked through Sabra and Shatila refugee camps slaughtering men, women, and children. This woke the Western world up to the crimes it was capable of committing but then it slept throughout all the crimes that followed, until October 7, when Palestinians launched the first relatively large-scale attack inside the occupied land in all those 75 years. Then the horror and outrage knew no limits, but only at the killing of Israelis, not at the killing of Palestinians by them.

List of war crimes and crimes qualifying as genocide committed by Israel in Gaza between 7th & 14th October 2023

Yanis Varoufakis

Defenders of Israel’s bombing and invasion of Gaza have challenged me to offer a ‘chapter-and-verse’ list of war crimes that Israel has committed since the Hamas Offensive of 7th October.

Here is an indicative, but not exhaustive, list. There is no doubt: Israel is investing in war crimes to effect its recapture and ethnic cleansing of Gaza while, at the same time, practising similar tactics in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court – Genocide

Article 6(c): Deliberately inflicting on a group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

    Imposition of a complete siege of the Gaza Strip, totally depriving Gazans of electricity, food and fuel, and tightening even more the existing 16-year-old blockade thereof.[1]

Article 25(3)(c): For the purpose of facilitating the commission of such a crime, aids, abets or otherwise assists in its commission or its attempted commission, including providing the means for its commission

    Israel purchases 10,000 riffles for Israeli settlers[2]

Article 25(3)(e): Directly and publicly Incites others to commit genocide

    “We are fighting human animals, and we act accordingly” (Israel’s Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant)[3]

War crimes – Grave breaches of the Wilful killings of the 1949 Geneva Conventions

No More Pain

Nahida Izzat,
Exiled Palestinian

Pile your ugly missiles and guns

Froth at the mouth drinking my blood

Feast on your foul bars of gold

Beat your chests, rejoice my death

Until we meet at Court Divine

Your final shock and awe will be

Your “chosen-mess”, your own demise

Jews claimed an historical right to Crimea due to their Khazar roots, Palestine considered unsuitable

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

December 30, 1926, Vienna (Dec. 29)

In 1926 the Jews claimed an historical right to Crimea due to their Khazar roots, Palestine was considered to be unsuitable.

Russian Jews have a historic right on which to base their land settling activity in the Crimea. This was the opinion expressed by Dr. Simon Dubnow, well known Russian Jewish historian, in an interview with the representative of the “Menorah.”

If the question of Jewish right to colonize Crimea is raised it must be remembered that the Jews have a right to claim to be autochthons of all the northern coast of the Black Sea. As early as the ancient Bosphorean empire, before the Christian era, colonies of Hellenized Jews have flourished on the Black Sea coast. Inscriptions which have been found there dating back to the first cenutry prove the existence of organized Jewish communities in this region. These Hellenized Jews were followed by the Byzantine Jews in the fifth century of the Christian era. The Khazar empire, the leading classes of which adopted Judaism, existed between the eighth and eleventh centuries. Then, settlements of Jews and Karaites existed in this region between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries. Finally, the Jewish colonies have existed there since the nineteenth century. The historic rights of the Jews to colonize Crimea and the entire Black Sea coast from Odessa to the Caucasus cannot be doubted and it is certainly desirable in a region where for two thousand years our ancestors have, under the Greeks and the Scythians, engaged in agriculture, that the Jews should again cultivate the land. However, the modern Scythians are more dangerous than the ancient-“Time# Danaos et dona ferentes” (I fear the Danaos even if they bring me gifts) he declared.

Psychos on Parade…Western Leaders Complicit in Israeli War Crimes and Genocide

Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

Western leaders lining up with the Israeli regime in its genocidal barbarity are fully complicit in that genocide.

Western leaders have been traipsing to Tel Aviv over the past week, vowing to give their full support for Israel even as the Israeli regime wantonly wages a genocidal war on Palestinians.

It is absolutely shocking that the world is witnessing such mass killing of civilians and yet Western governments and news media seem to do everything to justify, minimize and cover up the atrocities. Cover-up they should because they are complicit in this horrific slaughter.

U.S. President Joe Biden, as well as Britain’s Rishi Sunak, Germany’s Olaf Scholz and the European Union chief Ursula Von Der Leyen, are among the Western leaders who have blood dripping from their hands.

They talk about Israel’s “right to self-defense” while the Israeli military pulverizes Gaza with indiscriminate air strikes and shoots Palestinians dead in the ghettoes of the West Bank. The Palestinian people in both enclaves are being targeted with genocidal ferocity as Israeli leaders denigrate them as “human animals”.

In Gaza for the past two weeks, a population of 2.3 million has been held under total siege without water, food or electricity. Nowhere is safe in the coastal area as U.S. and UK-supplied Israeli bombs rain down on homes, refugee centers, hospitals, schools, churches and mosques.

This is barbarous collective punishment meted out on innocent civilians and a gross violation of the Geneva Conventions. It is state terrorism writ large. And despite the daily horror, Western leaders say nothing except repeat the cynical mantra that Israel has the right to self-defense in response to the murderous mass attack by Hamas militants on October 7.

Dr. Thomas Binder’s Message to the Public

Dr. Thomas Binder

Dear fellow humans! My name is Thomas Binder. I studied medicine in Zurich, obtained a doctorate in immunology and virology, specialised in internal medicine and cardiology, and have 35 years of experience in the diagnosis and therapy of acute respiratory infections, in hospitals, in intensive care units and in my private practice.

Others and myself have been explaining the still prevailing corona narrative since February 2020. It is unscientific, unlawful, inhumane nonsense from A for no epidemiologically relevant Asymptomatic transmission, over D for wrong Definition of COVID infection and COVID death, I for wrong Indication to test, N for Non-pharmaceutical interventions for asymptomatic, formerly called healthy people, are ineffective and do only harm, P for no Pandemic but pandemic, T for wrong Test and V for wrong Vaccine to Z for Zero COVID is an intellectual absurdity. For doing this, we were censored, libelled or, like me at Easter 2020, even brutally arrested by an anti-terrorist unit in my doctor’s office and shipped off to the loony bin because of alleged “self-endangerment in COVID insanity”. Today, we are totally vindicated. The alleged COVID pandemic was primarily an RT-PCR testing pandemic!

Others and myself, who have a minimum of basic medical and immunological knowledge, had read the pivotal studies and have some common sense and spine, had already explained the futility, ineffectiveness and insecurity of the modified RNA injections before their criminal emergency approval. Today, we know that they are even negatively effective, promote illness and death from COVID and have already killed over 10 million people through side effects, prevented millions of fertilisations and induced millions of stillbirths, in the absence of evidence that they saved even one single human life.

Netanyahu Bragged About Zionist Support for Hamas

Kurt Nimmo

The Israel state has manufactured terror as a pretext for ethnic cleansing and mass murder.

Scott Horton, the editorial director of the Antiwar website, has found further evidence that Hamas is an Israeli-controlled terror organization. Horton points to a recent post at the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. The article is locked up behind a paywall. However, it is posted on the website.

During Netanyahu’s fraud trial, writes Gidi Wewitz, the prime minister is quoted as declaring,

“Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,” he told a meeting of his Likud party’s Knesset members in March 2019. “This is part of our strategy—to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.” (Emphasis added.)

In addition, Bibi admitted (and this is well-documented; see below) that Israel is in the business of undermining its neighbors.

“We have neighbors,” he said, “who are our bitter enemies ... I send them messages all the time ... these days, right now ... I mislead them, destabilize them, mock them, and them hit them over the head.” The suspect then continued his lecture: “It’s impossible to reach an agreement with them ... Everyone knows this, but we control the height of the flames.”

On the moral agency of living human lawmakers

Katherine Watt

Orientation for new readers

A reader who is interested in supporting legal cases that challenge Covid-era government acts as fraud-based recently emailed, asking of I could help “identify the core elements of the fraud, and who has committed it, with references...” My reply is below.

By way of analogy, one way to think about the relationships between globalist communitarian law, national constitutions and criminal codes, and declared “public health emergencies,” involves trapdoors, fly-rails and other elements of theatrical staging.

The lever that sets the trapdoor mechanism in motion is the unilateral (evidence-not-required, evidentiary-review-not-permitted) declaration, by the WHO Director-General, that a “public health emergency of international concern” (PHEIC) exists.

When the WHO Director-General pulls the lever, the first gear in the contraption engages: national health officials (also unilaterally and without evidence or evidentiary review) declare a national “public health emergency” (PHE) in each WHO member state, in compliance with the terms of the WHO International Health Regulations, which are construed as a binding international legal instrument or treaty.

At that moment, the constitutions and criminal codes that had formed the foundation for the rule of law in each country, fall through the trap door into the basement to temporary irrelevance, and the door slams shut above them. At the same time, the communitarian law superstructure is dropped onto the stage from the overhead fly-system.

Secret KGB documents reveal horror crimes of Ukrainian Nazi collaborators Editorial

Ukrainian women dressed in national costumes salute Nazi German
high command during the parade in Stanislaviv (currently Ivano-
Frankovsk), October 1941. © Wikipedia

Ukrainian nationalists began ethnic cleansing of Jews during WWII, even before the actual Nazi occupation began, documents show

RT has obtained a trove of declassified documents from the KGB, highlighting crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists in Soviet territories occupied by Nazi Germany during WWII. The documents include witness accounts of people who survived ethnic cleansings, as well as testimonies of Ukrainian collaborators captured by the Soviet domestic intelligence, then known as the NKVD.

Large swaths of present-day Ukraine fell under Nazi occupation in summer 1941 as German troops advanced deep into the Soviet Union. In fact, attacks on ethnic Jews and Poles, as well as local communists, began immediately as Soviet troops withdrew.

💬 “In the first hours following the retreat of the Bolsheviks, the Ukrainian population has demonstrated commendable activity against Jews,” a status report from the Gestapo, Nazi Germany’s secret police, dated July 16, 1941, reads. Said “commendable activities” involved...

The Split In Israel And The War Of Al-Aqsa

Moon of Alabama

What is the reason for the 'Al-Aqsa Deluge', as Hamas had named its terror operation against the Zionists? On October 8 Alastair Crooke, one of most experienced Middle East hands, wrote in AlMahadeen:

💬 "Israel" has shattered into two equally weighted factions holding to two irreconcilable visions of "Israel’s" future; two mutually opposing readings of history and of what it means to be Jewish.

The fissure could not be more complete. Except it is. One faction, which holds a majority in parliament, is broadly Mizrahi -- a former underclass in Israeli society; and the other, largely well-to-do liberal Ashkenazi.

Mizrahi are mostly the original Middle Eastern Jews and often on the religious far right, Ashkenazi are mostly liberal European ones. The current Netanyahoo government is the first which includes far-right Mizrahi ministers. Most Mizrahi follow the Sephardi religious rites. They want a religious state based on Jewish law. They are as radical as ISIS.

The High Court of Israel has 14 Ashkenazi judges and one Mizrahi one. It is one of the reasons why the Netanyahoo government wants the parliament to be able to vote down high court judgments. There have been large, U.S. sponsored 'regime change' protests in Israel against that move. The leaders of the military and security services, mostly Ashkenazi, have also opposed the government's move against the court. I therefore think that it is quite possible that there was intelligence pointing to the Hamas attack, but that it was not revealed to let Netanyahoo fall into a trap. We have however no evidence that there were reasonably precise intelligence warnings, or that they were held up.

PDF compilations

Katherine Watt

Orientation for new readers

PDF compilations of Bailiwick News posts are linked below, for readers who want to save the material offline and/or print.

The PDF files compile supporting material and commentary on this synopsis from a January 2023 abstract for an academic paper:

…Through gradual, covert statutory reclassification and program transfers, reinforced through Presidential Executive Orders and related executive branch declarations, and implemented through hundreds of regulatory amendments, the US Government's Chemical and Biological Warfare Program originally housed in the Department of Defense (DOD), became the Public Health Emergency [PHE]-Emergency Use Authorization [EUA]-Medical Countermeasures program housed in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The bioterrorism program is now jointly operated by DOD, HHS, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, most other US federal agencies and their subordinate departments, divisions, offices, authorities, enterprises, committees, advisory boards and employees, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and other public, private and public-private hybrid institutions around the world…

"Unlimited Tsunami of Foreigners"

Amy Mek

“Which Idiot Came Up With the Idea to Bring Everyone and Their Mother Here...Multiculturalism is seen as societal enrichment in The Hague, but the people at home have known for decades that this is a crude lie.”

In a powerful and impassioned speech on the floor of the Dutch Parliament, Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), has raised serious concerns about the impact of the Netherlands’ left-wing open border policies and the massive influx of migrants into the country. Wilders’ speech has drawn attention to the challenges these policies pose, calling them a threat to the very fabric of Dutch society.

Wilders began his speech by labeling the migration and asylum policy as “the most important issue” facing the Netherlands. He expressed disbelief that a country with one of the highest population densities in Europe has adopted an open borders policy, allowing an overwhelming number of foreigners, including asylum seekers, migrant workers, and foreign students, to enter the country without restraint.

Addressing the parliament, Wilders exclaimed, “Everyone and his mother is being let in here. And I ask you, what fool thought that up? We are being completely destroyed by it.” He went on to criticize the left-wing government for giving away the nation’s resources, including money, safety, homes, and healthcare, to newcomers at the expense of Dutch citizens.

Wilders warned that the consequences of this open borders policy are rapidly eroding the livability of the Netherlands. With limited space and housing, the country is struggling to accommodate the influx of newcomers, leading to overcrowding and a loss of the country’s natural beauty. He emphasized that the policy is unsustainable for a nation as geographically compact as the Netherlands.

After Cutting Off Water and Electricity and Calling for Evacuation of Residential Areas, Israeli Occupation Collectively Punishes Gaza Strip Population

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) warns against the rapid deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, especially after Israeli officials’ statements to broaden the scope of attacks and their calls upon thousands of residents across the Gaza Strip to evacuate their houses amid airstrikes targeting residential towers and civilian houses.

UNRWA has declared receipt of 20,000 persons in 44 of its schools across the Gaza Strip, except Khan Yunis. According to UNRWA, only 28 schools have been equipped to be used as shelters in emergencies while the rest 16 have not. Meanwhile, three UNRWA schools sustained partial damage due to the Israeli airstrike. As a result of the ongoing aggression, UNRWA has announced that the distribution of foodstuffs is on hold until further notice.

PCHR condemns the Israeli collective punishment policy and inhumane and illegal reprisals against the civilian population in the Gaza Strip following the decision of the Israeli Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Yisrael Katz, to stop electricity supplies to the Gaza Strip. Moreover, the Israeli companies halted water supplies to the Gaza Strip, depriving the population of 50% of their water needs. This policy has inflicted catastrophic repercussions on all service and health sectors, which already suffer from continuous and serious deterioration due to 17 years of closure. Therefore, this violates all international conventions, particularly Article (33) of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

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