On the moral agency of living human lawmakers

Katherine Watt

Orientation for new readers

A reader who is interested in supporting legal cases that challenge Covid-era government acts as fraud-based recently emailed, asking of I could help “identify the core elements of the fraud, and who has committed it, with references...” My reply is below.

By way of analogy, one way to think about the relationships between globalist communitarian law, national constitutions and criminal codes, and declared “public health emergencies,” involves trapdoors, fly-rails and other elements of theatrical staging.

The lever that sets the trapdoor mechanism in motion is the unilateral (evidence-not-required, evidentiary-review-not-permitted) declaration, by the WHO Director-General, that a “public health emergency of international concern” (PHEIC) exists.

When the WHO Director-General pulls the lever, the first gear in the contraption engages: national health officials (also unilaterally and without evidence or evidentiary review) declare a national “public health emergency” (PHE) in each WHO member state, in compliance with the terms of the WHO International Health Regulations, which are construed as a binding international legal instrument or treaty.

At that moment, the constitutions and criminal codes that had formed the foundation for the rule of law in each country, fall through the trap door into the basement to temporary irrelevance, and the door slams shut above them. At the same time, the communitarian law superstructure is dropped onto the stage from the overhead fly-system.

On the moral agency of living human lawmakers (reply to a reader request)

…I don’t think that my work will be useful for your project, because one of my core findings is that once the global communitarian law superstructure has been triggered (by the WHO-PHEIC and domestic PHE declarations), and nullifies national constitutional and criminal law under the terms of the treaties, the truth or falsity of statements made by acting/imposter government officials is moot.

Under the communitarian law system, there can be no fraud, because there is no legally-discernible, legally-relevant truth. There’s only the “common good” as unilaterally defined and declared by the dictators working within the self-referential communitarian law system.

And under the communitarian law system, there are no potential individual human plaintiffs with rights to truthful information; there are only depersonalized military targets in a global war zone, being attacked by mercenaries working for the globalist dictators.

This is why I focus on the need for current individual human lawmakers to revoke the moral agency they have, in recent decades, misappropriated by loaning it out to the globalists, and align their own moral agency and lawmaking acts with divine law and natural law, by acting to withdraw countries from the enabling treaties, and to repeal, nullify or block the enabling statutes within each country.

Litigation can help, in my view, only and most powerfully by drawing the hidden aspects of the communitarian law takeover into more open public awareness.

The only reason those approaches (treaty withdrawal + statute repeal + litigation-triggered disclosures of communitarian law overrides of constitutional and criminal law) can be effective, is because the Monster wants to be perceived as legitimate, not as criminal.

That’s why the treaties and statutes have been written and passed, by the legislatures and executives in each country, and why the federal courts in each country refuse to allow constitutional challenges, and why the federal prosecutors in each country refuse to take up criminal prosecutions.

The acts of national lawmakers and executives provide the veneer of legitimacy that the globalists want but cannot manufacture for themselves out of nothing.

The national lawmakers retain the power to repeal those laws by virtue of the same actual legitimacy the lawmakers possess and in which the globalist imposters are only clothing themselves temporarily.

Even more importantly, lawmakers who expose the duress under which the illegitimate treaties and statutes were originally adopted, and are regularly amended and expanded, also expose the moral and legal basis for nullification of those legal instruments, because duress invalidates the moral dimension of acts of the will, and the free-ness of acts of the will is the only thing that makes them morally sound.

The refusals and immobility and silence of the courts and prosecutors provide another layer of legitimacy that the globalists want but cannot manufacture for themselves out of nothing.

And those refusals and silences are also an implicit admission — by the living judges, misappropriating their moral agency — that the acts of the globalist imposters who have “penetrated ze cabinets” cannot pass constitutional muster and are crimes under criminal codes.

The globalist killers don’t want to openly attack and kill people.

They want to deceive people into killing themselves and killing each other. They want people to think that what they’re doing is caring for themselves and taking care of each other.

The globalists want to stay hidden, and they want the mechanisms of deceit that they’ve built to also stay hidden.


Source: Bailiwick News. Image: © universityofcalifornia.edu
AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/2023/10/13/on-the-moral-agency-of


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