How Sarah Ashton Cirillo Echoes Joseph Goebbels

Stephen Karganovic

Mens morba in corpore morbō: How Sarah Ashton Cirillo Echoes Joseph Goebbels (cf. "Mens sana in corpore sano" -ed.) Let us analyse the implications of the use of Nazi memes in the discourse of an average American who happens to be in Ukraine.

The unhinged Monty Python hermaphrodite Sarah Ashton Cirillo (real name Michael John Cirillo) got its comeuppance. Famous pranksters Vovan and Lexus could not resist the temptation of making a complete fool of this poor ignorant nitwit. Once again they have performed a public service and as usual have done a brilliant job of it. [You Tube now has deleted these videos. You may however try Rumble - Ed.] Vovan and Lexus’ conversation with Cirillo is interesting on several levels.

The main takeaways of the prankster interview are AFU “sergeant” Cirillo’s affirmations that Russians are “not human” and that the West does not fully understand the threat they pose, that all “Russian propagandists” should be targeted with every available weapon, including terrorist attacks, that the immensely talented Russian journalist Daria Dugina, who was murdered by Kiev regime agents in a booby trapped vehicle, “died a death that she deserved,” and that Ukraine should go on to target Maria Zakharova as well, presumably in similarly gruesome fashion.

After the subject’s moral and psychological portrait was thus established, the conversation with the pranksters turned to what is probably the most revealing segment of their interaction with Cirillo.

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