Iran 1953: MI6 plots with Islamists to overthrow democracy

Mark Curtis

Declassified British files highlight a little known aspect of the joint MI6/CIA coup against Iran’s democratically elected government in August 1953 – UK covert action in support of leading radical Shia Islamists, the predecessors of Ayatollah Khomeini.
    British officials wanted “a non-communist coup     d'état” in Iran to install a “dictator” who would    promote UK oil interests
    UK and US governments backed Islamist forces    to stir up unrest and even considered installing    Ayatollah Kashani as a client leader following a    coup

In many accounts the CIA is regarded as the prime mover behind the 1953 coup in Iran, yet Britain was in fact the initial instigator and provided considerable resources to the plot, which UK planners named ‘Operation Boot’.

In the early 1950s, the Anglo–Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), or BP as it is now known, was run from London and owned jointly by the British government and private citizens. It controlled Iran’s main source of income, oil, and by 1951 had become, according to one British official, “in effect an imperium in imperio [an empire within an empire] in Persia”. Iranian nationalists objected to the fact that the AIOC’s revenues from oil were greater than the Iranian government’s. Britain’s ambassador in Tehran, Sir Francis Shepherd, had a typically colonialist take on the situation. The declassified files show his writing:

💬 “It is so important to prevent the Persians from destroying their main source of revenue…by trying to run it themselves.” He added: “The need for Persia is not to run the oil industry for herself (which she cannot do) but to profit from the technical ability of the West.”

Of course Iran was perfectly capable of running its own oil industry. In March 1951 the Iranian parliament voted to nationalise oil operations, take control of the AIOC and expropriate its assets. In May, Mohammed Mossadeq, the leader of Iran’s social-democratic National Front Party, was elected as prime minister and immediately implemented the bill.

Britain responded by withdrawing the AIOC’s technicians and announcing a blockade on Iranian oil exports. Moreover, it also began planning to overthrow Mossadeq. “Our policy”, a British official later recalled, “was to get rid of Mossadeq as soon as possible”.

My Lifelong War With the "Healthcare" System

Donald Jeffries

My rather unusual childhood clearly left its imprint on me. If I’d had younger, more active parents, and siblings closer to my age, perhaps I wouldn’t have been as drawn to daydreaming, and over analysis. I spent a lot of time in self-reflection, and in my own thoughts. Which was odd for a very social extrovert like me.

I saw our “healthcare” system up close and personal, from the time I was very small. My father never even went through six months of apparent health during my childhood. He spent almost as much time as a patient at Fairfax Hospital than he did at home. As a seven year old, I watched the Beatles’ first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in the Fairfax Hospital lobby, because that’s where my father was. Both of my parents would eventually die at Fairfax Hospital, ten years apart. And I would work there for over thirty years, before moving on to other facilities within the same corporation that became Inova Health System. I gave them 44 years- my entire adult working life- before they fired me in 2018 for helping a handicapped co-worker.

So my childhood was dominated by sickness and hospitalization. My mother was also in the hospital a handful of times when I was a child. My father had so many major surgeries that his chest and stomach were covered in hideous scars. Maybe that’s why I’m so repelled by the Frankenstein scars on the chests of underage “trans” girls. At least one of those operations was what they used to quaintly call “exploratory.” This was when they had no idea what was going on inside someone, so they cut them open to see. In the cases of a few family members, I remember hearing my parents talk about how they saw the cancer immediately, so they “sewed them right back up.” It was all very frightening to a child, and obviously added to my growing list of fears.

My father grew to hate the world, but he never turned his bitterness on the medical system that consistently failed him. He loved his ridiculous Dr. O’Brien, who used to drive my mother crazy by combing his hair when listening to their complaints. Like most doctors, he wound up not living to a ripe old age. I’ve heard the allegations that doctors have the shortest life expectancies of any profession, but haven’t been able to verify that. At any rate, every time my father was hospitalized, whether he added to his record number of operations or not, he came back the worse for the wear. A little less capable of doing something he was able to do before. More debilitated every time. In all those years, the medical profession never helped him. Never made him better.

Russia scrambles as EU surges in Caucasus


Armenia no longer disputes that Nagorno-Karabakh is part of Azerbaijan. The prospect of peaceful resolution of a regional conflict ought to be good news, but this is an incredibly complex situation with an external environment where a brutal war is raging with no end in sight, and the protagonists pursue contrarian interests.

A settlement over Nagorno-Karabakh conflict leading to peace and reconciliation might open the pathway to Armenia’s (and, Azerbaijan’s) induction into the EU and NATO in a foreseeable future. The Armenian lobbies in European capitals and Washington wield much political influence. Oil-rich Azerbaijan eyes European market.

That said, Russia will resist the EU and NATO’s expansion into Transcaucasia, a highly strategic geographical region on the border of Eastern Europe and West Asia, straddling the southern Caucasus Mountains and bridges the Black Sea and the Caspian. Armenia is in a military alliance with Russia but Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has increasingly appealed to the West, including the EU.

L'Azerbaïdjan agresse le Haut-Karabakh : trahison finale de Pachinian

Karine Bechet-Golovko

Hier, l'Azerbaïdjan a décidé d'attaquer le Haut-Karabakh. Malgré les déclarations occidentales condamnant cette agression, chacun sait parfaitement que personne n'interviendra, le scénario est déjà ficelé et Pachinian joue le dernier acte. Désormais, l'Arménie tente d'en faire porter la responsabilité à la Russie et les médias commencent à s'engager dans cette ligne. Mais juste une question : pourquoi la Russie, devrait-elle défendre Pachinian ? Et contre qui, contre ses mentors atlantistes ? Doit-elle alors intégrer une région, avec laquelle elle n'a aucune frontière ? Non, évidemment. Les Arméniens ont élu Pachinian, à eux aussi de réagir. Et à Pachinian de prendre ses responsabilités : soit il est avec les Arméniens, soit il est avec les Atlantistes.

Les négociations de paix entre l'Arménie et l'Azerbaïdjan durent depuis 2020, principalement sous l'égide de la Russie, qui a mandat pour la présence de ses forces de paix dans le Haut-Karabakh, région majoritairement peuplée d'Arméniens et réclamée par l'Azerbaïdjan. Mais les Etats-Unis ont fortement travaillé dans la région, notamment par l'intermédiaire des structures européennes, à quoi s'ajoute leur allié de poids dans la place, en la personne du Premier ministre arménien Pachinian. Ainsi, en mai, ils reprennent la main dans le jeu diplomatique et conduisent Pachinian à abandonner à l'Azerbaïdjan cette région (voir notre texte ici).

Depuis lors, à plusieurs reprises, Pachinian s'est prononcé en faveur de la conclusion de cet accord de paix, appelons les choses par leur nom - de cette capitulation de l'Arménie.

African American Fatigue Syndrome

Donald Jeffries

I’m going to christen a new disease here. We’ve heard of other dubious maladies, from Post Partum Depression to Executive Burnout to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have fatigue, too. A special “variant” perhaps. I am tired of being subjected to nonstop African American adoration. I’m not Black and I’m not proud. I’m a victim.

Don’t get me wrong. I still usually wind up defending most Black people in America, because their poverty rate is undeniably disproportionately high. And I always stand up for the poor. I wrote a book about how they are thoroughly screwed by our rigged economic system, Survival of the Richest. But that is entirely separate from the anti- White agenda, which uses the historical frustrations of Blacks to crack down on free speech and all of our civil liberties. I’m always for the little guy. That includes little Black guys. I believe in equality of opportunity, and equality under the law. But “equity” is a “Woke” bastardization of this, and I’m fatigued by it.

As has become common in our virtue signaling society, I am claiming victimhood status. Just like all the little Black girls once had their self-esteem crushed by all those White Barbie dolls, I am crushed- well, fatigued- by all the alpha male Black figures in sports and entertainment. And politics. I am fatigued by all the Black police chiefs and judges in films and on television, and the utter lack of Black criminals onscreen. I am fatigued at all the Black news anchors. I am fatigued at all the Blacks in advertising of every kind. I have never seen a White face in all the years I’ve been doing online banking. Well, except for interracial couples. They are everywhere in media. And I’m really fatigued about it.

Where are all the Hispanic news anchors? Or actors onscreen, with a lovely blonde hanging all over them? How about Native Americans? Why was it, and is it, just fine to have them segregated on reservations, where they are mired in poverty and crippled by alcoholism? As someone with a trace of American Indian heritage, that really fatigues me. Where are all the Asian recording artists? Middle Eastern meteorologists on the Weather Channel? Our media is utterly dominated by one particular minority group, which isn’t even our largest. And the essence of my syndrome stems from the fact they didn’t achieve this status through merit. Which is why I’m so fatigued.

Russia, Iran, Israel, America and Turkey competed in the Caucasus, and Armenia lost Nagorno-Karabakh

Elijah J Magnier

Nestled in the Caucasus, the Nagorno-Karabakh region is a living emblem of global geopolitics. Far from being a simple territorial dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the region is a nexus where the strategic aspirations of Russia, Iran, Israel, America and Turkey intersect. Armenia’s struggle with the loss of Nagorno-Karabakh reveals a broader narrative that involves not just land, but a maze of strategic pathways, alliances and geopolitical moves. While some see the conflict as rooted in ethnicity, others see a struggle for key corridors that could potentially separate Iran from Armenia and bolster Turkey’s influence in Eurasia. The geopolitical stakes are high: Armenia’s NATO aspirations are opposed by Russia, Iran and Turkey; European interests are at stake; and Israel’s prominent role in Azerbaijan makes Iran wary. With Russia and Turkey promoting corridors that could further marginalise Iran in the South Caucasus, the search for a lasting peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan remains challenging, with the prevailing tensions serving the interests of several global actors.

Under Russian guidance, Armenian officials in Nagorno-Karabakh recently signed a deal with Azerbaijan that has yet to be finalised. The pact will see them become a minority but still Azerbaijani citizens and integrate into Azerbaijani society, a significant change after the 24-hour attack. After years of intense conflict, Baku is now asserting its dominance over the disputed region. But the underlying crisis between Armenia and Azerbaijan is far from resolved.

Boldly Into the Chaos

James Howard Kunstler

“When you give power over law to people who see law only as a weapon with which to get enemies, you destroy the rule of law. That’s what the dumbshit white liberals have done.” — PC Roberts

Everybody I talk to feels a gnawing tingle of dread in their livers and lights as our world tilts into the season of darkness. The Party of Chaos rules solely on the basis of insults to its citizens. They are certainly trying to provoke something like civil war, something they can label “white supremacy,” as if that would justify declaring a state of siege — an emergency suspension of rights to speak, to move, to assemble, to resist the sticky pseudopods of the malevolent Blob that Washington has become.

These insults are all obvious untruths, and behind them, you can be sure, lurk great crimes. Crimes, of course, call for adjudication and payment. That has been the American way. So, naturally, the Party of Chaos, stolidly based against the American way, has hijacked the law to prevent it from being applied to them. They have spoiled and dishonored every authority in this land and disgracing the law is their ultimate prize.

It’s hard to say which of their insults is the worst, they are all so gross and arrant, but the untruths around the Covid-19 vaccine operation seem the most conspicuously sinister. CDC director Mandy K. Cohen is still pushing these shots for all Americans down to six-month-old babies, despite a freight train of evidence that they are useless for preventing the disease and blatantly harmful, especially for children. She is either very stupid, dangerously wicked, or insane. You decide:

The Frankfurt School and the Culture of Victimhood

John Waters

"When you rinse it right down, the PC/Cultural Marxist revolution has as its objective the emasculation of the white male and the eradication of all values and power systems which are laid at his door, including religion, tradition and the normative family."

One of the legacies of the 1960s ideological culture to the present is what is called ‘political correctness’ (PC), which the average citizen perceives as a weird and slightly infuriating agenda to stop people talking about certain things, but in an irritating rather than a worrying way. The restricted topics form a pattern of sorts, but it is difficult for the uninitiated to say what it is. There is a general sense that it has to do largely with sexual preferences and ‘gender stuff’, feminist diktats and what is called 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism'.

The phrase 'political correctness’ has tripped off the lips of alleged conservatives for so long that it is no longer a tool of clarity. 'PC' is generally regarded as a prim, precious, faintly amusing obsession with the relentless promotion of 'equality', and ‘rights' for what are called ‘minorities'. Most people are unsure why such areas are subject to a particular regime of untouchability, but don't really worry about it too much because there are lots of other things to worry about already and, without getting into too much detail, they are broadly in favour of things like ‘rights’ and ‘equality’.

A standard meme of modern political discourse is the intellectual who, when challenged that some element thrown up by political activism or activity is ‘political correctness gone mad’, simply grins and shakes his head and says: ‘If I hear one more time this nonsense about political correctness, I'm going to start screaming!’ This manner of implying that PC is simply a perverse and eccentric invention of the enemies of ‘equality' and ‘rights’ is just one of the weapons in the armoury which has been developed to protect the very phenomenon being denied. Similarly, depictions of a continuing orchestrated conspiracy, which allow activists operating under the general banner of what has become known as ‘Cultural Marxism’ to dismiss claims of political correctness as 'conspiracy theory'. The point is that the conspirators are no longer around and are not needed now, having long ago constructed a mechanism that operates more or less by its own momentum.

What is called ‘PC’ is actually a highly disturbing climate of censorship, by which the advocates of an extreme radical programme of social transformation have succeeded in advancing their ideas and activities under its cloak of censorship and inhibition. In truth, what is called ‘political correctness' is actually a kind of force field thrown up around a phenomenon sometimes called 'Cultural Marxism', a mutated version of the original, directed at changing fundamentally the way Western societies conduct their everyday existences in the most intimate areas of their family and community lives.

The Mills of the Gods

James Howard Kunstler

"The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine" — Sextus Empiricus
“We didn’t love freedom enough.” — A. I. Solzhenitsyn

Do you think that more than half of the US public may be getting a little irked with “Joe Biden’s” lawfare elf, AG Merrick Garland, as he rolls one innocent J-6 protester after another into decades of hard-time for strolling through the US Capitol building — while the special counsels assigned to only a few of the Biden family crimes play hide-the-salami with due process?

For all their cheap talk about “our democracy,” it’s a little scary to see what Democratic Party lawyers actually think of the legal system that is supposed to allow a society based on liberty to function fairly. Court filings last week indicate that Special Counsel David Weiss is about to indict Hunter Biden on that gun charge they have used as the joker in a three-card Monte game for going on five years.

Last time, they ran the game before Delaware federal judge Maryellen Noreika, she detected a teeny-weeny, sneaky clause in the plea agreement to a watered-down gun charge that would have granted immunity to Hunter B from any other past wrongdoing, including, of course, the entire alleged Biden family racketeering operation that had the First Son acting as prime broker and bag-man for tens of millions of dollars in bribes from foreign actors in countries less than friendly to US interests, funneled into any number of Biden family shell corporations. Judge Noreika nixed the plea agreement.

17 Dec 2021: Russia calls on US to stop NATO eastward expansion in draft security treaty


MOSCOW, 17 Dec 2021 | Russian Foreign Ministry published a draft agreement on guarantees of security between Russia and the United States Friday. The document includes eight articles and covers the main aspects of mutual guarantees of security between Moscow and Washington.

The document reflects the calls, repeatedly voiced by Moscow in the past, and offers a solution to the accumulated problems and threats, including those that emerged after Washington withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

First and foremost, the document outlines the principles of indivisible and equal security, and non-threatening of each other’s security. To this extent, the document includes the following points: rejection of actions and events that affect the other side’s security, non-participation in such events and refraining from supporting them. Besides, the draft agreement mentions the rejection of security measures - be it individual or within and international organization, military alliance or coalition - that could undermine the base security interests of the other side.

Colossal Russia-North Korea deal for millions of shells and ammunition - Putin's mate move in Ukraine editorial

Colossal Russia-North Korea deal for millions of shells and ammunition - Putin's mate move in Ukraine

North Korea gets satellites, ICBMs, nuclear-powered submarines, and the lifting of sanctions!

Gods and Demons threatened the US, UK, and other Western countries after the strategic "Deal" between V. Putin and Kim Jong Un. After marathon negotiations, the first information about the defense deal between Russia and North Korea is beginning to leak out.

This is a mate move by V. Putin as it will prepare the Russian troops for the biggest counterattack in modern times by acquiring millions of artillery shells and mortars. And what will Ukraine counter with? Probably nothing... The West is running out of steam.

The negotiations between the delegations of the Russian Federation and North Korea in an expanded format lasted about an hour and a half and then the leaders of the two states spoke face-to-face for about two hours. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un spent five hours today with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Vostochny Cosmodrome.

The Russian delegation at the negotiations included Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Deputy Prime Minister Manturov, Foreign Minister Lavrov, Deputy Prime Minister Khusnullin, Head of the Russian Ministry of Transport Savelyev and Head of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources Kozlov. Judging by the toasts at the joint dinner, the two leaders agreed on everything.

GPs Kill Retail but Hospitals Kill Wholesale

Dr Vernon Coleman

Hospitals are terrible places. People die in them. You should go to hospital only as a last resort. And you should escape the minute you can.

As a doctor, I am ashamed, saddened, and embarrassed to have to tell you this but hospital patients are routinely neglected, humiliated and left in pain. Thousands of patients have died as a result of poor treatment. One independent inquiry documented cases where patients had been left unwashed for up to a month and left without food, drink, and medical treatment. The conclusion was that managers had been ‘preoccupied with cost-cutting, targets and processes’ and had lost sight of their basic responsibilities. Astonishingly, none of the managers responsible was taken to court. Nor were any of the doctors and nurses punished.

I have little doubt that in all the hospitals where patients have been dying unnecessarily the staff (including doctors and nurses) managed to convince themselves that they were providing patients with excellent service.

And, equally, I have no doubt that an enormous number of patients relatives, and hospital visitors must have ignored all these awful things and believed that the hospitals concerned were doing a wonderful job.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to hear that the managers responsible for all this pain, agony, and death, have thick files of letters from patients and relatives thanking them for the excellent care.

A Theory of the Game

James Howard Kunstler

“…a system that has been hollowed out by a string of cascading failures runs into one more crisis than it can tolerate, and implodes under the weight of its own absurdities. We are much closer to such scenes in North America and Western Europe right now than I think most people realize.” — John Michael Greer

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss was a bigger shock to the Washington DC deep state Blob than Donald Trump’s victory. But the dynamics of this trauma operated at many levels. At the most superficial level was the hysterical response of Democratic Party rank-and-file women who regarded Donald Trump as the most extreme and horrifying embodiment of an archetypal “bad daddy.” This was all sheer psychodrama of course, but women are engrossed with psychodrama — generating it and relishing it — which men often fail to appreciate.

In cases of madness, there is often a dark, sordid secret behind the weird behavior that presents outwardly. In the group madness provoked by Hillary Clinton’s loss, the dirty secret was that she had actually bought the Democratic National Committee in 2016, meaning the machinery that runs the party. She used lavish contributions to the Clinton Foundation to accomplish that. And Hillary along with her foundation — and husband Bill, who had been reduced by late career misadventure to a kind of political fashion accessory — had committed any number of grave crimes against our country over the years, especially during her service as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Think: Skolkovo… Uranium One…. In 2016 Hillary used her ownership of the DNC to underhandedly de-rail the likely Democratic primary winner, Bernie Sanders, from being nominated.

The initial act of madness by the “Resistance” on Mr. Trump’s inauguration day was the women’s march of pink pussy-hats, so called, a symbolic exhibition of fleering female genitalia in Mr. Trump’s face, so to speak, as an act of defiance against the new national daddy figure (and his millions of deplorable supporters watching the ceremonies on TV). This proved to be a mere overture to the more extreme sexual acting-out that evolved in the years to follow, overall a campaign to horrify people of normal appetites, beliefs, and moral codes, culminating in the drag queen story hours aimed at maximally inducing outrage among people organized as families.

Blessed are the Bullied and Ignored

Donald Jeffries

I was struck early on in life by the nonsensical nature of of power. As a teen, I marveled at Shakespeare’s brilliant observation, “Man, proud man, dress’d in a little brief authority, most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d- his glassy essence- like an angry ape plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven as makes the angels weep…”

Now, I naturally object to power, but I think that’s primarily because of all the extremely flawed authority figures I’ve had. I can really only think of one or two supervisors that I could stand, in forty five years of working. I was born a rebel, but I really think I would have been perfectly respectful if I’d been managed by Huey Long or John F. Kennedy types. When you’re young and naive, you expect those in power to be consistent and fair. It didn’t take long for me to recognize that this just wasn’t the case. I saw far more evidence of favoritism than competence. People with power abusing it, against the advice Uncle Ben gave Peter Parker. Perhaps others had different, more positive experiences.

The dictionary defines “meek” as “quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on.” That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Don’t we all like gentle people? It takes a quiet person to mesh with extroverted talkers like me. Meek people don’t know how to say “no,” thus are “easily imposed on.” Salespersons lick their chops at the prospect of pushing them into buying whatever it is they’re selling. Even if they figure out they’ve been ripped off, or taken advantage of, the meek won’t complain. They certainly won’t file a lawsuit. The meek are never on offense. When forced to react, they do so as submissively as possible.

I unhappily discovered as a child that those in charge, of families and workers, and voters, were seemingly all hard-hearted. Tough. Strict. I learned this from personal experience, and reading too many fairy tales. The works of Charles Dickens- whom I consider the greatest writer to ever lift a pen- are replete with this. Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and company spent miserable childhoods being shuttled between one abusive adult or another. Where was the kindness in the adult world?

The American Constitution Has Already Been Terminated

John & Nisha Whitehead

“That was when they suspended the Constitution. They said it would be temporary.”—Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

If there is one point on which there should be no political parsing, no legal jockeying, and no disagreement, it is this: for anyone to advocate terminating or suspending the Constitution is tantamount to a declaration of war against the founding principles of our representative government and the rule of law.

Then again, one could well make the case that the Constitution has already been terminated after years on life support, given the extent to which the safeguards enshrined in the Bill of Rights—adopted 231 years ago as a means of protecting the people against government overreach and abuse—have been steadily chipped away at, undermined, eroded, whittled down, and generally discarded with the support of Congress, the White House, and the courts. Consider for yourself.

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