African American Fatigue Syndrome

Donald Jeffries

I’m going to christen a new disease here. We’ve heard of other dubious maladies, from Post Partum Depression to Executive Burnout to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have fatigue, too. A special “variant” perhaps. I am tired of being subjected to nonstop African American adoration. I’m not Black and I’m not proud. I’m a victim.

Don’t get me wrong. I still usually wind up defending most Black people in America, because their poverty rate is undeniably disproportionately high. And I always stand up for the poor. I wrote a book about how they are thoroughly screwed by our rigged economic system, Survival of the Richest. But that is entirely separate from the anti- White agenda, which uses the historical frustrations of Blacks to crack down on free speech and all of our civil liberties. I’m always for the little guy. That includes little Black guys. I believe in equality of opportunity, and equality under the law. But “equity” is a “Woke” bastardization of this, and I’m fatigued by it.

As has become common in our virtue signaling society, I am claiming victimhood status. Just like all the little Black girls once had their self-esteem crushed by all those White Barbie dolls, I am crushed- well, fatigued- by all the alpha male Black figures in sports and entertainment. And politics. I am fatigued by all the Black police chiefs and judges in films and on television, and the utter lack of Black criminals onscreen. I am fatigued at all the Black news anchors. I am fatigued at all the Blacks in advertising of every kind. I have never seen a White face in all the years I’ve been doing online banking. Well, except for interracial couples. They are everywhere in media. And I’m really fatigued about it.

Where are all the Hispanic news anchors? Or actors onscreen, with a lovely blonde hanging all over them? How about Native Americans? Why was it, and is it, just fine to have them segregated on reservations, where they are mired in poverty and crippled by alcoholism? As someone with a trace of American Indian heritage, that really fatigues me. Where are all the Asian recording artists? Middle Eastern meteorologists on the Weather Channel? Our media is utterly dominated by one particular minority group, which isn’t even our largest. And the essence of my syndrome stems from the fact they didn’t achieve this status through merit. Which is why I’m so fatigued.

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