African American Fatigue Syndrome

Donald Jeffries

I’m going to christen a new disease here. We’ve heard of other dubious maladies, from Post Partum Depression to Executive Burnout to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have fatigue, too. A special “variant” perhaps. I am tired of being subjected to nonstop African American adoration. I’m not Black and I’m not proud. I’m a victim.

Don’t get me wrong. I still usually wind up defending most Black people in America, because their poverty rate is undeniably disproportionately high. And I always stand up for the poor. I wrote a book about how they are thoroughly screwed by our rigged economic system, Survival of the Richest. But that is entirely separate from the anti- White agenda, which uses the historical frustrations of Blacks to crack down on free speech and all of our civil liberties. I’m always for the little guy. That includes little Black guys. I believe in equality of opportunity, and equality under the law. But “equity” is a “Woke” bastardization of this, and I’m fatigued by it.

As has become common in our virtue signaling society, I am claiming victimhood status. Just like all the little Black girls once had their self-esteem crushed by all those White Barbie dolls, I am crushed- well, fatigued- by all the alpha male Black figures in sports and entertainment. And politics. I am fatigued by all the Black police chiefs and judges in films and on television, and the utter lack of Black criminals onscreen. I am fatigued at all the Black news anchors. I am fatigued at all the Blacks in advertising of every kind. I have never seen a White face in all the years I’ve been doing online banking. Well, except for interracial couples. They are everywhere in media. And I’m really fatigued about it.

Where are all the Hispanic news anchors? Or actors onscreen, with a lovely blonde hanging all over them? How about Native Americans? Why was it, and is it, just fine to have them segregated on reservations, where they are mired in poverty and crippled by alcoholism? As someone with a trace of American Indian heritage, that really fatigues me. Where are all the Asian recording artists? Middle Eastern meteorologists on the Weather Channel? Our media is utterly dominated by one particular minority group, which isn’t even our largest. And the essence of my syndrome stems from the fact they didn’t achieve this status through merit. Which is why I’m so fatigued.

Being fatigued and all, having contracted a syndrome, I just don’t find Black people endlessly interesting. Or entertaining. Well, not all of them, anyhow. Not enough to attract my constant attention. Not enough to cause me excessive concern over their welfare, to the exclusion of the welfare of non-Blacks. So I get fatigued when I watch White people being endlessly fascinated, and concerned, with African Americans. Because that’s what we must call them now. Someone issued that unofficial order, maybe around the time our first half-Black president was inaugurated. It seems like most White people are strictly observing this. But not me. I don’t call them African Americans. It’s my right, because I am a victim and chronically fatigued.

And despite being generally adored by all other races, especially Whites, African Americans persist in complaining. A lot. About actually being unfairly treated by a society that has passed innumerable laws exclusively to cater to and pacify them. If anyone dared to mistreat a Black person in America 2.0, that person would be fortunate to escape prosecution. For something. And the complaining has become unbearably tiring. And, needless to say, fatiguing. And it’s always some White Social Justice Warrior who first claims there has been some nonexistent mistreatment, which triggers Black anger. The elite thrive on this anger, and the division it ensures. I am really fatigued with the White Social Justice Warriors, too.

Because I’m fatigued, I don’t buy into the stereotypes that most do. I don’t think Blacks are always great dancers. Sure, some are. But so is Mick Jagger, and most of the White girls I’ve known and loved. If I believed they were naturally superior at football and basketball for some reason, but not weightlifting or swimming, then I would be guilty of generalizing. I might just as well generalize that they are prone to violence and criminal behavior. There’s more concrete evidence for that than for the males naturally having large penises. Funny how Blacks benefit from so many positive stereotypes. All stereotyping is based on some truth, but ultimately unfair and unwise. Another reason why I’m so fatigued.

H.L. Mencken epitomized the kind of classical liberals that used to dominate intellectual discourse in this country. He once wrote, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” I’m not only fatigued about African Americans, I’m fatigued about “White Supremacy,” and “White Privilege.” Maybe I wouldn’t be fatigued if I had it. But I think the only ones that have it are those who are never accused of having it, and in fact try to claim those who obviously don’t have it- like the poor Whites in Appalachia- “benefit” from it.

I write a lot about fear porn, which is best illustrated by the continuing disinformation about “COVID-19,” the Greatest Psyop in the History of the World.” Scaremongering has always been popular with politicians and authority figures. It helps to keep the people in line, and direct attention away from their own blatant corruption. Our beloved President Biden has declared, several times, that “White Supremacy” is America’s biggest problem, and the “greatest threat to our democracy.” Given the present definition of democracy, which seems to be an authoritarian suppression of views in conflict with the state, it would be a dubious distinction if indeed it were remotely true. I’m fatigued with this kind of “democracy.”

But not only is “White Supremacy” not a “threat” to anyone, it also is a complete fantasy in and of itself. Where are the “White Supremacists?” They didn’t even exist in polite society in the 1970s. I was there, long before I became fatigued. The vast majority of White people today are terrified of being called “racist.” It’s a career ending label. It’s odd that, in a country secretly ruled by dastardly “White Supremacists,” gently questioning a typical anti-White narrative, or gingerly criticizing any individual “person of color” could result in termination of employment, social ostracization, family discord, even death threats. Why don’t the powerful “White Supremacists” protect these poor souls?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Deion Sanders. Perhaps the most obnoxious of all the obnoxious Black athletes, the wildly overrated former NFL defensive back is now front page news as “Coach Prime,” having taken over the reins at the University of Colorado. As Jason Whitlock, the Black journalist who is pretty much the only voice out there telling the truth about racial matters, has pointed out, Boulder, Colorado, where the University is located, is almost all-White. Yet “Coach Prime” has fielded an almost all-Black football team. This is hardly surprising, as nearly all football teams at both the NCAA and NFL levels are almost all-Black. Needless to say, I am even more fatigued with “Coach Prime” than I am with Amazon Prime.

Sanders is being accorded the same type of fawning coverage that he received as a player. When he tried to physically attack much older television announcer Tim McCarver, it was glossed over by McCarver’s fellow journalists. McCarver was White. “Prime Time” was gloriously, undeniably Black. That’s all that matters. You can construct the narrative from there. Every time. When “Prime Time” the player was questioned critically (and that almost never happened), he instantly got loud. And aggressive. The threat of violence was real, as Tim McCarver found out. And now, when “Coach Prime” is questioned at all- never critically- he gets just as loud and combative. ESPN reporter Ed Werder discovered that recently. It’s all so fatiguing.

Sanders is symptomatic of all that’s wrong with America 2.0. An undereducated, monstrously conceited bully, who will never be held accountable for his behavior. I’d like to take race out of it, but you can’t. Sanders, like all Black celebrities, has the mighty Race Card in his arsenal at all times, even more valuable than the Get out of Jail Free card we coveted while playing Monopoly. Because college football has now become semi-pro, and permits high profile figures like Sanders to openly recruit transfers from other colleges, “Coach Prime” has attracted many solid players from other programs to Colorado. He “built” nothing, just as Barack Obama once counseled us, years before I officially became fatigued.

One day, I’ll finally write that book exposing the sports world. No one would be willing to publish it, because I couldn’t write it without exposing the agenda to artificially promote Blacks, often at the expense of more deserving Whites. The research is there. The anecdotal accounts from Whites screwed over by this agenda are there as well, but only a fraction of them, as most are terrified to put their name on something that will inevitably be condemned as “racist.” Yes, many of them actually believe that it would be “racist” to complain about a slower, less productive, less talented Black player being given a scholarship, or being selected as a high draft pick, or handed a starting position, at their expense.

You can look up the numbers for yourself. I’m too fatigued. The myth that Blacks are “faster” and can jump higher is just that. Most of the fastest, athletic Whites are purposefully not invited to the NFL combine, because they don’t want the stereotype of Black athletic superiority shattered. When they are, they routinely put up numbers that are better than those of Black players who invariably get drafted higher and are given more chances to play. Yes, White men can jump, despite the idiotic title of a film that could never have denigrated any other racial group. Imagine a movie called Black Men Can’t Behave. I’m sure it would be lauded and appreciated as well.

The NBA and NFL exist in large measure now as Affirmative Action employers for Black players who are simply not professional caliber athletes. I would estimate that at least half of the Blacks in the NFL are there because of Affirmative Action. The percentage in the NBA is probably the same. If you haven’t noticed, there has been a huge push on over the past decade or so, to promote Black quarterbacks. I’m fatigued about Black quarterbacks. Quarterback was the last offensive position where White stars existed. Yes, Black quarterbacks were discriminated against in the 1960s. They are now the beneficiaries of an even more overt favoritism, especially at positions like running back, wide receiver, and defensive back, where Whites have been all but banned from playing.

This is why you hear so many fans, and even journalists, moaning about the putrid level of play in the NFL, or the NBA. You can’t keep going exclusively to the same small pool of players, which comprises about 12 percent of the population, and expect to find that much disproportionate talent. Only true racists could think that Blacks are naturally superior athletes to such an incredible extent. And where is the real “diversity,” which the pro sports leagues actually brag about? There are virtually no players from our largest minority group- Hispanics. Only scattered half-Asians, usually because of their one Black parent. We all know that “diversity” really means fewer Whites. And in this case, more and more Blacks. “Diversity” fatigues me.

The racial politics (and astronomical salaries) ruined sports for me a long time ago. And now I have an official disease to garner me victimhood status. I am fatigued, and I must not be disrespected. It stuns me that the fan base for the NFL and NBA continue to be largely White. Like the cucked out population at large, they don’t appear to have noticed that all the White players have disappeared. And they all consciously or unconsciously focus their criticism only on the few White players or coaches. This holds true for sports radio and podcasts as well. Let me know when you hear a discussion where the hosts and callers are blasting some Black athlete. I’ll be interested, because I’m fatigued. Even though there are almost no Blacks, the “Woke” rhetoric is just as bad (and fatiguing) in NASCAR and the NHL.

The music business is as disproportionately Black as the sports world. Look at the Grammy Awards. Where are all the rock and roll artists? Just glorified dancers with a single name winning one undeserved award after another. It’s all too fatiguing. How many movies now don’t have Blacks inserted in prominent roles? Even in historical dramas, where no Blacks would have existed in reality. Doesn’t matter. They made some White King a Black woman recently, in some ridiculous production. I’m fatigued at all the cultural appropriation. I’ll stop complaining when they get an Eskimo to play Malcolm X. I think they qualify as “persons of color.” I know Whites don’t.

Sometime, when my fatigue is not quite so noticeable, I’ll watch a day’s worth of commercials, and figure out the percentage of Blacks in them. I’ll bet it’s a lot more than 12 percent. Or interracial couples. But then that would make me really fatigued. Perhaps dangerously fatigued. I might have to up the victimhood status level to Critical African American Fatigue Syndrome. I still don’t imagine they’d pay attention to me. This would probably be the first “racist” syndrome in the world. You can invent Homophobia and Transphobia, but I don’t think Caucasionphobia would fly. If Blacks can claim Whites fear them because they’re so virile and strong, why can’t Whites claim they’re feared for their intellect and competence?

Obviously, I’m being satirical here. Which is almost impossible in today’s comedy-free world. It’s hard to be funny in America 2.0. Someone is always being offended. Unless you are a Christian, or a believer in traditional values, then you have no right to be offended. You’ll have to come up with our own syndrome, like I did. I don’t hate Black people, plural; you don’t generalize about an entire group based on the actions of some. But many people- including a whole lot of Whites- do generalize and openly condemn White people, collectively. Stereotypes are either wrong, or they’re not. You can’t pick and choose the ones that favor you, which is the case with Blacks.

I have never mistreated any Black person, or discriminated against them. Other than to choose not to associate with a particular individual, which is still my right until some “Woke” lunatic decrees otherwise. I try to be decent and friendly with everyone, regardless of race, creed, color, country of origin, or personal pronouns. The word “racist” has become meaningless, because it’s been applied to things like grammar, math, and sleep. Something about the Boy That Cried Wolf comes to mind. It’s not “racist” to be disgusted by bully thugs like Deion Sanders, or by loud and confrontational people in general. I am never irrationally unfair or unreasonable. But I am very fatigued.


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