Passing Observations 202

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Scotland is proposing to pass a new law making it a crime to call someone old. I shall, presumably, have to have myself arrested for calling myself an old man in a chair. Still, as long as I stay out of Scotland I should be OK for the time being. Unless they extradite me and carry me off down a rabbit hole. Lewis Carroll never dreamt of anything quite as bizarre as the lives we live today.

2. Today’s problems aren’t caused by the fact that 1% of the population controls most of the world’s property and wealth but by the fact that the 99% are, through their mortgages and bank loans, in debt to the 1%. Many will spend their lives working to pay off those mortgages or loans and, at the end of their lives, end up no richer than they were to start with. The 1% (or, in fact, considerably less than 1% but I’ll stick to calling them the 1% because it’s a simple way to describe them) have taken control of the 99% because, to put it bluntly, they own them. The 1% has sucked the world dry of money. They control everything. They control natural resources, they control finance, they control the politicians, they control the judiciary, they control the police, they control health care and they control the military. Globally, they have virtually total control over organisations such as the United Nations (and its subsidiaries such as the World Health Organisation), the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Any dissent that appears at the top is contrived and artificial. The 1%, the conspirators, may sometimes appear to be at war with a government or an administrative body or an NGO but they are never at war with anything or anyone because they control everything and everyone. The 1% controls the protestors. Black Lives Matter, climate change groups and mobs smashing store windows are all financed by the billionaire financiers. (Cf. V. Coleman’s new book Their Terrifying Plan.

3. Financial experts (all under the age of 30, it seems) insist that the triple lock payments for pensioners in the UK are unaffordable because it would mean that pensions would have to rise as fast as wages. The elderly in Britain are already the poorest in the developed world and the plan is for them to fall further behind. This will result in many more old folk (maybe I can have that mention of `old’ included with my previous seven million offences) dying from cold and hunger this coming winter. I’m sure that’s the plan. But would someone please remind the young experts that, at the rate things are going, their old aged pensions won’t buy them a stale bun and a candle by the time they reach retiring age. The millennials and the generation Zers want to get rid of the elderly, but if the population really must be reduced it would make much more sense to kill off all those under 40. They are entitled, they whinge too much and they are too expensive. We can’t afford them. Everyone under 40 should be automatically given a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ label.

4. The UK Government is predicting that the number of long-term sick is going to rise and become a financial embarrassment. I predicted exactly this in my book The Health Scandal which was published in 1988. It was the mention of the demographic time bomb which is now one of the excuses for the Great Reset.

5. If the UK were a person it would be a beggar living in a cardboard box, holding out a plastic cup and begging passers-by for spare change. But still the UK Government insists on spending money it doesn’t have on net zero nonsenses and give-aways to the demanding and ungrateful. And the woke insist that we should provide housing and food for an interminable number of scroungers arriving in rubber boats and attracted not by the glory of Albion but by the free money the Guardian reading, BBC watching unemployed are keen to throw at them. Britain has been destroyed by the welfare state and it is worth remembering that the majority of the left wingers who have ruined the country have no jobs, do no work, pay no taxes and merely expect the workers to pay for their consciences. The welfare state has destroyed the idea that people should help themselves and one another and introduced the destructive principle of statism (which is, of course, the same as communism which is the same as fascism.)

6. Much of the land which caught fire during the summer (in parts of the world which had warm weather) caught fire because it had been re-wilded. Scrub burns rather well and re-wilding (not fake climate change) is a major cause of fires. Oddly enough, by the way, forest fires in Europe became rarer when governments stopped giving automatic planning permission for burnt areas to be built on. Isn’t that odd?

7. No one has yet apologised for the hysteria over covid. No politician and no journalist has said: `We were wrong about covid’. They’re now all busy giving evidence to the covid enquiry and covering themselves with excuses. Read my book Coming Apocalypse (published in April 2020) to find out what they should have known at the start of this fraud. (The suppression of truths was so tough that I had to write the whole book while finding ways to get round using banned words for ‘covid-19’ and ‘vaccine’.)

8. If the Labour Party forms the next British Government (as seems increasingly likely since the Tories are doing everything humanly possible to ensure that they are never elected again) there will be massive subsidies for daft green policies, more absurd rights for workers, hand-outs for anyone considered woke and tax rises for anyone working or trying to run a business. The basic principle of life under Labour will be to eradicate all risk, all hope, all ambition, all freedom and all fun – much the same as the Tories I suppose. Labour will no doubt continue the Conservative Party’s work in attacking the elderly and the poor and the sick – taking away health care, removing dental care completely, ignoring the rights of savers, destroying pensions and making car travel unaffordable except for the rich administrators who will take us into the Great Reset.

9. Readers who want to leave a comment about anything they feel strongly about can do so on my videos on my Bitchute channel. Daft or rude comments produced by the CIA and the 77th Brigade will be left there so that everyone else can laugh at the idiots who wrote them.

10. Doctors are striking because they want more money. And yet a just-qualified-doctor earns £37,000 and one with just a few years’ experience earns £69,000. Junior doctors today are much better paid than they were a few decades ago. And they work a fraction of the hours hospital doctors used to work. It’s a generational thing, I suppose.

11. The myth of climate change was created just as the idea of the devil was invented – to terrify and to bully and to control the population.

12. Greenpeace and all the other groups representing nutty climate change believers should form a new umbrella group called The Sanctimonious Ones. The cheering thought is that most of the climate nutters also swallowed the lies about covid and the covid jab and so they will mostly be dead in a few years – killed by the toxic covid jab.

13. The Bank of England has got everything wrong for years now. They’ve proved themselves to be as good at forecasting inflation and interest rates as I am at picking horses. Worse still, their messing around on the gilts market has cost taxpayers around £150 billion (that’s their estimate so it will probably be double that). We would all be better off if the Bank of England was closed down, the staff found employment as car park attendants and their expensive big building in the city of London sold off for converting into posh flats. I predicted the current inflation and interest rate problems in 2020. Take a look at my video dated 5th August 2022 entitled ‘I warned about soaring inflation and interest rates in 2020. So, what’s next?’ Well, productivity is stagnant at best, wages are soaring (with trade unions such as the BMA seemingly intent on destroying what is left of the country) and interest and inflation rates can only go up. And it’s important to remember that even when inflation falls a little, prices are still going up and money is still becoming increasingly worthless. The UK is going into the worst recession for generations.

14. The shale industry is on a roll. America and Canada are wisely doing well with it and China is beginning to start producing shale oil and gas. The one country in the world that won’t touch shale oil is Britain – even though there are huge reserves of oil and gas just waiting to be taken out of the ground. The eco nutters have put a stop to extracting shale with a good deal of scaremongering talk about the climate and earthquakes. And so Britain is going to get poorer and poorer as the country continues to import the vast amounts of oil and gas it needs. (Nearly all our energy comes from burning oil, gas, coal and trees.) Thanks to the eco nutters, Britain will soon be one of the poorest countries on the planet. To make things ever worse, greedy trade unions will ensure that inflation and interest rates stay higher in Britain than anywhere else. It’s wage rises which are creating the big problems. In the three months to May 2023, wages rose by an average of 7%. My earnings went down. How did you do?

15. The chances of any part of the world reaching net zero by 2050 (as promised) are slimmer than the chances of my being alive to say `I told you it wasn’t going to happen.’

16. Everything in the world is organised for the comfort and profit of the professionals. And so, health care is organised to delight the doctors and the nurses and the justice system is designed to keep the lawyers happy.

17. The French aren’t going to allow old cars into Paris. The French have always been very snobbish but, I’m afraid, unimaginative, and entirely without class and the socialist mayor has turned the city into an embarrassment. I have no doubt that they will soon refuse to allow tourists into Paris if their clothes are too old and creased. I’m afraid the French just don’t understand anything about fashion and have no conception of how to be stylish or chic. And as for banning old cars – Pfui! The French gave the world an indigestible diet of ugly cars made by Peugeot, Renault and Citroen. The only decent French marque is Bugatti and the only half way decent mass production car was the 1934 Citroen in which Maigret was chauffeured around the city. The mayor of Paris seems even more unpleasant than the mayor of London. And probably even more of a lefty too.

18. Have you noticed how people who have been vaxxed have become thoughtless and nasty and increasingly stupid? They are losing their humanity. I expected there to be physical and mental damage but I didn’t expect the spiritual damage to be quite so evident quite so early. Please put comments on my latest video on my channel on Bitchute.

19. The pressure to force Britain into the fascist hell that is the European Union is growing with the Great Reset supporters and war criminal Tony Blair leading the charge. If you haven’t read it buy read The Shocking History of the EU by Zina Cohen. Once you’ve read it you will realise why we must resist all plans to trick us into re-joining the EU.

20. Every day more scientists find the courage to agree that there is no climate change emergency. The whole net zero nonsense is a scam to lead us into the enslavement of the Great Reset. There is a huge similarity between the climate change nonsense and the AIDS scare that terrified billions in the latter part of the 20th century. Those scientists who claimed that AIDS would kill us all received huge rewards. They became rich and famous. Those who claimed that the AIDS scare was over-sold were punished. (I should know. I was widely banned for daring to expose the truth about AIDS.) Today, any scientist or journalist or broadcaster who wants praise, money and fame has only to join the global warming bandwagon. Those who tell the truth are demonised and side-lined. For the bare and simple truth about climate change read Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen. It’s entertaining as well as educational.

21. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that leprosy has become endemic in parts of the US. And researchers reckon there are links between leprosy adverse events and the covid-19 jabs. UK researchers found that a number of leprosy patients who were jabbed with the toxic covid garbage experienced a ‘leprosy adverse event’. (Predictably, however, the researchers said that their findings ‘should not be considered a contraindication to vaccination’. Very few scientists dare utter any criticism of any vaccines or vaccination programmes.)


Source: IMG: © Audrey White and Dylan Smith [cropped]


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