Secret KGB documents reveal horror crimes of Ukrainian Nazi collaborators Editorial

Ukrainian women dressed in national costumes salute Nazi German
high command during the parade in Stanislaviv (currently Ivano-
Frankovsk), October 1941. © Wikipedia

Ukrainian nationalists began ethnic cleansing of Jews during WWII, even before the actual Nazi occupation began, documents show

RT has obtained a trove of declassified documents from the KGB, highlighting crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists in Soviet territories occupied by Nazi Germany during WWII. The documents include witness accounts of people who survived ethnic cleansings, as well as testimonies of Ukrainian collaborators captured by the Soviet domestic intelligence, then known as the NKVD.

Large swaths of present-day Ukraine fell under Nazi occupation in summer 1941 as German troops advanced deep into the Soviet Union. In fact, attacks on ethnic Jews and Poles, as well as local communists, began immediately as Soviet troops withdrew.

💬 “In the first hours following the retreat of the Bolsheviks, the Ukrainian population has demonstrated commendable activity against Jews,” a status report from the Gestapo, Nazi Germany’s secret police, dated July 16, 1941, reads. Said “commendable activities” involved...

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