Natural Gas - Gaza has it: Israel wants it. That simple.

Less Is More

[January 14, 2009] Anyone who thinks that Israel's invading Gaza has to do with 'terrorism' or 'defending Israel', or for that matter the history of the conflict, are missing the elephant in the room: Gas. Gaza has it; Israel wants it.

In fact, Israel has already made deals with British Gas (BG) (the innovative distributor) to pump the Gazan gas to the BTC pipeline where it can be sold to the West.

How many people still think the Georgia-Russia conflict was NOT about an oil corridor - the BTC pipeline? It is all about oil corridors....approximately 90% of it...and the other 10% is about the Big Dogs controlling the remaining resources of earth.

While the media whips up public opinion into a circus like feeding frenzy, the energy corporations are pulling the strings. Below is an article from 2007 on the contract between BG and Israel to harvest and transport Gazan natural gas. The following month, BG confirms their strategy to match markets and knows reserves innovatively, to continue soaring profits.

When Hamas came into power, democratically elected, it refused to abide by the previous terms set out by the American Fatah puppets: Isreal wanted the gas, but didn't want to give Gaza any money for it. This was not suitable for Hamas. So the gas deal is up in the air...along with the phosperous bombs over the people of Gaza.

To catch these ugly details requires some pretty boring reading through volumes of corporate doublespeak and media propaganda. I have presented some notable sources here. But we must all think for ourselves. To catch a bit of BG's rationale, 'Why what is good for us is good for Gaza' check out BG deal provides a basis for peace.

No one promised the truth would be easy to find or pleasant when found.

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