Zelensky Is Desperate To Preemptively Discredit Potentially Forthcoming Protests Against Him

Andrew Korybko

Anti-government protesters detain a policeman (2nd L)
during clashes in the Independence Square in Kiev,
February 20, 2014. (© Yannis Behrakis/Reuters)

Ukraine’s socio-economic and political problems are rapidly approaching crisis proportions and can only sustainably be resolved by freezing the conflict and focusing entirely on maintaining stability through multifaceted means.

Bloomberg reported a few days back that Zelensky told a group of journalists that Russia is allegedly plotting a so-called “Maidan 3”, which the Ukrainian leader candidly acknowledged “is understandable” from the perspective of their strategic interests. This warning comes amidst his spiraling rivalry with Commander-In-Chief Zaluzhny, Time Magazine’s claim that some front-line commanders are refusing his orders to advance, and a former NATO Supreme Commander calling for a Korean-like armistice.

The writing is on the wall that NATO’s proxy war on Russia through Ukraine is on its last legs after summer’s failed counteroffensive soured Western policymakers on the scenario of continuing to indefinitely fund this conflict, which was already an issue even prior to the latest Israeli-Hamas war. With Russia having won the “race of logistics”/“war of attrition” with NATO, the bloc can no longer feasibly maintain the pace, scale, and scope of armed aid to Ukraine, ergo the need for freezing the conflict.

Instead of complying with the West’s reported pressure upon him to recommence peace talks with Russia, he flat-out refuses to do so and continues clinging to what Time Magazine described as his messianic delusion of ultimate victory in the words of one of his unnamed senior officials. This places him on the West’s bad side, thus meaning that his patrons might leverage their agents of influence in Ukrainian society and the state to orchestrate a Color Revolution for justifying another coup there.

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