Why Israel Really Invaded Gaza The shocking truth behind the Genocide

Dr Vernon Coleman

It is mid November 2023 and this is video number 331 [check below] – all since I first exposed the covid fraud in February and March of 2020, and, at the same time, predicted a plan for a compulsory vaccination programme – long before they even had a vaccine.

Word has reached me that there are still a few people in the world who don’t understand why Israel is intent on destroying Gaza, killing the inhabitants, including babies and children, and taking over control of the land, coastline and sea bed. Thinking people find it difficult to understand why any nation should commit so many war crimes and enthusiastically welcome its status as the world’s latest rogue state, a terrorist nation guilty of the worst genocide most people can remember witnessing. Hospitals, ambulances, and refugee camps have all been bombed. You can’t get much worse than that. Babies and small children have been slaughtered. The sick, the frail and the elderly have been denied food, water and fuel. And the Israelis seem unembarrassed by an endless stream of lies. We weren’t there. It wasn’t our fault. Martians dropped those bombs. The dog ate our homework. I’ve seen videos which have appalled me and left me with images I’ll never eradicate from my mind.

If a murderer runs amok in a town you don’t go around killing everyone you can find – just because you can. Humans don’t slaughter babies and small children without a shred of regret or shame. But that’s what has been happening. The Israelis attacked hospitals and claimed that Hamas were hiding behind the bedpans. And what did they find? Shergar, the crew of the Marie Celeste, Lord Lucan and an old water pistol – which wasn’t any use because the Israelis have cut off all the water.

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