Israel is inflicting a holocaust on Gaza

Ruwaida Amer

On 13 October, Israel ordered more than 1 million people in northern Gaza, including Gaza City, to flee southwards. Those who fled to the homes of relatives and friends, or to hospitals and schools, did not know what conditions they would live in.

Thousands of stories are being told in Gaza. Every martyr has a story. Every destroyed home has a story. Everyone who has been displaced has a story.

The supply of water, food, and electricity has been cut. How can the people of Gaza live without these basic needs? There is a massive siege. The entire situation is unjust.

As Israel has halted the supply of water, everyone is dependent on a group of wells, from which water is pumped once a week. There is no equipment to deliver water to the tanks on the roofs of houses. So people have to fill water tanks using buckets, lifted with ropes. This task takes about two hours to complete. Under “normal” circumstances, it would take less than 30 minutes. Without electricity, people cannot charge phones and other electronic devices. Maintaining contact with people inside and outside Gaza is extremely difficult.


Israel does not issue warnings before bombing people’s homes. It often drops missiles while people are asleep. Many Gaza martyrs are children. Entire families have been wiped out from the civil registry. In other families, only a child is left. Those children will have to grow up as orphans.

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