US Leads the Genocide in Gaza

Dr. Marwa Osman

With the escalation of the armed confrontations between the Zionist ‘Israeli’ occupation forces and the Palestinian resistance movements mainly in the Gaza enclave, the United States of America began taking procedural steps to strengthen military support for its Zionist allies, in parallel with US President Joe Biden delivering a speech, on October 10, 2023, in which he affirmed the continuation of this support and attacked the Hamas Resistance movement. Through it, he warned “third parties” against interfering in the war directly meaning Hezbollah in south Lebanon. Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced that the US aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford had arrived in the eastern Mediterranean. It also announced that military equipment has already arrived to occupied Palestine.

This is the second time that the ‘Israeli’ entity has requested urgent help from the United States since its establishment on the land of Palestine in 1948. The first was during the October War of 1973, but the difference between the first and the second is extremely important in terms of significance. In the first, ‘Israel’ was facing two regular Arab armies, “Syria and Egypt,” on wide fronts, and in the second, it faced resistance with very modest capabilities confined to the small and besieged Gaza Strip. It is a difference that proves the theory of the erosion of the Zionist “invincible” ‘Israeli’ power now afflicting this entity, compared to the upward trajectory line of the Palestinian resistance.

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